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by Donna Jo Napoli

Orasmyn, a Persian prince, makes a terrible mistake that sets an old curse free and causes him to be turned into a lion, thus he must leave his kingdom before his transformation is discovered and seek redemption in the outside world, in a powerful retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" from the Beast's point of view. Reprint.
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ISBN: 0689835906
ISBN13: 978-0689835902
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Donna Jo Napoli
Language: English
Publisher: Atheneum; First Trade Paperback edition (June 1, 2002)
Pages: 272 pages
ePUB size: 1785 kb
FB2 size: 1488 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 792
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The book was good but readers want to see the beast meet Belle and it's literally halfway through the book before he even THINKS of going to France. That is an awfully long read to get to the parts we're all waiting for. And then, as others have complained...
...the book just ends after he's cured. Abruptly. We get pages and pages and PAGES of him in Persia, him wandering to India, him evading the hunt and him preparing for Belle's arrival...and then when she arrives, it's in the last quarter of the book. It's a whirlwind with an abrupt end. No denouement to give us a satisfying ending. A long drawn out build up and then an unsatisfying cut-off.
Additionally, one chunk of the book had a number of typos that took me out of the story. I'd read 'Shell' when I know they meant 'she'll'. The worst was '111' which I think was supposed to be 'I'll'. Who beta-read this book?
This was an expensive kindle book and I felt that it was over-priced, given these issues...the typoes, the loooong build up an then the cut off. We don't get him telling his story or returning to his people. We get him mating with a lion but not making love to Belle.
Well-written but ends way too soon. Hopefully the author will write a continuation that will satisfy previous readers. And for less money this time.
Spoilers this review will be short!

The curse: Prince gets turned into a lion for sacrificing a scared animal ( sorry my tablet won't spell the word for me, but it's a desert animal you ride on) said animal's spirit says he'll die by his father's hand tomorrow, Prince tells him what happened and they try to stop the curse. When the Prince goes to lock himself in his room an evil djinn makes his curse worse for rejecting her advances and only the love of a woman can break it.

In between: first he tries to break the curse by waiting for the day after tomorrow since that's how the first spirit cursed him with death on the Morrow by his father's hand when that doesn't work he travels to India to find a lioness who will love him. That too failes so he travels to France to find a woman to love him ( takes two years for him to get there).

The end: the rest is like the original fairy tale except for him walking like a lion, living in an abandoned castle, not wearing clothes, and no servants. Plus when you get to the end that's that; Belle declares her love, he turns back into a man, the end. There is no more, you don't find out if they go back to his kingdom, stay where they are and marry, or anything!!!????????????????????

P.S. To anyone who has seen YouTube's (mystery legends: the phantom of the opera) walkthrough the ending of this book is the same as the ending of that. Leaves you wanting more; no satisfaction.
This review is for a Kindle version of the book, but the problems were so bad, it made it difficult to understand parts of the book at times. Hence the 3 stars.

I started to notice it around chapter 14. I saw weird things like "111" and "ill" and "shell" appearing in weird places. It took several pages before I realized that when this novel was converted into an e-book, the contractions, for some odd reason, stopped getting converted starting in chapter 14. This was not a problem in earlier chapters. However it remained an issue throughout the entire book after that point. Not all contractions were affected. Just some of them. And sometimes the same ones were affected, and then fine. It was really frustrating. I've seen self published books with less grammatical errors than this one.

As far as the actual story goes, it was well written. I really felt like I was living the story through the eyes of the beast. I love the fact that it started in Persia and then ended in France. There's only one problem though, and it's something a simple Google search should've turned up for the author: when the Beast starts traveling through Europe, he mentions going through Germany. Germany didn't become a country until the 19th century. And yet this entire story takes place in either the late 7th, or early 8th century. Yes, it's picky. But keep in mind it's something that took me out of the story as I started to second-guess myself as to exactly where in time the main character had been from chapter 1 through that point. And since the entire book is SO rich in historical details, the fact this was utterly erroneous was like a a bucket of ice water being dumped on you during a relaxing bath.

All in all, it was a good book. I think I'm more fan of the author's writing than I am of this particular novel though. Very abrupt ending compared to the languid and fluid pace of the early-climax parts of the novel. It all literally wraps up in one chapter. The end. I felt like I missed something.

I'll have to check out other books by this author as I enjoyed her writing style a lot. Just please, Donna, get your facts straight. Or a lot of teenagers are going to fail my future history tests believing Germany was alive and well in 700AD because a brilliant author said so.