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by William D. McCants

A peer counseling program, an angry school board, and a high-anxiety prom in a Southern California high school provide the background for this delightful, contemporary romantic novel. “This sassy caper lives up to its eye-catching cover.”--Publishers Weekly
Download Much Ado about Prom Night epub
ISBN: 0152000836
ISBN13: 978-0152000837
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Romance
Author: William D. McCants
Language: English
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (June 15, 1995)
Pages: 240 pages
ePUB size: 1377 kb
FB2 size: 1340 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 473
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It took me a while to finally check this book out of the library, and, yes, I admit it. The reason for all of that time elapsing was mainly the title and the cover. I usually try not to break the age old "never judge a book by its cover" rule, but every now and then I slip up. This time, however, I was able to recover my balance before I fell completely.
MUCH ADO ABOUT PROM NIGHT is a very witty rendition of Shakespeare's classic play "Much Ado About Nothing." McCant's story, however, takes place in a Southern California high school during the weeks preceeding the school's highly anticipated Junior Prom. The protagonist, Becky is a counselor for the school's somewhat controversial Peer Counseling Network (PCN). and many of the best parts of the book are from when she's helping her "patients" through the agonies of pre-prom stress. Her friendly adversary is the liberal-minded Jeff, editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. Their verbal sparring was another of my favorite parts of this book as I've always apprecited intelligent arguments.
Overall, this is quite an enjoyable book. It's not great literature, that's for sure, and the story seems to run out of steam towards the very end, and some of the characters seem a little flat, but I still enjoyed it. Good reading for the beach or something like that.
First off, this book is not some great classic or even a minor classic, but it is still a fun read. Don't be folled by the strange cover. At first site it looks like a story about a big chested know-it-all princess. But the main charcter is actually a very smart, opinated girl that has a lot of depth to her. She has her own peer counseling program and the plot centers around the program trying to be closed because the school board thinks the counseler's are encouraging the students to have sex on prom night. Actually one one of the flaws in this book is that it focuses an awful lot on sex. Rebecca is not a virgin and most of her fellow students are coming in for sex advice. It makes it feels like if you're 16 and a virgin, there is something wrong with you. There are some other charcters such as he two best friend Zoner and Kayla, who have a crush on each other, a deliquant little brother, Peter her ex-boyfriend, Jeff the newspaper editor who she is attracted to, and Eddie a rich guy who has a slight obsession with Rebecca's large breasts. The book is entertaining though and you should check it out. Escpecially if you like to read about the prom, surfing, and strong willed girls.
Much Ado About Prom Night by William D. McCants is a story that protrays the problems that teens face in today's society.
The main character in the book is Rebecca Singleton. She is the founder and president of the Peer Counseling Network (PCN). The setting takes place a few weeks before prom. The PCN is a place where teens can com and talk about their problems and get advice from other teens. Rebecca's two best friend's, Kayla and Zoner, are also counselors there. Not only does Rebecca have to deal with other kid's problems, she faces her own problems too. Before founding PCN Rebecca was a writer at the school newspaper called
"The Beacon". She worked closely with teh editor-in-chief, Jeff Gardiner, and when she left to start PCN Jeff got upset. Ever since tehn he wrote articles putting down the PCN and picking apart it's every fault. What made it even harder for Rebecca is that she has a huge crush on Jeff. To make matters even worse her best friend Kayla has suddenly fell in love with her other best friend Zoner. This simple crush threatens to tear apart their relationship forever. At home, Rebecca struggled with her 15 year-old borther that was still struggling with their paretns divorce and her mother mother who is never home anymore. The conflicts in this book made it suspensful and the kind of book that wants to make you keep reading.
The author writes the story in an unusal way. There are multiple scenes in one chapter. For example in the first chapter we are in the trailer, home to the PCN couselors. Rebecca is in a meeting with a guy named Eddie Ballard. We learn about her whole conversation with him and then half was through the chapter it cuts to her conversation with Adriana Fernandez. It is like this the whole way through the book.
Some literary techniques used in the story are foreshadowing and flashbacks. Foreshadowing is when the author hints that something is going to happen later on in the story. An example of this would be when the author implies that there is something more than friendship between Jeff and Rebecca. His ex-girlfriend is talking to Rebecca and sasy that Jeff talks about her all the time and says what a good writer she is. Also when they are sitting in the car alone and Rebecca reaches out to touch Jeff's hand and he lets her. A flashback is described as when the author beings the character back to a time or event that has already happened. When Rebecca remembers times when she and Jeff used to work together on "The Beacon" is an example of a flashback. She describes it using words that create vivid pictures of what happened.
The book Much Ado About Prom Night by William D. McCants is a book that I feel a lot of teenagers can relate to. It hits on a lot of topics that concern teens today.
Normally I don't send in a review, but this book was so good I just had to! I read this book in 2 hours! I couldn't put it down! It talks about real-life problems and is funny too! After I read it I gave it to my friends to read and the loved it too! This is the best book I have ever read!
I recommend this book for teens and parents alike. This book will remind parents of our own carefree youth when we endured the trials and tribulations of being accepted by our own peer group. We can tell our kids we know what they are going through and mean it!
Here is a quote from the book "So you had sex with him?...Last Wednesday, after midnight...I was a virgin, so it hurt real bad at first..." This book is too much. I just stopped reading it and got rid of it.
The total best romance book i've read lately. It totally rocks! Is up to date and very cool.