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by Madeleine L'Engle

It is November. When Meg comes home from school, Charles Wallace tells her he saw dragons in the twin's vegetable garden. That night Meg, Calvin and C.W. go to the vegetable garden to meet the Teacher (Blajeny) who explains that what they are seeing isn't a dragon at all, but a cherubim named Proginoskes. It turns out that C.W. is ill and that Blajeny and Proginoskes are there to make him well – by making him well, they will keep the balance of the universe in check and save it from the evil Echthros.

Meg, Calvin and Mr. Jenkins (grade school principal) must travel inside C.W. to have this battle and save Charles' life as well as the balance of the universe.

Download A Wind in the Door (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet) epub
ISBN: 0374384436
ISBN13: 978-0374384432
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Language: English
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux (January 1, 1973)
Pages: 211 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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I loved A Wrinkle In Time, but honestly, I am halfway on this one. I loved the characters. Charles Wallace and the others are just wonderful children. The Cherub was different and so was the teacher, but I must say the book lost my interest. I couldn't picture the molecular level of drama and fighting, and Meg had a lot to say. I mean A LOT to say. I had to step away a few times, and I wasn't sure if I was going to finish it.

I will say that Madeleine L'Engle is a brilliant writer. She knows how to mix science, religion, and fantasy all together in one. Her imagination is still ages beyond this current world. We still have a lot of catching up to do.

But as for this book, it wasn't my favorite. It's not a terrible story at all. It's just different, and it wasn't what I liked for my own taste.
I was excited to get Wrinkle in Time for my son because I loved it SO much growing up. I never did read the books that followed. He ended up loving Wrinkle in Time as much as I did. I ended up buying the whole series and none of them really compared to the first. These are still really good books for any child though. Everyone is different. Someone who doesn't like one book, may be loved by the next. I read this one alongside my son and it was just okay.
Get ready to venture further than you've thought you could go!
The Wrinkle in Time Quintet, the whole series is a special trip in to the intelligent imagination of possibilities in space and time that do much more than entertain (and entertain they do!). First, great stories, all five, one building on the other, second, great characters, that are connected in time and space by family and friendship, several generations and by the end of the last book of the five, one feels part of this family in some way, wishing to hear more and more about their lives and adventures.
I read the first book in this quintet when I was 8 years old. A Wrinkle In Time has been a treasured memory for the last 36 years of my life! I still have my original paperback copy from my school library (I shelved books for an entire summer in order to 'earn' a copy for my own!) I never knew they were a series!! What a wonderful time I am having marathon reading the rest of this wonderful story. I feel like a child again, sitting in our mulberry tree outside, reading until it became too dark to see...thank you Madame L'Engle!!!!!
"This book had multiple layers of themes, from the limits of human adaptability to the definition of life. These are expanded upon with discussion about how they connect, and how everything connects — and affects — literally everything else. Despite the quest structure, the grand finale wasn’t about fighting a “big bad,” but about using these themes to overcome obstacles. Such a lesson is applicable to just about every conflict."

An excerpt from my full review on the Speculative Chic blog.
in waiting
Less of the good stuff: Less math; less science; fewer literary allusions flying thick and fast in the conversation.

More formulaic: Blajeny is a Teacher (capital T); Meg must learn lessons and must pass three trials.

The new creatures, both allies and enemies, aren't as interesting. I would enjoy learning more about Mrs. Whatsit or any of the Mrs. W's. I don't feel the same way about Blajeny. He's gone by the end of the book -- and so what?

The religious overtones became much more new-agey. That may not bother some people, but it bothered me.

On the plus side: L'Engle introduces the idea that size does not matter; that interesting things happen at all scales of the universe, from the sub-atomic to the super-galactic. I liked that idea.

Side note: for years after I read this book the first time, whenever I saw a "SCHOOL XING" sign, I would read it as "ECHTHROI XING".
New book in good condition, I love this series Madeleine does! I couldn’t put down A Wrinkle In Time [Too bad the movie wasn’t as good!!]... I am so excited to continue on with the stories of the characters from A Wrinkle In Time. I am thrilled that she wrote about the other characters.
This book, unlike A Wrinkle In Time, was really scary. I mean, Charles Wallace almost dying, Meg, Calvin, and Mr.Jenkins almost beaing Xed, and Progo actually Xed himself, really scary. A Wind In The Door is confusing through. I don't know what happened to Teacher at all, I don't get Naming, and I don't get Xed.