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by John A. Tracy

Not everyone is cut out to be a professional accountant. But thanks to Accounting For Dummies, you can get a handle on the financial aspects of your business, investments, or taxes. Accounting professor and author John A. Tracy sheds light on the mysteries of Generating income statements and balance sheets Establishing budgets, controlling profit and cash flow, stemming losses, and managing inventory Evaluating profit margins -- and identifying ways to increase them Making financial decisions that keep investors, creditors, and managers satisfied Reading financial reports Surviving an audit and using the results to improve your accounting system Putting the latest computer technology to work to help you manage the bottom line If you've steered clear of accounting because you thought it incomprehensible by mere mortals, prepare to be enlightened. Accounting For Dummies empowers you with knowledge you can't afford to be without.
Download Accounting for Dummies (Serial) epub
ISBN: 0764550144
ISBN13: 978-0764550140
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Software
Author: John A. Tracy
Language: English
Publisher: Hungry Minds Inc (May 1997)
Pages: 356 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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I agree with reviewer 'Adult Learner2 "ace_magician"' and advice against buying the book if you're new to accounting and expect to build up your skills by going through the practice questions.

Here's my response to the review of 'Adult Learner2 "ace_magician"':

I regret to report that I failed to heed the reviewer's advice and have suffered for it.

Given that this title is a "workbook," the reader is supposed to have rudimentary knowledge of accounting principles before starting the book, and I don't find that unreasonable. I've finished Tracy's Accounting for Dummies and liked it for its clarity. I wholly expected this book to be just as clear and easy to follow. It isn't.

As you can see from all the other reviews, this is best as a refresher course for someone who isn't a real dummy in accounting and not as an introductory course for beginners.

While it did help me get a better idea of how the concepts work in practice, I only made it half-way through and decided to start over with another book. The author has failed to explain many customary practices used in accounting and simply expects the reader to figure them out in context. While that is indeed possible, all the guesswork involved makes me unsure of just how correct I'm about anything.

The chapter 2 practice questions that the reviewer mentioned are particularly atrocious in its failure to explain. Though later chapters are much better, the book fails to build up the reader's knowledge gradually and proceeds at an uneven path. For an accounting novice, while you do get something out of the book, for all the effort you have to put into figuring everything out yourself, you don't learn enough from it for all the hard work involved.

Also a note to Kindle readers: The answer keys are apart from the questions and there are no easy way to go to the answers except flipping through the pages to find them. The back-and-forth between going to the answer keys and continuing reading the next section or next question is frustrating and annoying. If you're buying this, get a paper book instead.
This book is suitable for those who want to understand what accounting is about. It provides good explanation for the dual-entry system and various ratios. After going through half of this book, my wife has gained some appreciation for basic accounting concepts.

Personally I think the book would be better if it includes some more exercises in number crunching. That is why it only gets four stars.

This book is useful for a casual person who wants to learn accounting. If you are an accounting student, don't expect this book to do better than your professor.
Yes, I can balance my checkbook, but that was all the "accounting" experience my 40+ years have. Now I find myself needing to "do" the books in my husbands start up company. WHERE TO START? I just love "for dummies" books. This one starts at the beginning and goes up from there. Mr. Tracy makes a boring subject (almost) enjoyable. This book is set-up with "stand alone" chapters, a good glossary and more info than can fit in my numb skull!
If you need to get up to speed quickly, this book will help you do it!
Just started accounting 1A and my official book seems less complicated then this one . Maybe I should judge it a little later but as for now not being useful
Compared to my real accounting text book for my class, this one was actually less helpful and not as easy to understand as my real textbook. Maybe it's because I was new to the subject I just thought that these books were supposed to really dumb it down for you. See for yourself maybe it will help you. I am not saying to not buy it but I didn't find it completely helpful.
just got it what I read I like it
There are no lines to write your answers, small spaces and some of the questions aren't even talked about yet, they skip around and ramble about stupid stuff, very unhappy
As advertised