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Download The CISA Prep Guide: Mastering the Certified Information Systems Auditor Exam epub

Download The CISA Prep Guide: Mastering the Certified Information Systems Auditor Exam epub
ISBN: 0471469785
Category: Technology
Subcategory: Certification
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Rating: 4.6
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This was a well written and timely product which assisted me in passing the CISA examination the first time in almost record time.
Being the fist mover for the CISA material certainly has its advantages, and also its disadvantages. I usually prefer books that are authored by more than one writer--after all, the subject material is wide--but as I need to prepare for the exam early, I took the plunge and bought the book.

The book is detailed enough, but sometimes too detailed to the point where information is organized in bullet form, making it extremely unreadable. Many typo errors (for example, "effect" is printed as "affect") lowers readability even further.

All said, the book does covers a lot of ground, but not the new objectives such as the section on ISO. I'm taking a CISA class so I consider this as supplement in addition to the official book that I will use. Overall, I would still recommend this book for insights into the author's experience, though I would not use it as the sole guide for the examination's preparation.
I gave this book 2 stars because it's overpriced, misaligned, bloated and quite boring. Lots of time, Kramer used 200 words to explain something when 50 would have been enough. There's alot of minor errors + many cases where the author is completely wrong. The content covers CISA's material but it simply does not match with CISA's domains. If I had to throw a stone to someone, that would be to the editor cos that guy simply did not do his job. There's way too many content errors, spelling mistakes and ambiguous sentences.

To wrap thing up, it's a subpar book with an hefty price tag. I would NOT recommand it to anyone taking an ISACA exam. Your $$$ would be better spent buying the official CRM 2006.
I am an IS professional with 25 years of experience but it's been 6 years since I took a certification test. I needed the book to codify what I already knew from experience. I found the actual subject matter of the book to be adequate, but the author often took 500 words to say what could have been said in 50. And then he often said it wrong! And with bad grammer and incomplete sentences. I was as angry at the book editor as I was with the author. I kept thinking that English must not be the author's native language, but even so, the editor didn't do his job. That's probably why an updated version has not been issued. Get a new author! Get a new editor!
The software also was bad. I have used Boson software and tests before and found them very good. The test engine may work great, but if the data is wrong, it doesn't matter how great the engine is.
Bottom line - don't buy this book. Get the ISACA study materials. It'll cost three times a much, but it'll be worth it.
I purchased this book -- unfortunately before I read the reviews here -- to prepare for the CISA. Despite the optimistic title, the book fails to deliver in just about every area. The book is not connected to the exam in any logical form or structure. One of the biggest draws for a book like this is the practice test software. Sadly, this book fails yet again. The software works, but the questions in some cases are just plain wrong! I wrote to the editor and they offered me an errata sheet that I could use to spot mistakes in their data???? What good is that? My advice is that you skip this book, avoid this author, and not patronize this publisher since they are not willing to make good on their promises.
I abandoned this book quickly and used other sources to prepare for the CISA. There are too many errors and the writing style often seems ambiguous. There are even blatant errors in the explanation of answers section.
Like others have said, this publishing company put out a good product for the CISSP and a very poor product for CISA prep.
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I purchased this book in Amazon with lot of hope to get a outsider's view on the CISA. Unfortunately there is no consistency in the chapters and I am afraid to what extent this is going to help me in preparing for the CISA. Now I have to buy some more materials before taking the test. The CD is totally absurd with wrong answers. The explanatory answers points to option 'D' while the answer is marked as Option 'C'. Unless the author comes with a revised version early, this book is not going to be helpful for CISA Preparation.
Why use 1 word when 12 will bewilder the reader and make the book that much thicker. I can not believe that a qualified editor reviewed this book.

The wheat to chaff ratio is horrendous. You can go whole paragraphs without coming upon anything worth knowing.

I can only hope that the actual CISA exam questions are not written as poorly as the sample questions within this book.

If you value your time, do not buy this book.