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Download Eve Online: The Second Genesis (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) epub

by Eric Mylonas

Your Guide to the Eve Online Galaxy ·Crucial descriptions of the races and starships ·Details on hot mining spots, dangerous locations, trade routes, and more ·Breakdowns of skills and careers ·Tips and tricks to keep your ship flying faster than light ·Learn to navigate your fleet to interstellar success
Download Eve Online: The Second Genesis (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) epub
ISBN: 0761542434
ISBN13: 978-0761542438
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Games & Strategy Guides
Author: Eric Mylonas
Language: English
Publisher: Prima Games (May 13, 2003)
Pages: 224 pages
ePUB size: 1332 kb
FB2 size: 1155 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 262
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I ordered a used copy of this a few weeks after I started playing eve. I was expecting it to be outdated as EVE has gone through several major expansions, but i was hoping it would have some good basic ideas to think about. What I was not expecting was what I got.

The 1st section of the book has basic background information on the races and their ships. The ship details are all out of date and the background information on the races is really not anymore in depth then what you get during the character creation process.

The 2nd section (which occupies 90% of the book) is on, get this "Pirate Locations". If you are not familiar with EVE let me sum up this section for you. They are at the asteroid belts in every system. The lower the security rating of the system the stronger the pirates are. The chapter is literally a list of every system in the game (at time of publication) and the lists of the pirates that are in the system.

The last section of the book deals with the NPC corporations that exist in the game. This is also pretty much useless for gameplay its mostly just more historic background on the universe.

There is absolutly nothing on fitting ships, what ships to use for what tasks. Forming a fleet, fighting!, mining, industry, damage types, or anything at all with actually playing the game.

Turn on your computer, install EVE, create a character and run 1 tutorial mission, and you just learned more about playing EVE then this guide could of ever told you.
I am a new player to the EVE online game, I bought this book hoping to get a little help understanding the game. Nowhere in the title did the seller mention this book was written in 2003. So if you want a book that's 10years out of date then I guess this is the book for you. Mine went in the trash and I bought the new Kindle Edition which is up to date and extremely helpful!
An incredibly intricate and complex game such as Iceland-based CCP's "EVE: The Second Genesis" would almost certainly deserve to be accompanied by an appropriately informative strategy guide. Unfortunately, Prima has failed to accomplish this task. I will not go so far as to say that the book has NO value to an EVE player, but it certainly lacks the features of similar guides for other online games. The useful features that Prima's EVE guide DOES provide:
- A brief description of each of the four primary empires (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar), their respective races and their schools. This information is just as easily obtained during character creation, however.
- Stories and historical references that flesh out the setting of EVE.
The rest is garbage:
The Prima guide contains incorrect starship statistics (inaccurate even when the game "went gold"). The "maps" section is nothing but tiny, poor-resolution screenshot thumbnails that are of absolutely no practical use. There are timelines for the races, and it is obvious that they were simply photocopied from the game manual. The Prima guide features obvious editing errors: for instance, the pictures for the Amarr Bestower industrial ship are not included, instead the Caldari Blackbird cruiser's pictures are repeated there instead.
In summary, the guide can do very little to help a beginning EVE player grasp the fundamentals of EVE more quickly. It can be of interest to EVE fans who want the additional immersion that comes from background history and stories.
I bought this strategy guide with the game when I bought it, and as soon as I installed the game I noticed the book was outdated. Most of the informaton has probably been outdated since the game was shipped, or shortly thereafter, although the historical stories are very interesting.
EVE is an ever-changing game, and Prima needs to keep up with this changing.
I bought this guide after just 3 days of game play as there seems to be a derth of easy-to-access information in-game. This 'guide' is merely a series of data copied from the game screens and a number of screen shots. You don;t even get to enjoy the pictures in color - this book is entirely black and white on low quality paper.

No information on tech trees, how to progress as a player (new or established), zero combat information....need I say more?
this mmo is SO immense and huge, you either love it because its its extreme complexity, or hate it because you need an MBA, and a PhD in quantum physics to get the full play factor out of the game. Super time intensive game, not enough immediate rewards, I didn't like it, but a lot of people do, download the demo and give it a shot. other then that, the guide was pretty helpful considering you need to know 10923801283 times more in this game, then you would for any other game in the history of the world.
i bought this book after playing this excellent game for only 2 weeks. the information contained within it was useless to even at this early stage of gameplay. you will be much better off saving your money and reading the posts in the many player support forums on various websites.