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by Tracey Porter

I want to stretch to the moon, Delia thought. Far, far away.

Twelve-year-old Delia Ferri doesn't remember her mother, or her family the way it used to be. All she knows is that her sister, Pearl, and her father are fighting more and more. Pearl is withdrawn and angry, so Delia vows not to give her father anything else to worry about.

Delia loses herself to the rigorous world of ballet, and only when it has consumed her completely does she begin to understand how fiercely her sister had to fight for her own truth. Delia discovers that the bond between two sisters can't be broken -- no matter where the dance of life takes them.

Download A Dance of Sisters epub
ISBN: 0064407519
ISBN13: 978-0064407519
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Tracey Porter
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins (March 15, 2005)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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"A Dance of Sisters" is a poignant look at one girl's somewhat estranged family and her newfound passion for ballet. After the death of their mother, two sisters become closer, with the younger sister looking up to her older sister more than words can express. Their father, though he loves his daughters, becomes more distant as he grieves for his wife, removes her pictures from the house walls, and throws himself into his thriving business.

Fast-forward years later: The younger sister, Delia, is in middle school. She's a good girl, but doesn't have any notable hobbies - except for dancing. Suddenly, the local mainstream dance school with its yearly corny recitals are not satisfying enough for her, and she decides to pursue ballet exclusively. She enrolls at a prestigious school taught by a Madame who strictly adheres to the classic type of ballet instruction. As Delia's love for ballet deepens, she starts having her own life - and her own secrets.

Meanwhile, Delia's older sister is getting kicked out of school after school due to her behavior. She is not a felon nor a threat to anyone, simply a free spirit who does not want to conform. She dresses in dark clothes that she reshapes and redesigns. She dyes her blonde hair black. She truly cares for her little sister, and still loves her father, but she too has distanced herself from her family, feeling as if she is the only one who truly remembers her mother. Sent off to a new school, she expects nothing, but surprises herself and everyone else when she ends up with a new interest - taming a horse that was said to be untameable.

I recommend this book to a wide audience. This book is not just about ballet, nor solely about parents and children grieving over a loss, but rather about honoring those memories while making new ones. Each character finds something he or she is passionate about. The dynamic between the characters is realistic and the plot is interesting and familiar without being cliché. You will root for this family to come back together, and you will want each person to become stronger in his or her own way.
Hanna W. review of A Dance of Sisters by Tracey Porter, March 20, 2008.
This book takes place in a small town in Washington. The main character is Delia. She lives with her father and her sister. When she was fairly young, her mother passed away. Since then her sister, Pearl developed more and more problems at school. It got to the point that she was sent to a boarding school.
Delia is very interested in the study of ballet at a school named Elanova. During the time she spent at the school she was faced with many ups and downs. She met and became good friends with a girl named Claire Acton. During the Christmas performance, Claire and Delia shared a role. In the spring performance, they had to compete for a top role. Claire ends up receiving the role which causes Delia to become very depressed. She gets the feeling that she is overweight and becomes overly self- conscientious. She starts eating less and is rapidly losing weight. Her dad becomes very concerned and takes her to the doctor. The doctor puts her on restriction from school for three weeks and from ballet for one month. Over her break Delia gains most of her weight back, and when she returns to ballet she feels extremely ignored. The ignorance made her feel unwanted, and her thinking that she was overweight made her frustrated. To deal with her frustration, she becomes overwhelmed and decides to quit ballet. In the end, she completely overcomes her illness, and begins taking a new less stressful dance class.
A Dance of Sisters

by Tracy Porter

A Dance Of Sisters is a book that's rich, exciting and powerful. In this book, Delia, a girl who only wishes to become a classical dancer , and her sister, a sad and energetic goth who's into witch craft and makeup, learn more about each other and how things happen in their torn and broken family. With their father working day and night, her sister is eventually sent to boarding school and their mother is dead. Delia, also known as Little Moon from her sisters terms, hardly finds time to talk or even be a normal girl. Delia now becoming unhealthy because her dancing is keeping her too thin she is now confused about who she is and how her life she is torn between fixing her grace in dance and fixing her family. Now that she knows more about how things used to be it makes it easier to figure out what happens now in her life.

This exciting book was difficult yet a good book for a little challenge, I read this when I was nine. It was so good that I was engaged every time I read and all I wanted to ever do was read more. I think Tracy Porter did a great job at balancing the reality and fantasy in this book for readers that dont't give up on a good book. If you think of reading this book, then all I can say is I give this book two thumbs up!

Elise T. Tucker
This was a great book which shows what you may have to go through to become a top ballet dancer. It's about Pearl and Delia, two sisters who are very close. When they were very young, their mother died and left their dad to raise them. Pearl becomes a strange, eerie person who seems to think life would only be worth living if her mother was alive, so she gets sent to boarding school by her father. Delia, however, misses her sister very much, but has found her spot in the world of ballet dancing. She had been taking classes at the Elanova School of Ballet, a prestigous dance school. Soon after two months of dancing there Delia was picked to be taught by Madame Elanova, the head directer and teacher. Delia enjoys dancing, but it was taking a huge toll on her life. She lost too much weight, she got sick, and every spare moment she had was filled with dancing. She realizes at the end that she cannot put up with ballet and feels like she dosn't need it in her life. Read the book to find out what happens in the end!