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Download Ava the Sunset Fairy: The Twilight Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic) epub

by Daisy Meadows

Download Ava the Sunset Fairy: The Twilight Fairies Book 1 (Rainbow Magic) epub
ISBN: 1408309068
ISBN13: 978-1408309063
Category: Teen
Author: Daisy Meadows
Language: English
Publisher: Orchard (2010)
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Rating: 4.9
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My 6 year old loves the Rainbow Magic Fairies Books. We were looking for a book series that we could start our daughter on that didn't have much negativity in it and this fit the bill perfectly, plus she loves fairies. We probably have more than 50 of the books from various sets. We have purchased them from many places including Amazon, eBay and our local Flea Market. This is by far her favorite book series and we have been getting them for her since she was 4 years old. We use them as bedtime stories and we typically read two chapters per night. There are six chapters in each book so the book lasts a few nights. Our daughter always wants to keep going and read more chapters which is great. We are keeping all the books for her collection and she now likes to go back and re-read the stories on her own as she is becoming a very strong independent reader.

This set is about the Night Fairies. Mean old Jack Frost and his Goblins (the recurring villains in the book series) have stolen the Night Fairies' special bags of magic dust that contain all their nighttime magic and the Night Fairies (the fairies responsible for nighttime in fairyland) must get them back with the help of Rachel and Kirsty (the fairies' human friends), who are spending the week at Camp Stargaze.

Here are links to all the books in this set:
Ava the Sunset Fairy (Rainbow Magic Night Fairies #1)
Lexi the Firefly Fairy (Rainbow Magic Night Fairies #2)
Zara the Starlight Fairy (Rainbow Magic Night Fairies #3)
Morgan the Midnight Fairy (Rainbow Magic Night Fairies #4)
Morgan the Midnight Fairy (Rainbow Magic Night Fairies #4) Bad Amazon Title. This link is actually to Nia the Night Owl Fairy, Book #5
Night Fairies #6: Anna the Moonbeam Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book Paperback Not Currently Available on Amazon.
Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy (Night Fairies #7)

The books are structured as follows. Each book has a different Fairy and a different rescue mission to get an object back from Jack Frost. There are 7 books in each set. In order for the story to make sense, you really should start at Book 1 of each set and read them in order. If you are new to the series, you should start with the original Rainbow Magic Rainbow Fairies set starting with Ruby: The Red Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Rainbow Fairies, No. 1). It introduces the series and the main recurring characters.

In conclusion, this is a great first book series for young girls. The stories are very positive and always have happy endings and the stories are fun and engaging. They make great bedtime stories and can turn into early readers once your child reaches reading age. If your child loves fairies, this series is perfect. Highly Recommended!
Brick my own
Got this as a gift for my beau's daughter. She LOVED it! She's really into these faerie books, and was absolutely ecstatic that there was one faerie with her name!

If you're own daughter doesn't already have it, I really suggest finding one of these books with your daughters name. It makes it even more personal to them! :D If you don't have a daughter but you're son likes these books, I'm sorry they won't have his name... : Oh well! I've even read one or two of these, so that Ava and I could talk about them, and while they're obviously meant for young girls, the stories are well written, and not overly dummed down. :)
This item arrived quickly and well protected from damage. My 7 year old LOVED this book for her birthday gift. It's her namesake and she thought it was so cool for a gift. The Rainbow Fairy books are fun and enjoyable. I would definitely order from this vendor again. Thanks so much!
So, these stories are all kind of the same, but I'm all for any book that gets kids to read. The Ava in my life loves fairies, so a book with a fairy namesake was a hit!
I bought this book for my niece Ava. She is of course only 2 and cant read yet but her big sister Gabriella loves reading it to her.
Knights from Bernin
Good fun read. Really enjoy how the girls and fairies work together against the bad guys . I also like how the king and queen accept the girls and their help.
I think these books are adorable. As soon as we start reading them together my girls don't want me to stop.
I would read it all the time if I had to.I would recommend this book for kids to read all around the world.I have read all the fairy books I think.