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Download The Princess Diaries Box Set, Volumes I-III epub

by Meg Cabot

Volumes I -- III I: The Princess Diaries II: Princess in the Spotlight III: Princess in Love

Download The Princess Diaries Box Set, Volumes I-III epub
ISBN: 0060587458
ISBN13: 978-0060587451
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Meg Cabot
Language: English
Publisher: HarperTrophy; Box edition (October 1, 2003)
Pages: 126 pages
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FB2 size: 1827 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 473
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Good quality. These books are very enjoyable. Pretty different from the movies, but there is still some great humor!
Love it!
Feeling very mislead item was not "like new". It was well worn. Not even close to a like new product.
Have you ever wished you were part of a royal family? If so then this book is for you. The book I read was called The Princess Diary By: Meg Cabot. In the begging of this book there is a girl named Mia who is just a normal a girl with a mom and a dad but her dad has a secret that Mia never know about her father. When Mia finds out her dads secret she start to go crazy and she does not believe her father. In the end Mia goes to the school dance and she finds out that there are magazine people fowling her. At the school before the dance Mia is asked by a boy that she really likes. So they go together. At the dance she is cot by a group of magazine people and she ends up getting kissed by the boy she likes. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. My rating for this book would have to be five stars because this book can teach you a lot about what can happen to one girl when her life is turned upside down.

I think the Characters in this book are good because they all have there own personality like Lily is like a tom boy and is like not really into the whole princess thing. Mia on the other hand is sort of both because she sort of act like a tom boy and a princess. Mia's grandmother is very princess like and she wants her granddaughter act more princess like and not act like a tom boy and start doing things like slouch in her chair and sit up.
Mia Thermopolis is a regular 14 year old living her life doing what 14-year-olds do. And then one day she finds out she is a princess. A princess of Genovia, a country she has never heard of. . This news changes her boring life to one full of non-stop surprises.

Mia has enough problems to deal with already and she doesn't need another one. First, she finds out that her mom is dating her algebra teacher. Then she finds out her dad is a prince. So she is the Princess of Genovia and the heir to the throne. And to make it worse she has to go to princess lessons with her grandmother who is probably the meanest person in the world. To add to her misery she has no date to the Cultural Diversity Dance. Will Mia be able to keep her life together before the dance?

Meg Cabot is the author of the Princess Diaries, which was made into a movie. The Princess Diaries is a series that will make you feel like you are actually looking at a real-life situation. Meg Cabot is an author who mainly writes books about the life of teenage girls. Any book that is written by Meg I am sure you will like.

I recommend this book for girls. I know that if you read this book you will fall in love with it like I did. If you like romance and comedy, you'll definitely fall for this extravagant story of how an ordinary girl turns into a princess.

Y. C.
This series of books, of which these are the first three, is entertaining and addictive. I found the character of Mia delightful in a neurotic-teenage-girl kind of way. (Please forgive my redundancy.) From the first I realized that my children were too young yet to enjoy this series - it is inappropriate for anyone pre-teen or younger - but after reading the entire series so far, I've decided that I don't want my children reading it even when they are older.

As the series progresses it deals with more and more serious issues in ways that I'm finding less and less responsible and moral. I can overlook the heavy-handed political bias but the moral prejudices worry me. The idea of virginity as anything worthy of saving is laughed at and the concept of waiting until marriage is considered ludicrous even by "silly," romantically deluded Mia. Worse, Mia's desire to keep sex as something special is shown as possibly destroying what is supposedly a healthy, potentially life-long, true-love relationship (even though at the point where she is considering having sex she is still under legal age).

For any parent who does NOT share the author's values, I would strongly recommend keeping your children and teens as far away from these books as possible. They are too engaging and enjoyable. With all the references to pop culture the world of these books feels like the "real" world, only lacking in any sort of common sense or traditional values as far as sexual and personal relationships are concerned. If you do not want your children confused by the supposedly "modern," hedonistic and self-centered attitudes these books take for granted as normal and proper, it is better not even to let them start reading the series. Once begun, it will be difficult to stop.
What i mean by teen fiction, i mean all those fiction written for girls..but i find them all annoying though its just their age..analyzing and stupid and nowhere to turn so they do something idotic but learned something from it.
But Mia, is soo different. the movie is a gem its own though has nothing to do with the novel..but both are good..just like Queen Of The Damned. My favourite part is when Mia goes, "I CAN'T EVEN CHEAT RIGHT!"
god i laughed.
lol. my favourite one is Princess In Love..but i stopped reading the series after that because its attractive..and one of the best of teen fiction but..i am just not a preteen chick lit fiction kind of girl.
One thing i hate, mia's insecure and always rambling on about whatever and its interesting in meg cabot's narrative tone of voice..but, it spawned a whole hatchling of those girls..or maybe they were already there but meg cabot emphasized them more..