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by Kevin Hoffman

This is the most comprehensive, practical guide to building enterpriseclass applications with SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET 2.0, Visual C# 2005, and the Microsoft Office 2007 system. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed is designed for every working .NET developer: both those with SharePoint experience and those new to SharePoint. The authors thoroughly introduce SharePoint 2007 as a development platform and offer in-depth, example-rich coverage of every significant tool for programmers--from “Features and Solutions” to list events, from user profiles to Web Parts. You’ll walk step-by-step through building each major type of SharePoint application. You’ll also find in-depth coverage of SharePoint 2007’s rich collection of built-in Web services, including services for building document workspaces, centralizing the management of Excel spreadsheets, ensuring security, and much more.

Detailed information on how to…

Use CAML, SharePoint’s XML-based language for defining content, manipulating searches, and more Work with the SharePoint Object Model Build reusable packages for easy deployment to SharePoint server farms Program SharePoint webs, sites, document libraries, and files Leverage SharePoint 2007’s improved lists and new list events Manipulate and query meetings and Meeting Workspaces Integrate external business data into SharePoint applications Construct business workflows for enterprise content management and other applications Program ASP.NET-based SharePoint Web Parts, from the basics to state-of-the-art techniques Create Web Parts that can provide and consume data through connections Use SharePoint 2007’s built-in Web services for managing document and Meeting Workspaces, imaging, and lists Centralize spreadsheet storage and management with Excel Services Manage user profiles and enhance application security Debug and deploy SharePoint 2007 applications Work with Records Repositories and metadata

Introduction 1

1 Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Primer 5

Part I Programming with the SharePoint Object Model

2 Introduction to the SharePoint Object Model 15

3 Programming with Features and Solutions 25

4 Working with Sites and Webs 35

5 Managing SharePoint Lists 47

6 Advanced List Management 59

7 Handling List Events 69

8 Working with Document Libraries and Files 83

9 Working with Meetings 97

Part II Enterprise Content Management

10 Integrating Business Data 109

11 Creating Business Data Applications 121

12 Working with User Profiles 135

13 Building Workflows 147

Part III Programming SharePoint Web Parts

14 ASP.NET Server Control Primer 163

15 Introduction to Web Parts 173

16 Developing Full-Featured Web Parts 191

17 Building Web Parts for Maintaining SharePoint 2007 Lists 205

18 Building Connected Web Parts 217

19 Debugging and Deploying Web Parts 229

Part IV Programming the SharePoint 2007 Web Services

20 Using the Document Workspace Web Service 241

21 Using the Imaging Web Service 255

22 Using the Lists Web Service 273

23 Using the Meeting Workspace Web Service 291

24 Working with User Profiles and Security 307

25 Using Excel Services 321

26 Working with the Web Part Pages Web Service 337

27 Using the Business Data Catalog Web Services 347

28 Using the Workflow Web Service 359

29 Working with Records Repositories 369

30 Additional Web Services 377

Index 387

Download Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed epub
ISBN: 0672329034
ISBN13: 978-0672329036
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Networking & Cloud Computing
Author: Kevin Hoffman
Language: English
Publisher: Sams Publishing; 1 edition (June 4, 2007)
Pages: 432 pages
ePUB size: 1947 kb
FB2 size: 1846 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 236
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Was a little hesistant to get another in the "unleashed" series since I have been burned before with a lot of content that is dry and not pertinent to my environment. On the contrary, this is one of the best books I have seen on the new MOSS 2007 enviroment. It is clearly written and organized so that I don't have to search to hard for what I need and I can ignore what I don't.
Despite the praise by others (and that is why I bought it), I was disappointed to find that this book is like many other computer books these days: a lengthy but shallow description of the product that it covers, but with little insight into the practical problems or the non-obvious aspects of the product. There was very little in this book that I had not already figured out by simply sitting down and using SharePoint for a few hours.

Instead of devoting hundreds of pages to showing you what is in the product and simply repeating much of what you can find in the help text, I would have liked (and was expecting) *insight*, but found little.

Here's one example: I created a new page in SharePoint and added some web parts to it. You don't need this book to tell you how to do that - it's all explained in the help text, or is enough logical that you can easily figure it out with a little experimenting. With a little more reading of the help text you can also figure out how the Filter web parts work, which are very useful and powerful. But one type of Filter is called a List Filter, and the help text just gives a 2-sentence explanation of what it does, which wasn't enough for me to figure it out how to use it. And that's all this book provides, too. For an expensive book to just repeat what you can see simply by running the product is of no value to me - or anyone. I would have liked at least a page that shows how the List Filter part works, a brief example, and a paragraph describing the limitations (of which there are some, and they are important to know).

I could provide many similar illustrations, but you get the idea. It really seemed to me that this book was written by someone who hadn't spent much time actually using SharePoint for any serious purpose.

And this book is not alone. I have purchased or paged through several other competing books on SharePoint and they suffer the same defect.

Summary: If you are just starting out with SharePoint, the 2007 version of the product is reasonably self-explanatory, at least if you have a logical mind and are willing to spend a little time experimenting and consulting the help text. This book adds little to that. And once you are beyond that point, this book adds nothing. It's your time and money.
Are you looking for one book that gives you an overall view of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and its possibilities? Michael Noel and Colin Spence have managed to include ideas that were not possible in the earliest MOSS books. The first books relied heavily on beta-versions and some things were not available for the first books.
In addition to covering administration and basic customization of MOSS, SharePoint 2007 Unleashed contains very good sections on planning and installing MOSS. It also covers how to use Office applications with SharePoint. I especially enjoyed the chapters about Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server. Both being relatively new, information in a concentrated form is hard to come by and this book gives a good overview on what to consider. It helped us alot!
Each chapter ends with a Best Practices section that provides some very good information.

If you need one book that gives you good, concise information about SharePoint Server 2007; I recommend this book!
This is a great book for developers new to Sharepoint development. Covers the basics for coding with the api.
Trash Obsession
There is no single thorough chapter in this book... a few pages about CAML, a few pages about web parts, all on the surface... speaking about web parts, they haven't even mentioned custom tool parts, which are essential part of web part development for moss...

I returned the book and wouldn't recommend it to anyone...
A must have book. Covers several topics: administration, implementation, integration with other applications, etc.
This book is layouted the same as the SDK, however the SDK contains more information. You do get a huge amount of long tables that give a one sentence description of the properties and methods of the objects, not much of a use.
Examples are worthless command-line programs which show how some methods are called but don't really show why you would use them or even the a proper way of using them, they are like the tables of descriptions just fillers.

One thing I was looking for was programming examples on features instead I get a command line program on how to use the write statement to list all the active features on a site. That basically describes this book, alot of filler information and information that has minimal practical use.