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Download CCIE Prep Kit 350-001 Routing and Switching (Exam Guide) epub

by Lucent Netcare

The CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Guide prepares you to pass the CCIE written exam. This book covers all necessary objectives for the exam with a tutorial text that is strictly exam-related and flows with minimal interruption. Key concepts are the only "notes" set apart from the text by special formatting. This series is designed to for use with or without outside instruction. Study aids begin with the Chapter Opener, which readies you for learning. To help you fully understand the topic, visual cues are used liberally throughout the book. Diagrams put concepts into a visual form that aids in retaining and comprehending, and figures confirm your understanding of procedures. This book also provides additional information, such as addresses for on-line help and supplemental sample tests, testing locations, test-taking tips and strategies, and emotional preparation.
Download CCIE Prep Kit 350-001 Routing and Switching (Exam Guide) epub
ISBN: 078972359X
ISBN13: 978-0789723598
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Certification
Author: Lucent Netcare
Language: English
Publisher: Que Pub (June 2000)
Pages: 544 pages
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 817
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I just passed successfuly CCIE written and checked this book again. Yes it's a very good review of possible subjects and areas but it's not a tutorial. I couldn't find answer for at least 30% questions from the real exam in this book. Even if I were able to bring this book with me it wouldn't help. The only complete source is univer cd - I found answers to everything there. But all areas except probably of Erlang B was mentioned in this book. And CD ROM is very good. Real exam included many questions exactly from CD. But it was not the most difficult ones :)
I'd say that you can use this book as 'extended' blueprint to check what you should study and get some clue about required level. But you should also learn a lot of details from other sources. It's roughly CCNP level (similar to FRS exam) and if you just got CCNP recently and read this book it may be enough.
Moral: This book is a very good reference for prepared reader but it's not a networking tutorial. You should study networking somewhere else and then check your knowledge using this book.
Good luck!
This book alone will not take you through the 350-001 exam despite its name and claim. Aside from the multiple errors (errors in a tech book are good for you if you CATCH them), the book is just plain missing enough information to fail you: details on ipxwan, details on RIF behavior when using DLSw, details on advanced BGP options. Definitely a good intro, but do NOT stop there. Try the web study zones for a REALLY good source.
Great book. Written by a fellow Lucent NetworkCare engineer. This is not intended to be a all in one book to pass the exam. This book allows you to focus your studies on what is likely to be presented on the exam. I would do further reading on each topic. I have heard from many canidates that the Caslow book has alot of the more detailed information that will be on the exam. I did however find some errors between the the questions in back of the chapters and the text. Also, the major routing protocols where covered in about 7 to 8 pages each and x.25 was about 20. I have heard that x.25 is not a major focus on the exam, but the routing protocols are.
This is a very good book if you are planning on taking the CCNP FRS exam. Cisco's website gives a list of books suggested to read before the CCIE written exam, for a good book could not possibly cover all the material required. I read this book and assumed that it would have enough material to prep me for the exam, but it fell short in some areas. I would get this book in addition to other means of study, but don't be fooled into thinking you can pass from one book like I was...test [required 70, scored 55]. The book gets 4 stars from me for having the basics of the CCIE blueprint and for the test prep CD that came with the book, some questions are almost identical on the real test.
Also, there are a few mistakes in the book, one major example is Multicast address range = 224 thru 239, not 247 like the book says.
Overall, well worth the money, but you need other materials to pass the exam.
Skin-e, A+,Network+,CNA,MCSE+I,CCNP,CCDA
Don't take the exam without reading this book! I took the CCIE written a year ago, and it's my impression that ALL the answers are in this book! (I wrote a review, saying this was the "ultimate cheat-sheet", but my review got deleted!) I think this book alone (IF you understand & remember) might be enough to pass the written! (Of course, the 2day Lab is infinitely harder.)
For the price of the book, it was worth what I paid for it. However, I wish I would have read the reviews... before buying it on a friend's recommendation. The test engine is good, flash notes are good and the sections provide about 75% of what you need to know for the test. It covers the exam well however do be advised that there are several major errors in the book where it is wrong - including in the test engine. You know you are getting close to be ready to pass the CCIE written if you can spot the errors in the book! This book would be better if there was an errata available for it and maybe there is - I don't know, never looked. The errors are obvious and are even in the test engine as well - one I do remember is that one of the answers to a question shows the right answer marked wrong! I'm just glad I did not pay more for this book.
This is an excellent review book for CCIE Written Test, if you have just passed all the 4 CCNP tests. If you want to bypass the CCNP and take the CCIE written directly, this is not the book for you. I believe the book assumes you have the knowledge equivalent to CCNP. It follows the CCIE Written Test objectives closely and does not get into indepth explanation, but it mentions all the facts you need to remember in a very concise fashion. You could then go back to you CCNP books and brush up on areas that you think you need more detail. You will certainly need more detail from other sources on Erlang B, Bridging, and RIF. I found a few errors, but you will know this if you are a CCNP. Buy it if you need 2 weeks to quickly brush up for the CCIE written.
This book will *NOT* get you through the exam... unless you use some other study material too. What most people do is that they do NOT look at the SUGGESTED study material at the Cisco website for the Routing/Switching paper. If you do, your odds of getting through in the written paper are very high. This book is good as an over-view.... but ... that's it ;-).