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by Greg V. Michalski

The microprocessor unit (MPU), or as it is also known, the central processor unit (CPU) is the decision maker of the microcomputer system The decisions made by the MPU are all based on the instructions of the programmer stored in memory Although the MPU must communicate with many external input and vices to form a practical working system, it is the ability of the MPU [email protected]ecute stored program instructions that form the foundation of computer power. A fundamental knowledge of programming is, therefore, essential to the understanding of the microprocessor. Because of the wide variety of MPUs being used today, a thorough of each is impractical. Therefore, this course will focus on the programming of a representative family of microprocessors: the Motorola 6800 series. These are called 8-bit microprocessors. That is, each can handle data that contains eight binary bits of information. All of the microprocessors in the series use the same basic set of instructions (computer language), and the function of their control, address, and data pins is essentially identical. The primary differences are in how the clock, or MPU timing signals are handled, the presence of internal memory and peripheral functions, and power consumption of the chip. If some of the terms and concepts used here are unfamiliar to you, don't worry, they will be described in detail in the course. This course is designed for use with the ET-3800 (ETW-3800) microprocessor trainer. Representing a significant advance over previous models, the ET 3800 has been optimized as a learning tool by combining many universally "generic" features and industry standards into a unique and versatile "hands-on" format. The trainer uses the Motorola MC68HC11A8 chip. Being one of the newest members of the MC6800 family, this chip uses HCMOS (high density, high performance silicon gate) technology to achieve low power consumption and highly sophisticated on-chip peripheral functions.
Download 8-Bit Microprocessor Programming Model (EB-6810-8) epub
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Author: Greg V. Michalski
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