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by Julia Kwon Gombos,Mi-Kyung Yun

Mi-Kyung Yun takes us on another journey to Habaek's kingdom, where the cursed Water God tries to hide his dark secrets from his new bride! Humor, drama, and a bit of horror combine, as human bride Soah tries to uncover the truth behind her strange husband's predicament and his previous wife's early, brutal demise. While Huye distracts her with flirtations and the dreadful goddess Murah becomes increasingly jealous, strong-willed Soah is determined to find out why her powerful, moody husband is cursed to live in the form of a little boy during the day, returning to his true, adult body at night. Soah's inner strength and determination saved her village from drought and famine in previous volumes - now she must pit her guts and guile against the unpredictable elemental gods in order to find happiness in the new world she's trapped in.
Download Bride Of The Water God Volume 3 epub
ISBN: 1595823050
ISBN13: 978-1595823052
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Julia Kwon Gombos,Mi-Kyung Yun
Language: English
Publisher: Dark Horse (June 30, 2009)
Pages: 192 pages
ePUB size: 1428 kb
FB2 size: 1629 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 772
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I have the first two volumes, and now this one as well. Fourth one on pre-order.

I initially bought volume one, because I have a habit of buying manga with really good artwork, and each time, they are always good one's that I find. I Love the look and feel of the artwork in this manga, its so fluid. If you want something visually appealing, I would suggest this series. The story is not bad either. I dont buy manga that much, but the few series I do have, either are good plot wise and story wise, or have good artwork. I draw a lot, so the pretty one's are more of a reference for me, on different styles and such. This series seemed different to me style wise. So I added it to my collection. I do like the story though, its simple, and not hard to figure out or boring. This volume in particular was a bit slow, and the only change was the water god sends soa back to her world, where from then on bad times befall her, but all evens out in the end.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for something different.
I read a lot of manga and watch anime. Why? Because as a life long lover of cartoons/comics (I'm almost 60), they fill the need for great stories and beautiful art. Unlike a lot of American style toons, which I find the art childish if not hideous and the stories idiotic, they are beautifully drawn and the stories are great. This is the only series I am buying right now because the art is so exquisite. Every page is beautifully done. The story is fun. I lived in Korea for a year and I loved the country. Yes this is more of a chick manga, but if you love a good love story filled with intrigue and great art, this is for you.
Arrived in great condition and is a great read!
Great Korean artist and story telling! Im curious to find out whats going to happen in the next
volumes in the series.
I bought it for a friend and she love it
I loved the story in this book, it like when your reading it your on it too. but some of this books are to expensive to me. this was the cheapest one i found.
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The story panel is getting much better, still rocky. In fact, chapter 19 suddenly cuts out in the middle with a whole new story and then cuts back in. It was completely frustrating! If there weren't parts that interested me this is probably a series I would normally drop. However, I want Bride of the Water God to work out soooooo much!

The art is getting more and more constant so that all that's present is lovely artwork. Plus, the plot is finally starting to make this manhwa stand out a bit more. A love square is briefly introduced, and I found it duller then dull.

Now as for Soah? Well she's really grown on me. Some of my friends stated that she's characterless. But I don't think that's true. She's very strong to deal with the issues that have painted her life and she's one tough cookie. She might not be a warrior woman, and yes she went as a sacrifice to the water god, but inner strength doesn't need to be action packed. In her beliefs she thought she was helping those people. Even if she had been sold for the job of bride.

Soah has really grown on me and I'm looking forward to seeing her achieve happiness in this series. The antics of the gods are amusing to watch and I'd like to see what happens with Habaek's (AKA the water god) mother and the Emperor. So I'm seeing it through to the next volume.

Sexual Content: Nothing of note.

2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.
I stumbled across this series while browsing around a book store. I spotted the title and looked at it. The cover art hooked me. It's very, VERY well detailed, colorful, and just beatiful. I read the back and it sounded interesting, so I got it. I now have all three volumes. ::laughs::

Fair warning though: This is a manhwa, not manga. You read left to right.

In each volume (so far) there are colored pages that instanly make you go, "Ooh.. Aah.." when you first open the book. Sometimes they have little quotes on them and sometimes they just lead you into the story. In this volume it has quotes/poems. Anyway, in this volume, Habaek askes Soah if she wants to leave the Kingdom and go back home. Soah get's scared about going back home because of something she did. While bathing she mentally begs for help and Mui shows up saying that he HEARD her. How curious..
So, after Habaek makes a deal with his mother dear, he sends Soah back home. Down back in the human world we meet Soah's family, village, and Dong-Young a charming young man who is looking to be with Soah. Through some horrible situations we start to notice that Habaek is maybe.. sort of.. attatched to Soah and maybe.. sort of.. wants her back.. hmm? But the question is.. Will she want to go back? Dong-Young is awfully charming...

It gets a 4 star from me (possibly a 4.5) because it's a tad bit slow, still letting us get to know the characters better. Other than that, wonderful!