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by Bonnie Bryant

Callie Forester is out of the hospital after the car accident that nearly claimed her life. Now Carole Hanson and Stevie Lake are determined to help her on the road to recovery. But Stevie is still consumed by guilt. After all, she was driving the car; could it be her fault that Callie almost died? Scott Forester, Callie's brother, certainly seems to blame her. Meanwhile Carole Hanson wants to know what secret Ben Marlowe is hiding. Why won't he let anyone get close to him? What's he afraid of? And if she does find out, will it ruin their new friendship? As for Lisa Atwood, she's enjoying life in California, working on a TV show. Will she decide that California is the place to be and abandon her friends and boyfriend? This summer could mark the end of everything, or a brand-new beginning.
Download The Trail Home (Pine Hollow No. 2) epub
ISBN: 0553492438
ISBN13: 978-0553492439
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Bonnie Bryant
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books for Young Readers (September 8, 1998)
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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 364
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In this book, Callie is dealing with the aftermath of the car accident that left her crippled. Using therapeutic riding, she's determined to recover fully. Stevie, who was driving at the time, is dealing with feelings of guilt and fear over driving again. Meanwhile, Lisa has a job on a TV-series set in California where she's visitinig her dad and his new family. Carole is trying to get closer to stablehand Ben Marlowe, but he's resisting all her attempts. Book two in the Pine Hollow series.
I loved this book!! I loved it because it made you think, and it probably has some of the greatest quotes in the "Saddle Club"/"Pine Hollow" seies. I loved it because it continued from "The Long Ride" (another great book, especially putting the accident at the beginning of the book). I know a lot of the characters have not appeared, but that's because when we are older, new people enter our lives. Also, they've grown up. The issues ARE grown up. What I love about the "Saddle Club" and "Pine Hollow" series is that they are not like other books for young adults. I mean, think about: How would you feel if you were Stevie? The entire time I read this book, I was thinking that. I also loved the part when Emily explained about being handicapped. It's all in your head. And it is true that "Absence can be powerful". This book also had the feeling of the beloved "Saddle Club" book #30, "Autumn Trail" (and they both have trail in the title). But the feelings are different because the characters are older. Keep up the good work, Ms. Bryant!!!
I enjoyed The Saddle Club books when I was younger and I borrowed the first two books in the Pine Hollow series from the library. For some reason the library stopped carrying them and I never got around the reading the rest. All in all, I enjoyed the more mature themes, as I felt like I had grown up with Stevie, Carole and Lisa. I was becoming less horse crazy (yet I still love them) and starting to focus on other things as well. As a side note, the part where Lisa's brother's step-kids from Germany call Americans lazy and that Thanksgiving is just a lame excuse for a day off work... I just want to point out that Germany has between 10 and 13 public holidays a year (not to mention most people have 28 to 30 vacation days). The US has 10. Most Germans find it crazy that Americans don't get as much vacation time and generally view it as a work-a-holic society. Americans definitely need that extra day off in order to stop working, take a deep breath, and be thankful for everything.
I have been following the Saddle Club since I was 8. I was hoping that this new series would be more mature and adress harder facts, such as: if Scott Forester is going to come in between Stevie and Phil, and also the harsh peer pressure that teenagers face. I would like to see more of A.J., and other notable characters. Also, if the characters are ever going to be pressured into doing stuff like graffitti, going beyond the "kiss", staying up waaaaaaayy too late. Stuff like that, not to show teenager what to do, but to show that the three girls are not perfect and can succum to pressure.
This book was good, but, Ms. Bryant, what happened to Lisa and John Brightstar? Also, why did you not continue with little Maxi, Veronica, and Ms. Reg? (not to mention anyone from the Bar None, Deborah, Pony Club rallies, etc...) The worst part was no more practical jokes with Stevie! That is what first attached me to the books 7 yrs. ago. I and my older sister have been fans forever, and, to this day, the books that I have read over and over are the ones with Stevie coming up with some wierd way to punish Veronica for being such a snot! Please keep it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant wait for this book to come out!! I loved the Long Ride so i bet that this book will be as good!! I think that Bonnie Byrant should make Carole and Ben go out in the seires because they are soo much alike!! I also love it that Lisa and Alex are going out now and that Steve and Phil are still going out!! Well I hape she countinues the series because I know that I love it so far and I am shur alot of ather people do to!
I am so glad that the next book is comming out. I read The long Ride ( in 1 day) and can't wait to see what happens. I sorta hate/love books that keep me suspended like that. I hate that they are comming out so late and i love that they don't just sumery up what happens. I want to know what will happen to Callie and like if Veronica is still there and what else happens. I just can't wait!!!!
I really enjoyed Pine Hollow but what about Veronica! And The Saddle club didn't seem as horse crazy as they were. I liked the book but gave it 4 stars because of it being so differant than the saddle club........