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by Kara Lim,Lee Yun Hee

Raenef, the Demon Lord in training, faces an attack by his friend Chris, the future High Cleric of Rased, that leads to a confrontation with his predecessor, the fourth Demon Lord Raenef.
Download Demon Diary Vol. 6 epub
ISBN: 1591824311
ISBN13: 978-1591824312
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Kara Lim,Lee Yun Hee
Language: English
Publisher: TokyoPop (March 2, 2004)
Pages: 192 pages
ePUB size: 1673 kb
FB2 size: 1886 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 883
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It was great to reread this one. Definitely would recommend the whole series. The characters are lovable and the side stories are fun.
perfect condition
I love it I have been looking forward to buying this book for so long. I'm glad you all had it you guys are the best. Thanks again
Very Old Chap
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Yun-hee Lee, Demon Diary, vol. 5 (Tokyopop, 2000)

Raenef IV is back, and he seems to know how to get Raenef's personality back from the devious book. But what will be the price of his assistance? Demon Diary remains a great deal of fun, even if it's been somewhat doctored for American audiences (judging by all reports, anyhow). The series is winding to a close, but remains strong. ****

* * *

Yun-hee Lee, Demon Diary, vol. 6 (Tokoyopop, 2000)

The devious nature of Raenef IV's plan comes to light, and the company realize they'll have to battle him in order to keep Raenef's body and soul together. Even if they do, there's no guarantee Raenef won't come through the ordeal unchanged... action-packed entry in the series sure to satisfy any fan of shonen. ****

* * *

Yun-hee Lee, Demon Diary, vol. 7 (Tokyopop, 2000)
Demon Diary concludes, shall we say, not satisfactorily. Given that there were only seven volumes, I imagine it was a surprise to both Kara and Yun-hee Lee when the series was cancelled, but still, it seems like they could have come up with an ending that feels less like dropping off a cliff. Volume 7 also includes two (conflicting, oddly) epilogues with Erutis' and Chris' post-series stories. Something of a disappointment, but the series as a whole is a good one. ***
It's undeniably true that our little Raenef has come a LONG way from the hopeless little clutz we met in the first volume. He has built touching relationships with anyone who has come into contact with him, exspecially his mentor slash protector, Eclips. And even now as he is temporarily stuck in this evil mindset, you can see the real kind hearted Raenef poking through.
But the tables take a very unexpected turn when the former Raenef attemps to kill his young heir, forcing a very torn Eclips to chose where his loyalties truly lie. By the end of the book your left with a rather strange but very interesting cliffhanger, which will torture me until the next book comes out!! All in all, this was one AWESOME volume, so be sure not to miss it!!
This was book six out of seven in the first stretch of the demon diary series. I can tell that when it makes it's way to the end of volume seven, it's gonna be an extremely incredible series!! But don't worry, Demon Diary still has alot more to offer and the series doesn't end with the seventh book. So just hang in there and soon the REAL part of the story will FINALLY start to reveal itself!!
I can't believe this series only went 7 volumes (and anyone who's reviewing the series as a whole here is mean because some of us haven't read vol 7 yet). As others have said, the artwork throughout has been amazing. Although there was some stylistic changes when the writers switched, I probably wouldn't have noticed if the intro hadn't highlighted it. What makes the short series even more of a disappointment is that I didn't think that the story warmed up until volumes 5 and 6 where the characters, especially Esclipse and Raenef showed tremendous growth...Very sad to see it end.
The best manga ever.

Jeremy L. St. James
Satans daughter the elf Devil.