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by Hugo Toledo

Net8 is the fundamental Oracle technology that allows Oracle services and clients to communicate with each other over a network. Net8 is most often used to connect client software to Oracle database servers. It may also be used to connect database servers to one another, allowing communication between distributed databases.This practical guide provides the information that readers, especially database administrators, need to know in order to install configure, tune, and troubleshoot Net8. It discusses how Oracle's network architecture, products, and name resolution methods work, and it provides the details of client and server configuration using a variety of Oracle protocols and networking products, including:

The Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle's implementation of the standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). This directory can be used to maintain a central repository of net service names that can be referenced by all clients.Oracle Names, a networking component used mainly in earlier versions of Oracle, that allows net service names to be defined centrally.Multi-Threaded Server (MTS), an environment in which the client connections share access to a pool of shared server processes.Oracle Connection Manager, a Net8 component that acts much like a router and provides protocol conversion, connection concentration, and access control.The book also describes the utilities Oracle provides to help manage a Net8 environment; these include the Listener Control Utility (lsnrctl), the Oracle Names Control Utility (namesctl), the Oracle Connection Manager Control Utility (cmctl), tnsping, and Net8 Assistant. In addition, it provides a variety of networking troubleshooting techniques and commonly encountered Net8 configuration problems, and provides complete syntax for all networking files and commands.
Download Oracle Net8 Configuration and Troubleshooting epub
ISBN: 1565927532
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Category: Technology
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Author: Hugo Toledo
Language: English
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (January 5, 2001)
Pages: 408 pages
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Oreilly knows how to make a difference when they get a book out on a topic.
This book really stands out on certain day to day practical topics. For Eg: It has been specially metioned that the trace file name while configuring through Net8 is to be given as "Tracefilename" on Windows platform. Net 8 will add the extension of ".trc" while creating the file, where as on Unix it's "filename.trc". Else it would result in "filename.trc.trc" on windows. I have tested this and it really is the same way. Such simple things are also were not left out.
Net 8 is one topic on which little number of books are found. You can just count the number of books written on this topic. And Oreilly has done a good job by bringing out a book long waited for.
If one were to get a good understading about Oracle's Networking technologies One must read this book.
Sure I'm going to buy some more from Oreilly.
This book remains one of the few (if not the only) works out there on as important a topic as SQL Net. Though we are now on 11g the book still remains relevant as the book's concepts still apply.
This book is a one-stop book about everything you need to know about Oracle Networking. For a very long time there was not a decent book out there on Oracle networking and it is a very wide topic. The authors have done a great job giving intricate details. This book is the most marked up book of all Oracle books I have. My only complaint is about LDAP. The authors could have covered deeper in this subject.
I really found this text to be quite useful for managing a SQL*Net and Net8 environment. All of the details are explained in a clear fashion and the text is very comprehensive and complete. Overall, this is a suberb treatment of a complex subject.
Oracle Net8 is very thorough in my opinion. Not only is the book set up in a concise and easy to understand manner, it also presents examples, walk-throughs and illustrations. I am by no means a seasoned DBA, however, the explanations are worded so thateven the beginner is able to understand.