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by James A. Michener

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ISBN: 3442068215
ISBN13: 978-3442068210
Category: Travel
Subcategory: United States
Author: James A. Michener
Language: German
Publisher: Goldmann Wilhelm GmbH (1900)
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Rating: 4.3
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I read this book as a college freshman years ago. All I remembered was that first long chapter describing the formation of the islands. Since I have a vacation trip coming up to the islands I decided to read the book again. As daunting as such a big book was, I found I couldn't put it down. I was transported to another world and lived through the fantastic Polynesian voyage to the islands, the grim era of the missionaries, the amazing histories of the Chinese and the Japanese and finally the beginning of today's Hawaii. At one point I had to double check that this is actually a fiction, because I found myself wanting to look up the same buildings and businesses described in the novel when I get to Hawaii. Alas, this is a fiction, but I know when I arrive in Kauai and Oahu I will have a much deeper appreciation for the true history of those islands. My advice: don't be scared off by the size of this book, inside is a rich story that you won't want to put down.
I picked this book up after having read Tales of the Sound Pacific (which I loved). A friend recommended that I read this book next since I enjoyed my first Michener novel. He warned me that it was long and he wasn’t joking...almost 1200 pages. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to anybody. After the brief initial explanation of the island formation all of the subsequent chapters intertwine perfectly to produce this awesome work. Michener does a masterful job of making you feel you’re in the places with the characters.
A must read if you ever plan to journey to the islands.
I read EVERY Michener book I could between my high school years and college graduation---and that was a long ago. I decided to revisit this one, Hawaii. My interests have changed since my years in school but I have traveled to Hawaii in the interim and have friends who live there so my own knowledge base was more than just movies and other books about Hawaii. And I was not disappointed when I re-read this. Much of the stress and strife that surrounded the islands when the missionaries arrived still exists in transmuted forms. Many of Michener's insights are still valid, which is amazing. I did laugh when I started reading and encountered the currents, rocks, dirt, who are sort of unnamed characters in the VERY long start to the book. That is one of Michener's tricks--it seems hokey but it adds to your understanding of the place of the characters in a world long gone. And he pulls it off. Some of the characters flit though my mind --maybe not as well-rounded as one would want but unique and intriguing. Now I'm contemplating re-reading "Chesapeake"--
We are donating our personal libraries to the New York City Library on York Avenue, which has an all volunteer bookstore in the basement, which raises a million dollars a year for the library system. This grand book will sell for a couple of dollars there, and every penny helps. Prices here on Amazon are higher but still fair for one of the best books on a single state I have ever read.

I read this account 20 years ago before taking my wife to visit that fascinating state. We both enjoyed our time there immensely; she read the book and planned a second trip; we went two more times, and often refreshed our memories about one chapter or another.

Six years after her death, I suggested to my second wife that she read this book; we were planning a visit a few months later. She finished the book a few days before we left, was fascinated with the complexity of the place, and loved reading it late at night, where it would put her back to sleep.

Nonetheless, we both agreed that much as we enjoyed the visit, it was much more rewarding because Michener had described so many aspects so well.

Robert C. Ross
August 2018
This was obviously early Michener and predicts a novelist of clout and power. However, he had not yet learned the art of separating essential information from noise, an art he absolutely mastered as his career progressed. So the novel seemed to go on and on and on endlessly. All the characters and groups and individuals were interesting independently and in combination. However, some points were beaten to death for pages when they could have been more effectively covered with parsimony.

I have thoroughly enjoyed other (always comprehensive and well-researched) Michener novels such as Texas and Chesapeake Bay and admire him and his body of work very much. Had Hawaii been my first experience, however, I might have been less open to another such daunting reading commitment. That said, I am glad I persevered and glad that Hawaii is now a more meaningful place because of Michener's ability to share his understanding and love of it -- even with the extra words, pages and sometimes chapters.
An amazing book - and a must read if you are headed to Hawaii. The descriptions of the land and the historical events leading up to establishment of Hawaii as a state leaves you wanting to learn more about the incredible cultural gem that is now one of our 50 states. Gave it only 4 out of 5 stars because the end of the book was slight less well developed than the rest of the book which left me a tiny bit disappointed (but only in the ending). Still a must read. The way in which Michener layered this multi-generational story was so clever. I immediately started another Michener classic - The Source - after I finished Hawaii.