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by Yellow Tanabe

Follows junior high school student Yoshimori Sumimura and his sixteen-year-old neighbor and childhood friend, Tokine Yukimura, as they battle evil forces in their mission to protect Karasumori forest.
Download Kekkaishi, Vol. 1 epub
ISBN: 1591169682
ISBN13: 978-1591169680
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Yellow Tanabe
Language: English
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC; Action Ed edition (May 3, 2005)
Pages: 192 pages
ePUB size: 1372 kb
FB2 size: 1346 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 282
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This series has heart and it has action. The manga and the anime both are wonderfully well written. The anime is sadly shorter than id have liked but for those wanting to know how things turn out in the end the manga will give you the closure youre looking for.
If you buy one you WILL buy the rest ! One of my top 3 manga . Anime is excellent as well . I watched the anime first , Then read most of the manga . As the series just ended I'm going to re read the whole series and the last 5 books that I haven't read yet when the last one comes .
I've watched Kekkaishi for a while now on Adult swim and loved it so I decided to start reading the Manga. It was worth it. I absolutely love this Manga! I am really picky on manga because of how the Mangaka draws it, and this is very well done. I'm officially addicted to the Anime and the Manga!!
great ant
It had a very small amount of wear around the edges of the book to be new. However, that could have simply come from shipping. The book was enjoyable. I will buy more in the series!
I came across Kekkaishi a number of years ago, and approached it with some skepticism--I worried that it would be another one of those shonen manga with a good premise that just gets strung out for way too long. Instead, the series is a delight from beginning to end, and if possible even strengthens as it goes along, and the author and/or editors had the good sense to end the series on a high note after 35 volumes rather than try to stretch out another 35, as they probably could have.

Kekkaishi turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, and one of the more mature shonen manga I have read ... "mature" not in terms of, say, sex or violence but rather in terms of the psychological depth and complexity of the characters and their relations with each other. The story drives the action, rather than the other way around, but despite this added depth the story moves along at a nice pace, as mysteries are unraveled, relationships are deepened, sacrifices are made, and ultimately resolution occurs. The maturation shown by the young protagonist throughout the series and his evolving relationship with family and friends is particularly striking. The general ambiance is a pleasant mix of the old and the new; most characters wear traditional Japanese clothes most of the time (Yoshimori with tennis shoes, of course!), the battles tend to be as much cerebral as physical, even the way many of the characters speak and interact feels a bit old school (in a good way).

I think Kekkaishi would be enjoyed both by younger readers who might appreciate it simply for its action, but I think this manga will be a pleasant surprise for more mature readers as well. Compelling story, interesting characters, beautiful artwork that creates a vivid world in the imagination of the reader ... Kekkaishi was an enjoyable and memorable series to read.
The author, Yellow Tanabe (nice name, eh?) mentions that when she was a kid, she and her friends would play a game in which they pretended to create invisible walls. Their declaration was, "I stretched the barrier from here to there!" And if someone walked into the area, they would get the cold shoulder, as if breaking the most important law of life.

From this imaginative game comes the making of Kekkaishi. In the first volume, we learn that in order to make a barrier, called a kekkai ("protective ward"), a Kekkaishi must perform three acts: (1) say the word "Hoi" to designate a target, (2) say "Joso" to position the Kekkai, and (3) call out "Ketsu" to create the barrier. Once that is established, the user has the option to either say "Kai" to let their prey go, or "Metsu" to destroy it.

Since the first volume is so filled with content--more so than most manga--my brief overview only covers a little bit. So just keep this in mind.

Story overview:
Where a Junior and Senior High School stands, there once towered a castle. Buried deep below the school is the spirit of the master of that castle, who was from the Karasumori clan. He possessed a power that to this day attracts nasty beings called ayakashi. If they spend any significant amount of time in the school grounds, they will grow bigger, more powerful, and dangerous.

Two children, who have special Kekkaishi powers passed down from generation to generation, are designated the guardians of the school. Since ayakashi are creatures of the night these guardians must lose out on a lot of sleep. If that wasn't enough, it just so happens that their families are in a feud over who should be the true successor. This puts both Yoshimori (age 14) and Tokine (age 16) in an awkward position, as they so often end up working together.

When Yoshimori was nine years old, his naivety lead to the scars on Tokine's arm. To this day he has two major goals: (1) never allow someone to get hurt in front of him again, and (2) make a castle cake big enough to live in. His dream to build the cake is constantly being overcome by his crotchety grandfather, lack of money, and fighting off ayakashi. As is the case when he finds out that one of Tokine's teachers happens to posse inhuman powers, and the two of them must put a stop to it.

My thoughts:
The characters are wonderfully designed, the artwork is top rate, and the story is brilliant. A page turner for sure. This is currently one of my favorite manga series.

James D. Maxon
Author of Traphis: A Wizard's Tale