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by Brent Q. Hafen,Keith S. Karren,Joseph J. Mistovich

Prehospital Emergency Care, Seventh Edition is the book for EMT-Bs who want to go above and beyond the United States DOT requirements. Long considered the most complete resource for EMT-B training, this best-selling, student-friendly text contains clear, step-by-step explanations of patient conditions, assessment, and treatment. The material is comprehensive, stimulating, and challenging enough to prepare students for real on-the-job situations.
Download Prehospital Emergency Care epub
ISBN: 0131124870
ISBN13: 978-0131124875
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Author: Brent Q. Hafen,Keith S. Karren,Joseph J. Mistovich
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall Health; 7 edition (January 1, 2004)
Pages: 1056 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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This refers to the 9th edition published in 2010. I'm absolutely frustrated with this publisher's lack of editing before printing the latest edition. There are frequent errors, on average one per chapter, mostly spanning the workbook and online quiz answers. Less frequently are textbook facts and figures that need clarification when they change slightly between chapters or within the chapter (same item covered more than once but stated differently.) The type of errors in the answer sections to the workbook and online quizzes are transposed letters for multiple choice answers, mistaken terms - often opposite meanings such as medial instead of lateral, lap belt instead of shoulder belt, and simply wrong answers in words, letters or numbers. In the textbook itself, there is some amount of confusion created when precise figures change between the text to the accompanying diagrams - which I've found on four occasions. For example, Ch. 29 p. 959 and 960 on categorizing burn severity. Classification for children is by age of less than 10 years old on p. 959 Figure 29-2 but switches to less than 5 years old in the table 29-1 on p. 960.

Is it so important to know whether a burn severity category is defined by age 10 versus 5? Not in the actual treatment of the burned child. But since EMT certification is based on a national registry multiple choice exam, I'd really like the specifics to be well defined and correct. A few errors I can understand- but this appears like a rush job to go to print when a lot of cut and pasting was done from a previous edition, where parts were updated to reflect minor changes in the protocol or scientific data but not every instance checked through out the text.

See end of this review for the workbook corrections I have noted.

I attempted to log each website multiple choice quiz question error to the support team and each was met with an automated response to provide further documentation, after I'd already detailed the page number, paragraph, incorrect statement or answer and the correct answer or typo I believed to be needed. Like I was going to waste further time trying to get a real person to read my carefully researched reporting. My professor, who's taught several versions of this book, is as tired of this as I am.

Workbook mistakes: Ch. 7 Terms and Concepts 1. l should be sagittal or medial (not lateral.) Ch. 10 45 d explanation refers to carbon dioxide attaching to hemoglobin. Should be carbon monoxide. Ch. 20 Case Study question 4. Correct answer is A instead of D. Ch. 24, question 32 answer is D. Could also be B. Ch. 33 Terms and Concepts, question 1. Answers to 1 h and 1 i are reversed. 1h is 5. 1i is 6. Ch. 33 question 16 answer is D not C. Push or pull in opposite direction not same direction. I'm sure more are to come.
While this text obviously has a ton of useful information, it could use more editing to be more clear and concise. The book is unnecessarily wordy and often repetitive. If you are looking up a specific topic in a chapter, then the repetition can be helpful and save you from flipping around in the chapter to find all the information you need.
The organization also needs reworking. For example, the medications chapter doesn't include all of the dosage and administration information! You have to search around through other chapters discussing conditions which would require the medications to find this information. Ironically in this instance where repetition would be helpful, it is absent.
I have also found a few places where the text contradicted itself, making proper treatment confusing or unclear. For example, the pediatrics chapter has two different ventilation rates for infants and children. Most pages say 12-20x/min, but one page has a higher value and doesn't specify in which situation you would use this rate.
Overall, I would choose a different book, but this is the required text for my current EMT course.
I just started my EMT class last week, and from the little I have read, I think it is a great book. Then again, there is no other options since the class requires this one. It shipped quickly and also saved me at least $20 (along with the work book) compared to the book store at my college. I would recommend anyone who needs this order here, great price and quick shipping.


I am changing my review now that I have completed the class/book. There are many errors in the text throughout the book. Whether it be spelling errors, stating the wrong condition (ex Hyperthermia vs Hypothermia), and even repeated sentences within the same paragraph. Another thing that bothers me is, for example, the Pharmacology chapter. You would expect to read about all of the medications and learn everything you need to know about them, but that's not how it is. It briefly talks about the medications, and says "there will be more detail in a later chapter." I don't know if I am too picky or what, but these are the main issues I found with this textbook.
If you have a choice price being equal, get the hardcover, the other kids in my class all had the soft cover, and were in tatters by the end of class. I plan on keeping this book to keep my EMT skills up to date, so I like that it is indestructible !!
Great book. Best thing in the world to help you fall asleep after long day of 12 hour clinicals or 6 hour night class. I learned quite a bit from this book and to keep my back muscles strong, it combined with the workbook really did the trick. Even better when I'd take the stairs or have to walk 1/2 mile from car to classroom. I enjoyed highlighting passages and notes only later to discover none of it would be on tests. As for preparing for the NREMT, this book rocked.
I didn't notice errors in this edition as I did with the previous 8th edition, but the 9th edition is equally dull, heavy and repetitive.

If you don't need the detailed pathophysiology and if you can take decent notes in class/have a decent professor, this book is largely a waste of money.

If you're really interested in physiology, or love flowcharts, this might be a decent reference book.
I used this book during my EMT and preparamedic course. Went to medical school so I didn't think I'd need it, so I got rid of it. I am part of an emergency response team and ordered it again because of its simplicity and detailed pictures. This latest book is heavy with more detail. I liked the simplicity of the book from 20 years ago. Overall, a good book and worth purchasing.
Very useful item