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by Stephen E. Chatman

Confessions is an erotic account of insightful and perplexing reflections of one man's past relationships with numerous women.Confessions is an intriguing look into the mind and heart of a man struggling to find himself. An inspirational message and a warning to those lost in relationships of convenience. Contrary to the title, this is a work of genuine compassion.
Download Confessions of a Womanizer epub
ISBN: 097271491X
ISBN13: 978-0972714914
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Relationships
Author: Stephen E. Chatman
Language: English
Publisher: Must Read Books (June 15, 2003)
Pages: 240 pages
ePUB size: 1157 kb
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 593
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Oh, my God what a horribly written book! I have no problem with the subject - it's the lack of organization of the journal entries (not in an 'artsy' way either)and the prose (a nauseating mix up of Shakespeare-ish and cheap romance novel-ish). I could not get past the fifth page. I even tried that reliable old trick of going to the end - that was even worse!
I cant read this book and would like to get my money back....Might use it as a white elephant present during the Christmas holiday.
Confessions of a Womanizer is a compilation of journal entries by a "womanizer." The nameless writer takes you on his journey to sometimes unintentionally prey upon the hearts of unsuspecting women. I say sometimes because that's not always his intent.

"Crushed under the weight of my own ideals, I can say that I have truly lost my faith in love." An excerpt from the entry titled, "trapped on a sofa, house party, Sat 9pm." Just when he thinks he's found the "right" one, the tables are turned and karma comes and kicks him in his womanizing behind. The writer takes the reader through a gamut of emotions. He tells of almost every scenario imaginable and does it in an eloquent, straightforward manner. Stephen Chatman's writing flows and is easy to follow. Even though the emotions range from low down to deeply in love, when all is said and done, he goes back to his old ways and back into the beds of women. The impending question in my mind, "Will he ever revoke his player's card?"

Confessions of a Womanizer is an interesting read. I wasn't taken by it at first. I didn't fully understand the purpose of composing a book that merely contained what appeared to be journal entries. As I read more I began to appreciate his candor. I especially appreciated the fact that although he was reckless with the hearts of women, he was not when it came to practicing safe sex. He actually advocated it in many instances; however, there were a few times when the mood took over the mind.

Reviewed by Esther "Ess" Mays of Loose Leaves Book Review
Dare I say first glimpse of this novel; I geared myself for some raunchy tales of a man's pursuit of lust and how he emotionally brutalized women in his quest for self-satisfaction. Well I admit it, I was wrong. In CONFESSIONS OF A WOMANIZER, I was wowed by Stephen E. Chatman's intense and often brutal assessment of his life as a womanizer. At one point he writes, "The curse of the womanizer is to have an attraction for what we can not have and a refusal to settle for whom we are with." He covers the full gamut of relationships from platonic to romantic and everything in between. He provides a lot of insight on what contributed to his life as a womanizer. I found myself amazed at his deep examination of self and secretly wondered if other men experienced relationships in the way he did. His account also provided me with a look at women and how we may contribute to a man's failure to make lasting commitments in relationships.
CONFESSIONS OF A WOMANIZER reads like a journal as Chatman eloquently writes of his exploits in subtle, non-demeaning ways. In one relationship he describes the anguish of just coming together, "We had all the pieces to make a great couple, but neither of us knew how to complete this puzzle." The title of this book does not invoke sympathy, but within the pages, I began to sympathize with the man and how lonely he was in his life as a womanizer. It appears as if he cries out for commitment at times and runs for the hills at others. This book will make you uncomfortable as he steps on toes with truths about relationships and roles both men and women play in them. His stories are sometimes funny, enlightening, thought-provoking and heart wrenching. This is an excellent book and one to be savored by both men and women.
Reviewed by Brenda M. Lisbon
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Forget Men Behaving Badly! Confessions of a Womanizer offers an insightful look into the male psyche with dark, thought provoking entries. Stephen Chatman floored me with this exquisite and intelligent book. As a viction of heartbreak, there are aspects that I know all too well -- however, Chatman still managed to surprise me with some rather profound thoughts and views on relationships. As I read the entries, I realized that this is more to do with general men's behavior than simple chronicles of a notorious philander. This book is an excellent gift to all women who've wondered why the men of their dreams haven't called them. It's an excellent source! Highly recommended...
I have been married to a womanizer for the past 10 years. Until I read this book, did I understand the root for his endless affairs and why my hope for happiness had been brutally destroyed again and again. Thanks to the author for sharing his thoughts. I am moving on.