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by Sherwood Smith

SENRID is a story of swashbuckling boys and girls, royal stakes, mysterious villains, high adventure and strange magic, set in the universe of CROWN DUEL and INDA, in the tradition of Lloyd Alexander's WESTMARK and Megan Whalen Turner's THE THIEF.

Teen-aged king Leander Tlennen-Hess has barely ruled a year when he and his step-sister Kitty (or Princess Kyale, as she wishes to be known) are surprised by two visitors. The first is an adventure-loving girl, Faline, who helps Leander defend his tiny kingdom from invasion by the menacing warrior kingdom Marloven Hess, using only imagination and a bit of magic. The second visitor is a nice, friendly boy... who asks too many questions about the recent defeat of those evil Marlovens.

The nice, friendly visitor turns out to be Senrid, king of Marloven Hess.

But Senrid is king in name only. His uncle, the regent, holds power and Senrid must prove himself to be sufficiently strong by abducting for execution the two kids who thwarted the invasion.

The only way to save them is to enter the stronghold of the enemy, in flimsy disguise...

Sherwood Smith is the beloved author of over 25 books, best known for her stories for children and young adults. She has been writing in this fantasy milieu since age eight, and her first novel set there, CROWN DUEL, is currently in its ninth printing.

"Sherwood Smith's SENRID, written when she was fifteen, offers an extraordinary window into the development of a wonderful writer. Here in embryo are all the elements that Smith's fans have come to love." -- Justine Larbalestier

"There's a lot of camaraderie, as well as budding sexual tension and never-a-dull-moment momentum." -- Kirkus Reviews on WREN'S QUEST

"A realm in trouble, a spirited female hero with magic to surround her, mystery, romance, an enigmatic marquis, court etiquette and secret messages -- this is the stuff of dreams!" -- Tamora Pierce on CROWN DUEL

Download Senrid epub
ISBN: 1934169625
ISBN13: 978-1934169629
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Sherwood Smith
Language: English
Publisher: YA Angst (May 1, 2007)
Pages: 448 pages
ePUB size: 1390 kb
FB2 size: 1869 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 214
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Vital Beast
I read a review that described this book as a series of stories, but it really is pieces of one story that center around Senrid Montredaun-an, and what will become the later set-up for *Fleeing Peace* and the 1st and 2nd return of the Norsundrians from beyond time into the world of Sartorias. For fans who love the stand-alone books of Sherwood Smith (Crown/Court Duel, Posse of Princesses, Trouble with Kings), this may seem a bit disjointed at times. However, it connects the stories from CJ's Notebooks to these later Sartoria-deles kingdoms. And although the complete series hasn't yet been published, they will also provide (along with Fleeing Peace) the set up to the finale/climax, to which all of this has been building. If you think of it like a young adult version of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, these stories all seem to be, in a way, backstory for the books that are not yet completed. The plus side is that if you want to explore the Sartorias-deles world, here are some great stories how you can--but keep in mind that the character development is ONLY BEGINNING and don't expect the ending to be tied up. Also, I recommend buying this book with Fleeing Peace to save yourself time and effort. The down side is that these stories will introduce characters from CJ's Notebook books hat you may not know, and you may not really be given a lot of background information to build on only from this book. Not only will you see major threads running backwards into previously published stories, you'll also feel that it's somewhat unfinished. Some of the best parts of Senrid's story come in Fleeing Peace, where he meets Liere/Sartorias, and a bit more(along with the set-up for Norsundriun invasion #2) comes in in the prequel to Court/Crown Duel where Vidanric Renselaus, Marquis of Shevraeth, gets his training in young Senrid's kingdom of Marloven Hess as a teen.

As a stand alone story, this probably deserves a 3. But the information and long-term character development is actually very well done. Smith takes care to make very few evil-by-nature characters, and she has spent quite a lot of time making her spoiled or villanous characters have some deeply damaged pasts or mistaken events in their lives motivating their wrong actions. To take someone as cynical as Senrid is at 15 and make a believable turn-around is pretty tricky, and I think that, for readers familiar with the characters from CJ's Notebooks and Fleeing Peace and Stranger to Command, the progression of not only Senrid, but the people he meets or trusts in his own kingdom are full of strength, reality, and imagination, and really, these books only hint at what could be much more backstory indeed. So despite the almost "filler" nature of these books, in many ways Smith's other books seem to have been circling the "center" that these preliminary books are just beginning to take up, and which Smith will undoubtedly be developing later on.
The discussion on what is the essence of good and wrong, and their relation with power is behind every word in this book. But you would have to read the three CJ's first notebooks to fully understand the plot.
Good for middle schoolers. Prefer the sequels though
I found this to be a book that wants to have been separated into several volumes at least. There a many threads of storyline that maybe could have been better suited to individual books.

I know that the author has been writing about this world of hers since child hood but it seems too dense and self-involved storytelling. A better editor would have forced her to maybe spend more time fleshing out and expanding the backstory of all of the characters. It was frustrating to constantly be introduced to characters who seem almost in mid-story of their own plot (might be realistic but very annoying to me).

I could tell there were at least 4 individual books here.
This book did not capture me and I did not finish it. Hopefully, some child at the library where I donated it will really love it.
I have been reading Sherwood Smith for over ten years and she is hands down my favorite author. I enjoyed Senrid immensely and agree wholeheartedly with the other reviews posted so far on Amazon. Be sure to check out her other books too.
This book really is a fantasy book written for younger teenagers. The kid heroes don't seem to think to highly of adults. ;)

I suspect the book would have been more enjoyable if I read "Over the Sea" first, but perhaps not. The story is a lot less polished than Crown Duel. While the characters and adventures are interesting, those adventures tended to feel a bit disjointed at times in the context of the overall story.

World-building is not as fully developed as it is in most of her novels. The pacing is good. The suspense is lacking, though, because I never felt the threat was real--I never worried the 'good' characters would die or felt they really were hurt, even though they got into some pretty dangerous positions.

The was no romance and, while there was a lot of inventive name-calling, there was no cussing. I'll also mention that a lot of the names were very long and sometimes I couldn't even figure out how to pronounce them.

Overall, it was a "good, clean fun" novel. If you like Sherwood Smith's other books, certainly give this one a try. Otherwise, I'd recommend starting with any of her other books first.

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