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by Conor Grennan

The riveting story of Conor Grennan's year in Nepal reads like a cross between Into Thin Air and Three Cups of Tea. While volunteering at an orphanage, Conor discovers that the children are not orphans: they are trafficked. Despite the danger, Conor treks up dirt paths with photographs of the children, miraculously reuniting dozens of families. It's 2006 and Nepal is a country torn apart by war, greed and corruption. Caught in the middle are the Nepalese children, snatched and sold into slavery, the kidnappers promising their families that they will be taken to a safe haven from where they will eventually return. Some of the luckier ones are finally dumped in an orphanage, only to be found by Conor, an unlikely philanthropist. Conor's search for intrepid adventure on the cusp of 30 soon becomes a dangerous and haphazard mission, buoyed by the energy and adoration of the children. Conor nevertheless vows to do everything he can, including risk his own life, to bring these lost children back to their families. The process is painstaking and chaotic, involving weeks of trekking across inhospitable peaks and surmounting the infinite cultural and language barriers, but the children's raucous happiness on seeing photos of their parents after years of separation, abandonment and fear make the wounds, the danger, the freezing cold and the food poisoning pale into insignificance. An epic thriller and also a love story, Little Princes is as full of life and hope as the children Conor's organisation, Next Generation Nepal, continues to save every day.
Download Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal epub
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Author: Conor Grennan
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Publisher: HarperCollins (February 1, 2011)
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The book is an easy read that engages the audience through the day to day interactions illustrated as well as the touching stories that Conor Grennan shares throughout the book. Looking back on the book, one word comes to mind, inspirational, because it exemplifies the power of the individual while maintaining a humble tone through Conor’s conversational narrative. The book describes Conor Grennan’s transition from a volunteer who went only to have stories to share with his friends and relatives at cocktail hour to a dedicated non-profit organization founder. He does so by depicting the blossoming relationship between himself and the orphans at Little Princes. It introduced the unaddressed issue of child trafficking in Nepal and the daily struggles that the Nepalese people face. He incorporates his personal relationship with his soon to be wife Liz to confide in. He sets out on a one-month trek to find the families of the orphans at Little Princes, and along the way, he finds his purpose.
Conor Grennan’s writing is laid back yet intrigues the reader through the facts and the seriousness of the issues that he addresses. His wit and humorous personality shows through his different relationships with the children and essentially being a first-time parent. This book leaves the reader with more knowledge of the family’s needs in foreign countries like Nepal and the need for the development of more non-profit organizations. This heartwarming book is one that you can share with the whole family because of the values that it teaches.
As "Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal" begins, the author Conor Grennan is an adventure-loving young man planning a year-long trip around the world. However, to prove to friends and family that he isn't completely self-absorbed, he decides to volunteer for 2 months at an orphanage in Nepal. Something happens to the unsuspecting Conor there though. He becomes attached to the kids and the country, and they become his life calling.

This book is simultaneously delightful and serious (concerning child trafficking in Nepal). The personalities of the children are completely engaging, and their safety and well-being is always of top importance. The book simultaneously provides 4 things:
1. An examination of child trafficking in Nepal. Many of the children in the orphanages are victims of child trafficking. The book describes how and why these children are taken; what their life is like; and how they are recovered.
2. An examination of family reunification in Nepal. How do you find parents and families once separation has occurred? Nepal is a rugged country, and many of these children are from very isolated regions. Some are taken when they are very young and may have incomplete memories of their homes. Once families have been confirmed, what factors weigh for and against reunification? The author provides many insights in this area.
3. A cultural explanation. The book provides a wealth of information about Nepal, its customs, its geography, and its people.
4. A wonderful adventure story. The book features lots of adventure, both in the traditional sense and in terms of Conor's internal change. By the end, Conor has founded an orphanage in Nepal, reunified a number of children with their families, and formed a non-profit organization in the United States (Next Generation Nepal,

This book is completely engrossing. It discusses a serious topic--child trafficking in Nepal--with warmth, passion, humor, and joy. I highly recommend it.
This story happened and drew me in from the beginning. Children, exploited for gain, through the desire of loving families desire for ha better life for them, by evil men with the backdrop of a very rugged and poor Nepal. Conor, a man without many ties, but a desire to have adventure, but not seem irresponsible for spending so much to travel around the world,chooses to add a stop at an orphanage to spend part of his trip nobly caring for orphans. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with the kids and they with him. His life takes a different turn as what matters to him changes, what he wants from his life and his desire to make a difference compels him to take risks and make alliances to help the children.
Well-written and wonderful story you won’t want to put down!
Hǻrley Quinn
This is another amazing book. At first Conor, the author, is sort of a happy go lucky guy but slowly he becomes more and more involved in the welfare of kids in Nepal. A lot takes place during the civil war (King vs. Maoists). Here the kids who are in orphanages do play but it is finding kids that have been kidnapped or traded and put into servitude by lying to poor parents that their kid will get a better education and a better life if they give them their kid. One girl actually was told that her parents had died. In the end he travels through the high mountains to find the parents of the orphans they are taking care of. These trips into the mountains were difficult and hazardous, but in the end all parents are found and there are tearful reunions.