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by Tom Callahan

Tom Callahan has written the seminal book on golfing great Tiger Woods. Woods, who has gone out of his way to protect his privacy, has never allowed himself to get close enough to a writer to be properly examined on the page. And, as a consequence, his fans know relatively little about him except what’s divulged in quick tournament interviews or the scarce information parsed out on occasion by one of his handlers. Which is to say, we know next to nothing about one of the most famous people in the world. Callahan, commonly regarded as one of the best all-round sports writers in the country, has followed Tiger around the world of golf for more than seven years, enjoying a certain access to the man and his family. He even went so far as to travel to Vietnam to learn the fate of the South Vietnamese soldier who was Earl Wood’s best friend during the war—and his son’s namesake. Tiger is twenty years old when the book opens and twenty-seven when it closes. During those years, Callahan covered Woods at all the Majors, including the Masters, the U.S. Open, and the British Open, culminating in Tiger’s heart-stopping race to make history by clinching the string of Majors affectionately nicknamed the Tiger Slam. As the pulse of golf was measured by the curve of his swing, Tiger made everyone’s heart skip a beat as he attempted to win the Grand Slam a year later. Along the way, Tom Callahan hears from everyone who is anyone in the world of Tiger Woods, including Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus, David Duval, Butch Harmon, Ernie Els, and, of course, Tiger’s rather ubiquitous mother and father. As much as we learn about Tiger—how he sees himself in relation to the courses he plays on and the players he has learned from and competed with—we also enjoy a bird’s-eye view of golf as it is now with Tiger on the scene, and as it was for centuries before. In Search of Tiger catalogs and dissects moments and influences in Tiger’s guarded life and unprecedented career—moments that unveil him, his awesome drive, and his enormous talent. Tom Callahan has written a classic of its kind, a book to rank with the best in its genre. He has done what few have even attempted—he has found the real Tiger Woods.From the Hardcover edition.
Download In Search of Tiger: A Journey Through Golf with Tiger Woods epub
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Author: Tom Callahan
Language: English
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (February 24, 2004)
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This book is a compelling read for someone with a starting knowledge of and interest in Tiger Woods, but it doesn't quite make you feel like you've found Tiger. The book seems to be too choppy, more a series of isolated chapters thrown in that dont seem to connect. And there are too many questions that you are left with after reading it. If you're going to brag that you covered Tiger at all his first 8 majors, why have chapters only on the 3 in 2000? And if you're going to focus on those, why soak them with background info and then glaze over the tremendous performances? Callahan's description of Tiger during the 2000 PGA is particularly weak; why he decides to condense that great final round with May and the great back nine and the putts on 18 and 16 the second time around into about a page and a half befuddled me. And most of all, why devote so much of the book to learning about golfers other than Tiger? It's true that if you were to write the definitive, thoroughly detailed Tiger book, you could not ignore Lefty, Sergio, Ernie, etc. But when the chapters on the other golfers seem to take up half of this relatively short book, you've gone too far. It's true that this book is well written and will provide you with some nice tidbits about Tiger (such as the fact that his mother was the one to get him to wear red on Sundays), but you will likely leave the book hoping for more detail, more coherence, and more depth.
In this latest book about Eldrick Woods, the author takes a different approach in unraveling one of golf's greatest players. Readers should be cautione; this is not a conventional biography of Tiger Woods. What you are given are various anecdotes about Tiger loosely tied together within the historical framework of golf. From the outset this sounds good but you know even less about Tiger than when you started out and find out more about those who have had anything to do with his career.
Why learn about Mark O'Mear, Arnold Palmer, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els, Jack Nicklaus and other golfing greats and then call your book In Search of Tiger? The book is less about Tiger and more about the development of the game and those who impacted upon it. All of the facts about Tiger's career, business and family can be found in other books. Our author, Tom Callahan has sloopily sewed together a series of articles about other golfers and nongolfers who know Tiger and then you aren't sure if they know him at all.
I must admit that the writing is good. The historical context and relationship of the players to the game and their fathers is interesting. I did expect more about Tiger and less about every Tom, Dick and Harry who supposidly know him. Tiger Woods fans can add another mediocre book to their collection about Woods but if you want a definitive work on the champion try another text. Keep Searching.
Callahan's book can, at first, be considered a misnomer. The search for Tiger Woods is not conducted in this book-rather, we find that Callahan attempts to search for a sense of humanity within one of the most underrated, and often misunderstood sports: golf. Callahan takes us on a "tour" (forgive the unavoidable pun), through the often overlooked sport, though the eyes and stories of some of golf's most visible and legendary players. From comparing stories of Jack Nicklaus's and Phil Mickelson's introductions into golf, Callahan attempts to provide the reader with the sense that golf, much like football and basketball, has a vivid cast of characters. Callahan goes on to prove this, by exposing the reader to many great stories about those said characters.

What ties all of this to Tiger Woods, is that Woods appears in this book as the looming figure, casting a shadow over golf (in a good way), and all of these golfers can only accept the fact that they all, currently, are underneath this shadow, and don't seem to have figured out a way to get out from under it. In essence, golf is Tiger's world: all of these great players are just living in it.

For anybody who wishes to gain a better understanding of some of the noticeable figures in modern golf, this book's nothing short of an asset. For me, at the very least, Callahan provided a great collection of stories that gave a sense of humanity and depth to a sport that is far too often mistaken as a mere hobby.
Let me say this up front --- Tom Callahan is an immensely gifted writer. He is able through words to take the trite/boring and turn it into the phenomenally sublime. With an encyclopedic knowlege of all things golf along with up-close-and-personal profiles of current & past players, coaches, and associated fathers, he paints through annecdotes a circular, but no less complete picture of Tiger and his place in the great game of golf. This book is NOT per-se, a purely biographical sketch of Tiger Woods, but more of a wholistic and entertaining presentation of the past, present and future of the game and Tiger's place in it. If you love golf, watch golf, and love to read, you'll get more "bang for your buck" here than any other golf book I know of! And I've read quite a few....
There is simply no sportswriter on earth with as much meticulous insight into the minds of both the golfing legends of old and the stars of today as Tom Callahan. Admittedly, my expectations were lofty going in here, esp. after reading the astounding accolades bestowed upon Callahan on the book jacket alone -- from the likes of Costas, Kornheiser, Jenkins, Reilly, Nicklaus, and others. Thankfully, for once, they were all right. This book is indeed the whole package on Tiger, presented (ingeniously) not only via Tiger's own eyes, but those of his peers and predecessors. The golf history in the book is cleverly detailed yet pleasurably digestible. The first hand interviews with Tiger and his family are unprecedented. And the "Journey", for anyone REALLY interested in Tiger, is remarkably satisfying. Kudos to Tom Callahan for giving the sports world the preeminent Tiger bio.