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by J. Robert King

The first novel in an all-new Magic (r) novel cycle.This is the first major novel release since the Odyssey cycle revamped a large part of the Magic: The Gathering world. This novel will reveal further changes to the Magic world.The land is in upheaval.The forest grows out of control. The mountains erupt. The seas boil. The swamps spew acid, and the plains turn to desert. Yet, amidst the turmoil there is civilization, brutal and unforgiving. Pit fighters battle to the death before tremendous crowds, making some rich, while others lose everything in one stroke of a sword.The games must continue.So must the struggle for survival.
Download Onslaught Cycle-Book (Magic: The Gathering) epub
ISBN: 0786928018
ISBN13: 978-0786928019
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: J. Robert King
Language: English
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast; 1st edition (September 1, 2002)
Pages: 312 pages
ePUB size: 1360 kb
FB2 size: 1149 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 932
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I love it!
Good to start from the beginning so readers may understand the pace of the triology and others that came after.
Thank you.
As far as Magic novels go, I think this is one of the best. I just started, and I already find myself engrossed. Ixidor, by far, is the most interesting character and very easy to get drawn into. Kamahl is...strange. However, he seems to have a purpose. The pit fights are well described, along with every other aspect so far. I hope to see something of Silvos, Rorix, Visara, Arcanis and Jareth! If not, oh well. Braids is interesting, especially because I have her card.
ah crap, i'd completely forgotten that Onslaught was my first magic book and stated Mirrodin was my first instead! not that any of you care, its just bothering me that i put that false info out there.
i also read this book several months ago, so my memory of it isnt that fresh.
anyway so there i was a bright young magic player curious about the stories in the cards i enjoyed so much. and.. i chose onslaught. why? because i wanted to read about Akroma. if you see her on the cards, she's this beautiful, strong, white-garbed, bejeweled angel that radiates .. um, something. and if you play the game and look at her card, its a bit crazy all the abilities they give her and such. im iffy about this book but i give it 4 stars because it wasnt that bad. its just that, i loathe reading about the main character, and i dislike its view of akroma. which is of course, unfair because i already created in my mind my own view of her.
however, kamahl returns in this book and if you read the odyssey cycle that may please you. so do a few other enjoyable characters. oh, it might depress you if you're fond of green (the forest) but then again, it seems a lot of magic books are like that.
Onslaught is a cool book. It has a lot of fighting in it that is fun to read. In this book, there are four main characters. Kamahl was a barbarian, but now he is a druid. Jeska, Kamahl's younger sister, has been turned into an evil person named Phage. Ixidor is a creator that makes things alive out of clay, painting, etc. Akroma is an angel that Ixidor had created in his dream. Ok, now that everyone is introduced, Onslaught is about Kamahl trying to bring Phage back to Jeska. Though, Ixidor wants to kill Phage, because she had killed his beloved, Nivea. So, Ixidor makes Akroma to slay Phage. However, Kamahl believes that Phage can become Jeska again and still believes that she is his sister. So, while Akroma tries to kill Phage, Kamahl protects her. Now, Kamahl and Phage ally to kill Akroma and Ixidor. So, they have this big was at the end to kill each other. It is a very complicated book, but if you read it you'll get.
I liked the book Onslaught, because it has a lot of cool fighting in it. There are pit fights and wars. J. Robert King explains the battles very well. So the reader won't get confused. J. Robert King also created these characters very well. He explains them in very good details. Another reason why I liked this book is that its plot is very interesting. Here is a quote from the book that explains a part while they are fighting, "Kamahl used his boot again, smashing it on the flat of the blade and shoving it ground-ward. The arm of the barbarian was too strong, though. The blade swept on. Putting all his weight on the boot, Kamahl stood on it and kicked his other foot into the barbarian's throat. He continued the motion, flipping backwards and landing out of reach, among piles of the dead." Onslaught is an exciting book.
Some things I disliked about the book was that it got a little too confusing at some parts. I had to read the same part over and over again. Here is a quote from the book about a confusing part, "The angel's feet struck the shaft and broke it into two. An explosion of green fire roared out of the shattered stalk. For a moment, it eclipsed Akroma, Kamahl, and Phage. When the initial blaze diminished, green force remained, clinging in viney lines to Akroma's legs. It emerged from the riven ends of Kamahl's staff and dragged her down." This part was confusing to me, because I did not know where the green vines came from and how. Then I found out it came from the staff at the broken ends. That part was only a small confusing part. Onslaught does actually have some misunderstanding parts.
My favorite part in Onslaught was the end where they have the massive war. It is my favorite part, because it had the most exciting and action parts. Some parts in the book had nothing fun. Though, at the end it had me reading and reading. I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in magic and action.
This book continues the story of Kamhal who is now dealing with being a druid and protecting nature while also trying to aid his sister Jeska who has been transformed by The Cabal First into Phage a being like the First who cna kill with a touch, also add to the mix Ixidor an illusionist who now can shape reality and wants to kill Phage for killing his true love. Very enjoyable a little confusing but it keeps you interested in whats going to happen.
I thoroughly enjoyed the tale and have started reading the second in this trilogy. The book was very well written and had a decent flow at the beginning which transformed into an excellent flow in it's conclusion. The author did a good job in making you care about the main characters' conflicts and left you wanting to read onward. The last 8 or so chapters really made this book shine. I whole-heartedly recommend this book. The only draw back was the spelling errors. You would think that someone who could use "quintessential" in coherent sentences would be able to spell "unphased" and "reigning" correctly. Not to mention the other smaller errors such as words being put in past-tense/plural-form incorrectly or the lack of past-tense/pluralization. Those tiny errors are understandable in the rough draft but how did those slip by editing? Who allowed this to be published with those? Never-the-less, a superb read.