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by Jon Hall

Take control of Red Hat, the most popular Linux distribution available today! Save time by quickly finding what you need to know to get the most out of Red Hat with this classic book, updated for the newest software. New users will find Red Hat Linux 7 For Dummies a must-read.
Download Red Hat Linux7 For Dummies epub
ISBN: 0764507958
ISBN13: 978-0764507953
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Computer Science
Author: Jon Hall
Language: English
Publisher: For Dummies; 2nd edition (November 15, 2000)
Pages: 416 pages
ePUB size: 1923 kb
FB2 size: 1141 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 288
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The main reason I bought the book is that I wanted to learn the basics of system administration-type stuff common to Unix and Linux. If that's what you want to learn, this ISN'T the book you want. The only parts of this book good for that purpose, along those lines, are about five chapters and appendixes (out of 28). If you want to learn to use the X Windows system (overlayed with GNOME or KDE) to make and use a Linux machine for purposes similar to those you'd use a Windows workstation, then this book's for you. However, I doubt most people who want to get deep into Linux really need a zillion chapters about GNOME. I mean, heck--if you want it and can install it, you are probably smart enough not to need a Dummies book to figure out basic productivity software.
I bought this book and used it to install Linux on Gateway Solo 1150 laptop. At first I partitioned the hard drive, but the book assumes you aren't going to use a partition, and the installation (and use of the book) will probably go most smoothly if you have a spare hard drive on a regular desktop workstation. There weren't detailed instructions for the special case of someone wanting to partition a hard drive on a laptop, and there was a serious problem (possibly just a problem with the CD) installing the X Windows system.
Also, the jokes were sometimes a little strained...
I don't think anyone actually tried handing this book to a non-Linux user (i.e. a Dummie), giving them a PC, and letting them try it. The instruction step literally at one point said "If you don't already know how to use (a tool), we reccommend you not use it" then went on to another topic. That would have been fine, except the fact was, you couldn't follow the steps in the book as laid out in the book without using that tool. Other instructions were skimpy, missing, or wrong. Seeing as how you can download Linux free on the web and burn your own CD, the only reason to buy this book for 30$ would be easy to follow instructions. Which this book DOES NOT HAVE. An awful book. And I've been using Shell for 9 years, while rebuilding Macs and PC (desktops and servers) for 6 years!
Red Hat Linux for Dummies 7.0 is a great book for those users who wish to learn Linux. Linux is a great operating system, extremely stable when compared to Windows.
The book goes from the install process, interent configuration, and even some bash shell scripting. The book covers the topics fully and is rich in detail. As for being a Server Administrator for EchoShell(we run FreeBSD) for a couple months now, I even learned some new commands and features of Linux.
I do favor FreeBSD over Linux, but Linux is great for people who want to get into the alternative operating system world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the world of Linux. The book has just enough to get you started and teaches you the basic functionality of the Red Hat Linux Operating System.
This book should be titled "RedHat Linux 7 BY Dummies." completely lacking substance, one must question the author's knowledge of the OS.
The book briefly walks through a workstation installation, ignoring any custom or server installations. It then goes on to talk about connecting to the internet with a dialup connection (under ideal circumstances)and explaining the superficial features of Gnome. The book has absolutely no content on using the shell or administering your system. Any and all information in this book is either trivial or severly lacking in detail.
This book isn't even worth the software that comes with it, which can be downloaded on the web for free. This book is so utterly useless, I think the author should be paying people to even open this book.
Rollers from Abdun
This book sets itself apart from other Red Hat 7 books:
1. It actually contains a Red Hat 7 CD. Most other books, I have looked at, still carry only a Red Hat 6.2 CD.
2. I provides clear instructions on how to create an installation disk from Linux. All other books, I have looked at only explain how to create an installation disk from DOS.
3. It provides step by step instructions on how to burn CDs with Red Hat Linux. It even gives you step by step instructions on how to set up an IDE CD-ROM drive to burn CDs. All other books, if at all, might talk quite some about Linux CD burning, but do not tell you how to do it.
4. It explains how to download, install and use RealPlayer. I have not found this information in any other book.
If you want to get up and running fast with Red Hat Linux 7, this book is your choice. If you want to have a lot of in-depth information about the Linux operating system, look elsewhere.
Thomas Kirsch
I'm expert in Windows/Dos environment, working with them for more than 17 years. Now I'm trying to initiate in Linux, but this is not the book. The authors write like you are an expert and should explain more about some technical words, including making comparision between DOS/Windows and Linux. I've stopped in partinioning chapter (one of the first) and can't go one. I think these authors should try to talk to real dummies and that person who are really beginning in Linux. I've start reading Linux Bible and I saw that the problem was not me... now Linux is being easier to me...
This book helps you out on everything, from installing Linux to getting internet on it using applications, listening to music on a very "english" based language writen for everyone to understand. I also found this book very entertaining because of small jokes here and there that made the book better and easier to read. I would really recommend this book to anyone starting to use linux.
I found this book useful for setting up my Linux computer. It helped me install Red Hat and connect to my company's network. I also used it to set up RealPlayer and am now listening to music off the net! I would have rated it higher but it did not explain how to set up a web server. It was pretty good overall.