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by Patricia Van Arnum,CLEP

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Download CLEP Humanities (CLEP Test Preparation) epub
ISBN: 0738601705
ISBN13: 978-0738601700
Category: Test Preparation
Subcategory: College & High School
Author: Patricia Van Arnum,CLEP
Language: English
Publisher: Research & Education Association (December 21, 2005)
Pages: 485 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 287
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I used this book, along with the Comex humanities book and the website run by Peterson's. Let me start by saying that this was my third CLEP, having already taken Biology and Western Civ II. I scored a 58 on the other two tests. With that being said, I used this book to study and got a 61. 50 is passing for the CLEP. I knew very little about the Humanities, and I give these materials full credit for getting me through the exam.

Using these books got me out of 3 classes, two of which involved a lot of writing. CLEP is worth it! On to the review:

Good things: This book is comprehensive. I read it, paying special attention to the words in bold. I knew nothing about Humanities, and I was worried about this test. I took the tests, and the ones on the website, and sure enough, my scores were the same as the practice tests.

Bad Things: There were no pictures in the text of the book, just in the paper practice tests. This was worrisome for me, as the CLEP for humanities shows you pictures of art and architecture, which you are required to identify. This book could use pictures. The other thing is that the cover of the book states that there are 3 full length practice exams, but the disk only has two. There are there text tests in the book, though.
Seriously, get a different study guide. This one contained NOTHING on the actual test. It did NOT help me at all. I still passed, but no thanks to this book. In most of the chapters (especially the Visual Arts and Architecture review) they just throw dozens upon dozens of names at you and you're supposed to just know which ones will be important. It made preparing for the test extremely difficult.
This was my third CLEP test and I usually swear by REA (I used their books to help me prepare for the American Literature and Analyzing & Interpreting Literature tests), but this particular book is just awful. Would NOT recommend.
As a returning student 18 years out of the game, I wanted to get off to a big start in a subject area where I already felt pretty comfortable. I picked the CLEP Humanities because it would get me 6 hours of credit for knowledge I already possessed. After getting 61/70 correct on the College Board's "official" practice exam, I scheduled a testing date.

Then I got cold feet, decided a little preparation couldn't hurt, and ordered this book. The good reviews here were encouraging, and the "Testware" software put REA above the rest for me.

The good: The book contains concise yet comprehensive reviews of all the major subject areas covered on the test. (I thought I was pretty savvy, but I still learned a lot.) Each chapter ends with a drill on the subject matter -- including material that wasn't covered. If you learn all the material presented, you're sure to pass the test. There are three complete practice tests, all of which turned out to be much harder than the actual exam. I found the heightened difficulty level to be a plus: Better to not get too cocky and to be a little better prepared than necessary than to not be prepared enough. (If you're *that* close to the pass/fail line, maybe you need to just take the courses.)

The back of the book contains nice glossaries of (1) important literary figures by period and (2) literary terms. There's also a conventional subject index.

The not so good: Testware is a good idea executed badly. I used it to take the first practice test and it scored me with 55 correct answers out of 140. This was a little discouraging, as I thought I'd done better. As I reviewed the correct answers and explanations, I soon found 2 questions I was sure I had given the correct answers to that Testware said I answered incorrectly. Then I *knew* there was a glitch when a question I had answered incorrectly was scored as correct.

This was all within the first 27 questions, so I stopped right there and re-did the first test, duplicating my answers from before. This time, I created an Excel spreadsheet, entering first my answers and then the correct answers from the key. My actual number of correct answers on test 1 was 78, not 55 -- more in line with how I felt I had done. I didn't use Testware to take the second practice test, but stuck to my spreadsheet method for it and test 3 (which is only offered in the book, anyway).

I was disappointed that the book didn't have much in the way of timelines, and much key information was "buried" in the text such that I felt the continuous urge to highlight in the book, which I didn't want to do because I intended to sell it when I was finished. Glossaries on artists, artistic movements, musical terms, and architects would have been nice but were absent.

Bottom line: REA's CLEP Humanities book makes an excellent component to your test preparation. The software might be helpful in acclimating yourself to computerized testing if, like me, you've never done it before. Just don't rely on the software to score you correctly. For added security, I recommend using a second preparatory book. Toward the end of my studying, I picked up a 2005 copy of Kaplan's CLEP general exam book, which filled in some gaps for me. It also contains practice tests, and, unlike REA's book, also includes book recommendations for independent study. (But it's not as thorough for review purposes.)

I just took the test today. I scored 78/80. I would likely have passed without studying at all, but it was worth the extra time and money to go in feeling uber-prepared, and to earn a score that will translate to a grade of A.
The book is poorly written and hard to follow. The test questions have no relation to what's written in each section. Don't bother buying this book, you will get better info on passing the Humanities CLEP from a general reference book on philosophy and ethics, with a smattering of distinction on the different major religions.
I've used REA for other CLEP tests in the past and always done well. I would recommend them for most any CLEP tests BUT beware the chemistry CLEP. Its extremely difficult, and I certainly didn't feel fully prepared from its book which I rented from the library. For Humanities grab this one. THIS DIDN'T INCLUDE THE CD THOUGH AS IT WAS ADVERTISED
This was an excellent tool in preparing to take the Humanities CLEP. On the pretest I only felt comfortable with the sections on music. But thanks to the information in the book, was able to learn enough in the literature, visual arts and architecture, philosophy, and performing arts sections to pass the test. It was a lot to learn, but this book helped me do it!