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by Paul Zindel

John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen have to tell about something that just happened to them, about an experience too overwhelming to keep private.

The two high-school sophomores come from constricting, unhappy homes, and although life seems tolerable since they have found each other, there is still much to be desired. Unusual circumstances introduce them to a lonely old man with an awful secret. An intense friendship results, and together the three create a strange, unreal world out of their zaniness and laughter.

But the very energy which built this world soon works to destroy it, and John and Lorraine are left again with their own reality.

This perceptive novel has a fresh, startlingly unsentimental story to tell about two young people searching for a way out of emptiness.

Two high school sophomores tell of the tragic consequences of their friendship for a lonely man.

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Download The Pigman epub
ISBN: 0060268271
ISBN13: 978-0060268275
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Paul Zindel
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers; Reprint edition (October 1968)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 350
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This is probably one of the influential books in the past couple of decades because it goes over the controversial fact of alcoholism and drug use. The two main characters in the book, John and Lorraine, have a distinct present that ties them together to modern-era adolescence. After a funny prank on a fellow elderly person, Mr. Pignati gones wrong, the two teenagers decide to "hang out" with him and learn about his disturbing past. Zindel was clear to portray Mr. Pignati as a normal person who just likes to accompany himself with people. Later in the book, Mr. Pignati has a heart attack which results in an immediate hospitalization and John and Lorraine decide if they have compassionate, kindly feelings toward him, which they do in-fact. Some positive aspects of this story are that (1) John and Lorraine have the same lifestyle according to our modern-era adolescent. What I mean by that is teenagers, nowadays, use drugs and alcohol as a mean to escape reality and the author goes over the issue in this book and (2) the author switches between the pov of John and Lorraine in-between each of the chapters. This is the first book that I read that has this kind of perspective change. One criticisms about this book is that the ending of the book is quite tragic and it is truly very sad what happens after what John and Lorraine have gone through with Mr. Pignati. I would recommend this book to teenagers because Zindel shows what John and Lorraine go through and most of the things are quite similar to what happens in the 21th century. I would also recommend this book to the parents of the teenage kids who are reading this book, maybe parents will have some idea on what kids go through nowadays.
I am a mom who decided to read this book, as it was required for my son's 8 grade language arts class. I'm always interested in what he brings home and the very first glance had me hooked. He also enjoyed reading this book and it was an easy read for us both. The Pigman is a short story that kids can easily relate to, plus interesting enough to hold their attention. I can see why this book is so popular and is given as a class assignment. I gave The Pigman 5 stars because it impressed me while also teaching a lesson too.
Great life lesson book wrapped up in an intriguing, funny, sad, story. You hit almost every emotion on the ride this story takes you on. I found it when I was only 13 and it grabbed my attention like no other book had. I did a book report on it and we had to read our review/report out loud in front of the class. Everyone was enthralled in my report and you could have heard a pin drop in the classroom! It was the first time I felt important and had people listening to me. I think it makes a great choice for young teens and especially for kids that say they do not like to read. I didn't think I liked to read either and this book changed that.
I found "The Pigman" a great description of the typical adolescent. You get to see John and Lorraine grow as teens when hanging out with Mr. Pignati. The kids went through troubled situations at home that played out throughout the book which I enjoyed because it got to show how they grow as people. I really enjoyed the real life scenarios that were experienced in the novel. I did not enjoy how when you see the kids starting to grow they began to kick themselves. The book was confusing at first with John and Lorraine shaping chapters narrating but you'll get use to it. The only other thing that I wish the author would've steered away from were the quick foreshadowing that happened clearly near the end of the novel.
Loved this book in high school, therefore I loved the copy I got from this website. Excellent, compelling, sweet story, that honestly could never happen today. These were more innocent times, where teenagers could be invited into the home of an old man and be offered candy and wine, and find that IN NO WAY suspicious or inappropriate.
This is a fine novel to get a young person thinking about consequences of actions, even when well-intentioned.
A story that reminds us of our mortality, our morality and to live everyday as if it may be your last. It begs the question that we all ask several times in our life... Why are we here? Reminds us of the days before caller Id and when prank phone calls were a common form of entertainment.
This was recommended reading for our teenage son. Very good and interesting study about social relations.