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by McFedries

Maximize your fun and boost your productivity with this updated, full-color guide to tantalizing Twitter tips!

The popularity of Twitter continues to soar, and is fast becoming the most popular social networking site online. Whether you're looking to learn how to set up an account for the first time or are on the prowl for some cool third-party Twitter apps, this full-color guide will boost your entire Twitter experience.

Allowing you to communicate with fellow Twitters within a 140-character limit, this fun and fascinating social networking tool is easier than maintaining a blog and quicker than sending an e-mail or text. With these tips, tricks, and tweets, you'll stay in the know and up to date on anything and everything you find interesting.

Explores the newest Twitter features, including the new re-tweet feature, which adds a re-tweet button to each tweet on a person's timeline, much like the sites current "reply" button Discusses Twitter's new search widget, which is more sophisticated and precise Shows how to use the just-announced Geolocation API, which adds location-based information to tweets Explains how to tweet from mobile devices Shows how to add Twitter to a blog or to other social networking sites such as Facebook Offers ideas for using Twitter in business as well as for personal contacts Covers Twitter terminology and provides helpful tips and tricks for expanding Twitter's usefulness through third-party applications

Explore the possibilities of Twitter and discover what the buzz is all about with this tremendously terrific guide to Twitter!

Download Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets epub
ISBN: 0470624663
ISBN13: 978-0470624661
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Networking & Cloud Computing
Author: McFedries
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley; 2 edition (June 1, 2010)
Pages: 265 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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My teenage daughters talked me into signing up for Twitter. I had no idea what I was getting into. But I had found a few old school friends and work colleagues on Facebook, so I thought: Why not?

When I started getting emails from perfect strangers saying they were "following" me on Twitter, I thought perhaps I should find out what this phenomenon was really all about. So I ordered this book.

The book is well-written, and keeps within the parameters of knowledge which would belong to the average computer-savvy person (i.e. someone who can use a computer to surf for pleasure, word process, send email and do their office job.) It explained the reasoning behind Twitter, which is to keep up with friends and their lives in short bursts (bytes, really) of frequent information. The book also explains how to use shortcuts and extra features to enhance one's Twitter experience.

What the book did for me, admirably, is convince me that Twitter is a complete waste of time. I am already inundated with information which I feel I must assimilate to stay current in this fast-paced world. Twitter is an electronic pastime which I can safely do without. This book helped me decide that, and I think it did a good job of it.

You might come to the opposite conclusion after reading this book. It's an excellent resource, no matter what you decide.

Highly recommended.
This book is excellent for the way it explains step by step every aspect of setting up your user profile and using twitter. It also shows the reader how to get the most out of their experience on twitter by using 3rd party twitter applications. The author takes you all the way from setting up your profile step by step, to sending tweets, replying to tweet, searching twitter for subjects you are interested in and who to follow.

He also goes into more advanced topics like displaying your twitter feed on your blog, web site, facebook, or LinkedIn profile. He explores how hash tags are used on twitter. You will learn how to set up twitter on your phone to tweet on the go. He covers all the basics like retweets, geo-tagging, and how to share links, videos, and pictures through your tweets.

The amount of information he gives about all the available web sites that you can connect with through your twitter account and use to amplify your twitter experience is very useful. The book is very much a step by step technical guide, with half the pages walking you through how to do something with twitter. The book is an easy read and is but together and organized well with colorful screen shots above instructions.

This book is excellent for beginners and those interested in third party applications and how to use them. I wish the author would have went more in depth on how to get followers and the art of tweeting, however it is a great edition to your twitter library.
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OK, I'm using this book at present to further my research into Twitter tweets. I've been an affiliate marketer, I guess, since I discovered Amazon's Associate program circa 1999. I was self-publishing books at the time, had run across Amazon's Advantage program in 1998, and was generally exploring anything Amazon had to offer because I had been stuck overseas for way too long and was feeling left out in the cold--with not much for "writer support infrastructure" (even the libraries were substandard, American military bookstores were worse). I saw Amazon as my savior--for a bookworm with not enough books, they were--and with other things as well, as I also was seeking what I termed at the time "100% book distribution" (a number of my self-published books in every appropriate physical world bookstore). That being said (I realize that was mouthful), over the years, I've had varying degrees of success with affiliate marketing, namely in areas of understanding how the various processes are designed to work (both from a Web 2.0 Freelance Advertising Copywriter perspective, and from the angle of a large online business entity). To cut to the chase, if you're going to make money from affiliate marketing, people have to click on your links, and Twitter recently (last few months) caused my current affiliate marketing to increase by what appears to be around a thousand percent--essentially overnight--although I am now being told that many of the clicks may be the product of automated click-thrus. In other words, people aren't actually clicking on my Amazon Associate hyperlinks. What, me worry? Who would want to throw away a huge increase in click-through traffic, regardless of from where it originates? Thus, this blog page is about my reading, perusal, highlighting, tabbing and general review of Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets by Paul McFedries. I'm on page 32 right now, and as is my usual, I had been tweeting for months, not in a terribly organized manner to see if I could figure out things on my own and this book is now shining a flashlight on areas I should have been concentrating on. I've bought many books on tweeting; this is the best and most informative so far--a great instruction manual, if you will--as it points out that I was tweeting incorrectly. I've been a writer for a great many years, have edited much of my own work and that of other writers. 140 characters, 140 shmaracters. How hard could that be? Not hard at all. If you're a wordsmith, it's fun to chop the heck out of sentences. And the book notes that I was lacking in administrative areas: I wasn't linking to interesting web sites (I was just tweeting concerning my own writing; whereas, I should have been covering mine and others). I wasn't joining conversations, nor tweeting directly to other people. Buncha other stuff. I didn't know how to query cool databases such as the Internet Movie Database (I do a lot of Web 2.0 Movie Reviews). I still don't know how to correctly query them, but I'm in test mode, and should be able to figure it out (I didn't even know such a thing existed via Twitter until I bought the book). I didn't know how to use hashtags (page 127). That's the short list. I'm still reading, highlighting and taking notes ... SK