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Download Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual: Essential Strategies For: Shelter and Water, Food and Fire, Tools and Medicine, Navigation and Signa epub

by Jim Morris,Mykel Hawke

The perfect home-reference book for both seasoned outdoorsman and average citizens to learn comprehensive outdoor survival techniques. Includes illustrated instruction on shelter and water, food and fire, tools and medicine, navigation and signaling, and survival psychology. Hawke's engaging style and matter-of-fact attitude—not to mention his incredible resume in the survival arena—elevates this book above its competition.
Download Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual: Essential Strategies For: Shelter and Water, Food and Fire, Tools and Medicine, Navigation and Signa epub
ISBN: 0762448180
ISBN13: 978-0762448180
Category: Sports
Subcategory: Hiking & Camping
Author: Jim Morris,Mykel Hawke
Language: English
Publisher: Running Press; Reprint edition (October 2, 2012)
Pages: 640 pages
ePUB size: 1995 kb
FB2 size: 1723 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 320
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This is amazing. Covers so many things other survival books don't. He gives details on all subjects that are neglected by others. The illustrations are not actual pictures but are graphics that help you see exactly what he is talking about. This is a must buy for the survival geek. So much more detail than others provide, this book is thick! It is put together like a reference guide, very easy to find info on any given subject, I love how this book is organized. His opening chapter on "Psychology of Survival" has amazing insights and is information many may not have thought of. He has great info in his "fire" chapter about starting fires and his insights on starting fires with sticks and the type of wood needed (hardwood, softwood) could save you hours of frustration if you need to apply these skills to save your life. He also has great info on traps in his "food" chapter. Ways to trap fish and make other tools that I haven't seen elsewhere, and I like to study it all.
I must also mention he has great info on starting methods that are easy to remember and very practical. I thought I knew all the ways to start a fire but he has some new ones and yet the philosophy he has is so simple that it is easy to remember and apply.
This book really does cover about everything and has details and explanations you wont find elsewhere and in a way that is easy to understand and easy to read. I seriously read this huge book in a week. So much easier than others in the same genre.
I highly recommend this book, it will give you great information and will be resource easy to go back into and find specifics as you may need.
If I needed one survival book ( and I have many) this book is where I would start. Its a killer investment and a great value.
I like it! I like Mykels approach on things, it is survival. Similar to what he write, don't waste energy on something that take time when you can do it different and I agree. Why learn 40 different vegetable you can eat from the nature when you won't remember them anyway?
This book is for sure "adapt and overcome" as I see it.
Very good, and I mean very good chapter on first aid and medicine you could need etc.
I also have a old (very old..) version of the SAS survival manual, but I like this one from Mykel!
I like it and recommend it for sure.

Why only 4 star -I rarely give higher! If it is a 5 star book it should be the best you ever read! That's why I don't like when people give a 5 star to "everything" they read -it can't for sure not be true!
Excellent, addressing the #1 survival detail: your attitude. Plainly written, easily understood. Instead of a chore to read, I was drawn on to continue and engage my granddaughter in a conversation as well. We Horseback ride in the wilderness, and while I have basics in my saddlebags, I went out and got a cross-body small bag and filled it with knife, magnesium fire starter, compass, space blanket sleeping bag, extra whistle, etc. as what happens if I am separated from my horse and gear? Just that awareness alone was worth the cost of the book. I grew up in the mountains learning more is always better. Very readable and I highly recommend. Not an arrogant treatise.
Nothing personal
I love this book soo much! I am soo intrigued by the immense detail, advice and knowledge from Mykes first hand experiences. Every survival tv show, or book Ive ever read doesnt come close to the detail Myke gives!! The only book you need! More informative than any other.
Being an outdoorsman the subject matter of Survival is of great interest to me. I have read dozens of books on the subject and they are all good but much of the information is redundant. That isn't a negative at all. Most of the subjects are important and should be covered in every book. Mykel did a great job keeping you interested while covering each topic in a short but concise manner. I enjoyed the book very much. So much that I read it twice. I enjoyed his style so much that I looked for other resources that he produced. He and his wife Ruth have a DVD series out Man Women Wild, there is a bit of Hollywood in there but it is very entertaining. I think if nothing else it gave me a feeling about his personality that you might miss just by reading his book. On another note, I don't think people really ever think that they might be faced with a survival situation unless they faced the prospect of being in one or have experienced one. It amazes me that so many people head out into the wilderness unprepared. This book is a good resource to start preparing your mental state and how to address shelter, water, fire, food and navigation. I have never read what I would call a bad resource but I this one is my favorite so far.
My11 year old son was immediately drawn in to Hawke's style of writing. And so was I. I couldnt' believe I chanced upon this book when I was checking out's outdoor gear. Instead of their survival manual I went in search of one that looked likea "good read." This is it, folks. His upbringing add to the basics of survival. Although heartwreching, he doesn't dwell on it and he doesn't have you dwell on negativity either.

The first step is to stay positive. Because you need that energy to think and survive. Not wallow in the problem. This is the first book on survival that is actually entertaining, witty, and to the point that I have read. My son can't wait to get home and read it.
Prepping? Trying to fill as much knowledge as possible for the upcoming disaster that's going to take the u.s.a. down? Buy it you won't be disappointed full of great survival information
Lots of good information. I'm glad the narratives are written to be family friendly (no profanity,) unlike most survival manuals. The diagrams are good too, I just wish there were more of them.