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by Laura Stamm

It's no secret that the most neglected fundamental in the sport of hockey is skating. While most players and coaches emphasize stickhandling, passing and shooting, it is the best skaters who become the most valuable hockey players. As the top skating coach for the NHL since 1979, Stamm has helped over 300 NHL players develop power skating techniques. In this expanded edition, Stamm turns hockey players into powerful skaters using the same skills proven by the pros. The book showcases Stamm's knowledge and experience in power skating. Players learn how to develop speed, power and agility on the ice through a variety of new techniques and over 100 drills and exercises. There are over 340 drawings and photographs illustrating every skating skill from start to finish.
Download Laura Stamm's Power Skating epub
ISBN: 0880113316
ISBN13: 978-0880113311
Category: Sports
Subcategory: Coaching
Author: Laura Stamm
Language: English
Publisher: Leisure Pr; Subsequent edition (January 1, 1989)
Pages: 244 pages
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I'm a new ice skater. I used to play roller hockey as a teen. Now I'm old and have a son that's getting into ice hockey. I started skating to practice with him. I have learned so much through this detailed book. Even one thing his coaches were telling him to do wrong. It is very detailed making it a great tool to learn from. It's divided in sections. The beginning says the book would progress from beginning to advanced practice drills. Well that wasn't referring to what I thought. So if you need to work on stopping skip to the section on stopping and start from there. The book will teach moving forward and then get into way advanced moving forward drills a beginer can not accomplish way before even discussing stopping. It's taught me what proper technique is and as I develop more skill and balance I am able to focus on doing the movement correctly. I have recommended this book already to many other skaters I see often. Of note in the online USA Hockey magazine I get there is actually an ad for one of her clinics. It's such a well done book after reading it you will be advancing yourself as well as being able to help others improve their skills.
This is hands down one of the best technical manuals for skating I've ever encountered. I have been skating 27 of the 29 years I have been alive, played inline hockey all through highschool and undertook many different endeavors on quad speed skates through the 90s. After 20 I took on ice skating and really fell in love with power skating. I've been, ironically, using this manual while coaching a roller derby team in the last year and my players have become night and day from when I started. In one year they made more progress than all three years before I came around. Often they tell me that skating didn't make sense to them until I started teaching them, and though the sport is different from hockey, the Laura Stamm method still applies. I have had tremendous success grooming players up to be better skaters, and have learned a lot forbmyself along the way. Whether you are a beginner or whether you are an advanced skater looking to better understand your craft.. If you are serious about skating you need this book.

Next I'm gonna buy the DVD. I bet the two will be great paired together.
I have been using this book and the companion DVD for about 18 months. I bought them together after I made the decision to start playing rec league ice hockey at the tender age of 48! What you get out of them is going to depend a lot on what type of learner you are and your motivation. The DVD will appeal to those inclined to the visual, copycat approach. If you prefer to work through the process analytically with descriptive detail, then the book is better than the DVD. I've found them to be excellent complementary learning tools.

There are many paths to success. I have also attended power skating classes and adult hockey camp. A private lesson with a figure skating instructor identified and corrected a posture problem in my backward crossovers. That could have taken months to work out on my own.

The bottom line is that ice skating is an extremely difficult, non-intuitive activity. To get good at it, you simply have to make the commitment of time, energy, and yes money that's required to get out there and practice, practice, practice. This book and other resources can help, but there are no shortcuts or substitutes for lots of hard work on the ice. If you are willing to do this, you will be richly rewarded with superb skating skills that will make a huge difference in games. I am already playing at the intermediate rec league level and enjoying it a bunch.
All the books repeat the same information... The pictures are from the 80's.
Bought this as supplement to figure skating for strength and power, speed for Moves in the Field and skating around the rink
This book is just awesome for any level hockey player. Every technique is explained in-depth. It will make you a better skater I guarantee it.
Tried and true methods, well tested through the ages. Well organised for different skill levels. I use this book for my own practices.
I was searching for a book or video that would teach me all I needed to know about skating so I could get into inline hockey. This book delivered beyond my expectations! Not only has it allowed me to get all of the basics quickly, it taught me the all important lesson of what to focus on when I'm practicing these skills. I will be using this book for many years to help me continually refine my technique. Although there are some differences between ice and inline skating, all of the techniques covered in this book relate directly.

This book is priceless!!!!!