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by Robert Jordan

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Separated from his friends Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Moiraine after fleeing Shadar Logoth with Mat, Rand must now face Aginor, who wields the One Power and is allied with the Dark One.
Download To The Blight (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (The Eye of the World) epub
ISBN: 0613626559
ISBN13: 978-0613626552
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Robert Jordan
Language: English
Publisher: Turtleback Books (January 7, 2002)
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 249
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Don't buy this book if you already have the Book One, The Eye of the World. It really is just the last part of the Book One. The type is larger but it was a waste of money and time for us. Upon reading it, everything sounded very familiar (even after reading *all* the available books in the series) and upon a little research, it is a duplicate. Strange that there isn't a first half of Book One. Why did the publisher do this?
I found out after I'd already ordered that this isn't an additional book to the Wheel of Time Series. I did enjoy looking at the pictures, but I haven't read it nor will I need to since it's only a portion of the first book. I just wish I'd found out before I placed the order to begin with.
Great Book...super fast delivery!
The book came as promised and I did enjoy it. It meant all expectations. That about all that I can say.
This and part 1 is merely repackaging of the 1st hard-bound book [Eye of the World]. The advertisment reads as if it is a prequel. Wrong. The publisher just figured another way to make a few more dollars. The Eye of the World and all of the remaining books of "The Wheel of Time" are outstanding. They didn't need / require this treatment!
Love Terry Brooks series
Very Old Chap
Misleading. What was most misleading was part one "From the Two Rivers" has the lable on the front of the book that says "A New Prologue by the Author". The first book, "From the Two Rivers", does have a pre-prologue that I have not read before called "Earlier-Ravens". It is a 12 page depiction of Egwene (as a child) carrying water at Bel Tine in the spring during sheep shearing. I usually get my hands on everything I can that was written for the WOT series and I don't remember running across this bit of info. It was not worth buying the books for this pre-prologue. The rest of Part One "From the Two Rivers" and all of Part Two "To the Blight" are just "The Eye of the World" word for word, split into two parts. This was published by Starscape (a Tom Doherty Associates, LLC publisher)and not by TOR (also Tom Doherty). The cover art was done by another artist (Charles Keegan), not by Darrell K. Sweet.
I know a lot of people who dislike Jordan's more recent works, believing that he is stretching things for the sake of money. Now I'm convinced as well.
Robert Jordan fans, this book is not a new book -- for several months I assumed that he was stretching his genre to encompass kids as well, perhaps trying to entice them to read his doorstopper adult series of fantasy volumes. There is nothing wrong with that. However, when I went into a bookstore and flipped through the first volume, I was astonished to see text from a book I HAD ALREADY READ. In short, Jordan took "Eye of the World", chopped it in half, sold the halves, and now is pulling in nearly twice the cash per copy.
This book is the second half of EotW, with "From the Two Rivers" as the first half. The differences? Well, they are still thick; they do, however, have slightly larger print, so if you are an elderly Jordan reader you might want to purchase these. What changes are made for kids? Well, the ghastly adult covers are replaced by a more realistic, less weird-looking cover, and pictures are added to the inside. These were also a disappointment: the books might be better worth it if they had decent artwork, but the inside pictures are blurry and grainy, and not worth more than a fleeting glance.
Writing style? I may be wrong, but if some kids don't have the attention span to get through "The Hobbit" or "Chronicles of Narnia," methinks they will never get beyond page two of Jordan's immensely detailed and complex doorstopper epic. My opinions qualitywise can be found elsewhere, as a review for the adult version of EotW.
Unless a single 800-page tome scares your kid, or if you find the print easier to read, DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. I can only hope that there will not be future one-book-made-into-two-for-kids editions.