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by Tony Dungy,Brett Honeycutt,Michael Vick

One of the most talented and polarizing athletes of our generation, Michael Vick's stunning story has captured news headlines across the nation. From his poverty-stricken youth, to his success on the field in high school and college, to his rise to NFL stardom and his fall from grace, Finally Free shows how a gifted athlete's life spiraled out of control under the glare of money and fame, aided by his own poor choices. In his own words, Vick details his regrets, his search for forgiveness, the moments of unlikely grace--and the brokenness that brought his redemption on the way to his celebrated return to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles.   "Finally Free tells an amazing story. It's not all pretty, but it's real. This book will let you know why I'm so proud of Michael Vick and honored to call him a friend." --Tony Dungy, Former NFL head coach for the Indianapolis Colts   "Vick has apologized and acknowledged the suffering he caused. He has expressed his remorse and his desire to help more animals than he harmed by being an advocate for the humane treatment of animals. We realize the potential Vick has to reach at-risk youth and pull them out of the quicksand..." --The Humane Society of the United States   "I want to be remembered as a guy who never gave up, whether with my family, out on the football field, in a prison cell, or playing one-on-one basketball with somebody in the neighborhood. Standing firm in God always, pushing through, even in my darkest moments." --Michael Vick
Download Finally Free epub
ISBN: 1617950696
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Author: Tony Dungy,Brett Honeycutt,Michael Vick
Language: English
Publisher: Worthy Publishing; 1st Printing edition (September 4, 2012)
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I know Michael Vick is notorious rather than famous and many people don't like him due to the dog scandal, but I read this book and I enjoyed it. My take -- a guy who didn't learn his lesson until he lost everything and he tried to make things right after the fact.

You may know someone who needs to know they can bounce back from terrible mistakes or maybe you need to know it for yourself. If so, this book fits the bill.
From the first page, it is an excellent read!
Good read
heart of sky
Great book, got to see another side of Vick that I had not seen before
lets go baby
Excellent! I gave to my Son as Birthday present. Mike Vick should consider documenting more of his life story. He is a modern sports ICON without a doubt.
I actually like Mike Vick and have always loved to watch him play. I think he got totally raked over the coals by the NFL and the justice system. Two years of jail for dog fighting is a joke, considering Ray Lewis killed a person and got probation and no NFL suspension....... but that being said, this is the worst book I've ever read. He is so full of crap and the entire book is all about him making excuses. Remember when he got in trouble at the airport for having marijuana residue, oh yes that was just a big mix up. Then he casually mentions that he failed drug tests but never actually admits to smoking pot. He just seems so phony and is unwilling to man up to anything other than the occasional patronizing statement like "it was all my fault, I take full responsibility for allowing those guys to do all those bad things even though I didn't really even know about it and I'm not even sure who they were anyway". Having read Agassi's Open, I guess I would have just appreciated that sort of complete honesty. And Agassi's personal story is so boring compared to Vick's. Why couldn't he just write an honest book?

Also, whoever helped him write the book should find a new career. It almost seems as if Vick wrote the entire book himself with no editing or proofreading. He will go on and on about mundane details of his childhood such as what kind of candy his grandmother gave him, without ever mentioning anything even remotely deep or revealing like the details of his relationship with his father. You don't get to know the real Michael Vick at all. Now maybe he is a private person and does not want to share any of his inner thoughts or difficult past, which is totally fine and I respect that. Just give me back my $9.99.
It's just "ok". the book could be half as long as it is. Much of the story is repeated many times. Pretty much Vicks story of becoming a NFL "rich" football player, and then making amends for the mistakes he has made. I'm a true Eagles fan and was very excited about reading the book, however i don't recommend buying it.
Could not believe how these dogs were treated and killed so sad stopped ready the book and gave it away