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by Francisco Jimenez,Adrian Vargas

Francisco Jimenez writes of his childhood growing up in an immigrant Mexican family. His narrative is simple, as from a child's point of view, but that same simplicity packs the power of a highly skilled storyteller. Beautifully and authentically rendered by actor and playwright Adrian Vargas, these twelve stories tell of the almost unendurable journey most migrant campesinos undertake to find the American Dream. The recording concludes with an afterword recorded by the author.
Download The Circuit epub
ISBN: 1883332710
ISBN13: 978-1883332716
Category: Teen
Subcategory: Biographies
Author: Francisco Jimenez,Adrian Vargas
Language: English
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks; Unabridged edition (January 1, 2001)
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Rating: 4.9
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I was asked to read this book for school. I wasn't feeling terribly excited to do so. I just have a hard time reading books for school, especially when they are not what I would normally read. However, I started reading this book and I finished half of it in one sitting, going well over and above what was assigned reading. I finished the book in two goes. It was engaging and interesting. This book was powerful and insightful and really helped me to understand the plight of the migrant worker and his family, especially the children of migrant workers. I am planning to buy the other books in the series even though they are not assigned to me, just to understand how this remarkable man came from nothing to a college professor in his life. I was very happy with this book.
I have read this book multiple times, since I have used it as a read-aloud for intermediate students as well as in book groups with adult ESL students. I love how the books grow in sophistication with Panchito, who wrote the books as an adult, using notebooks he kept as a young man, as well as his memory. This book, the first, is very simply written, and the second, about his high school years, grows more explicit about the barriers he faced as a boy from a migrant-worker family. The third and fourth books deal with his time at Santa Clara University, and his graduate time at Columbia in New York.
As a frequent reader of the series, and particularly this book, I can state that I have never grown tired of the story, from Panchito's memories of the train trip to Tijuana to crawl under a fence to be met by a coyote who would take the family to the fruit fields, to his first day at school in a time before bilingual education, to his growth in conscience and social awareness, to the family's eventual deportation. These are great books, especially in this time when empathy for "economic refugees" seems in short supply in our nation's political life.
Had to read straight through once started. It was hard for me to believe that people lived this way in the United States in the 50's. Being born 20 years after this took place, it gave me a clear picture of the need for the civil rights amendment as well as laws for fair working conditions. What 1000s of migrant families went through is impossible to understand without reading this account; of the migrant workers of America who made it possible for average citizens to enjoy the yummy food that went on tables in the 50's and previous. When I put this book down, I couldn't help but feel grateful (and unworthy) for the easy life I have had. The family is endearing and a testament of parents who try to do good for their children.
This is a collection of short stories based on real life. Mr. Jimenez was born in Mexico, and came to California as a young boy with his parents. They were undocumented workers. Eventually he became not only a citizen, but a professor at Santa Clara University in California.

These stories, based on his own life, and the lives of his friends and relatives, give an immediate entre into the world of the migrant worker. How hard it was to make a living, how difficult to attend school, to make friends, to become educated. How impossible to keep promises made.

This is a collection of compelling stories, that will make you laugh, and make you cry. It tells about the people who pick the lettuce in the salad you just ate, the cotton in that tee-shirt you're wearing, the oranges in your juicer.

If you've never thought about who picks those cherries you're eating right now, this book will give you those thoughts. It is a delightful book, filled with love, tenderness, compassion, and passion. This book will introduce you to the people who work the fields, cook our meals, wait our tables, who go unnoticed unless it is politically expedient to see them.

O. Henry wrote "Gift of the Magi" which is marvelous; Dr. Jimenez wrote "Christmas Gift" which will be the Star in your night! It is now August, and Christmas is a few days down the calendar, but now is the time to start buying those stocking stuffers, and this is certainly one you want get as many copies as you need for all those stockings you need to stuff!
Makenna Lynn Gordon
In Ghost, the primary characters are Cat and Mya and the setting is in a California. It seems like a smaller town. The rising action is Cat meets some ghost and it caused mya to get heart. The climax is that later on in the book she likes the ghost, and enjoys being around them.

My claim is that in the book Ghost, the theme is yin and yang. I think this because in the beginning of the book they have to move and Cat wasn't too happy about it. Also, her sister Mya has trouble staying healthy. And they met some bad ghost and she had more trouble to stay healthy because of meeting that ghost. When she was around the ghost, the ghost would spin her around and it caused her to cough. However, towards the end of the book Cat meets nice ghosts and she enjoys it. Some people might think the theme is individual versus culture. This is because in the story there are some people that might think the ghosts are good but she was staying away from them as that's what she believed. However, yin and yang means that with good things come bad things. The reason why I think that is there's more bad and good events then standing up for herself in the book.

My review
I think the book ghost taught you that life can be good and bad. I really think the author put a lot of effort and thought into it because it is detailed and very long, for example Raina Telgemeier renamed a restaurant the name Double Back Burger and there’s a burger place in real life called In & Out Burger. Do you see the resemblance? I enjoyed this book a lot it was really great.