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by Bettie Youngs Bilicki

You can save your relationship!

Did you know that over 80% of all married couples separate for two months or longer at some time during their marriage?

You can get back together-but it won't happen by just wishing things were "Even if right now you're the only one making the effort to salvage your relationship, you can take the essential first steps that will make it possible for you to reconcile with your partner. As Drs. Bilecki and Goetz show, many couples have faced the challenges your relationship is now facing and reconciled for good. Learn how they did it-in Getting Back Together.

Download Getting Back Together epub
ISBN: 1558508627
ISBN13: 978-1558508620
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Relationships
Author: Bettie Youngs Bilicki
Language: English
Publisher: Adams Media (January 1, 1997)
Pages: 172 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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This book helped save my marriage from certain divorce! I'd recommend this to any couple during distress, divorce, getting back together, or preventing divorce. I finally found a book which made sense and did not speak above my head. It has realistic suggestions and sound advice!
I just got out of a relationship of 5 months. My partner told me he was falling in love with me, that he thought I could be "the one", and various other things we all love to hear, such as the whole let's buy the house with the white picket fence and the dog thing and live happily ever after. Naive little me has been wanting to hear this for years, being that I had been in and out of several unhealthy relationships throughout the course of my life and this was all I had ever wanted. Well needless to say he ended up giving me the whole "We're just two different people" excuse and dumped me out of the blue recently. I was distraut. I was in shock, after all he had built up in my head, he was turning around and leaving me with no clear cut examples as to why he had made that decision. Well I was confused and really wanted to figure things out so that I could hopefully get him back. So I was at my local bookstore and I saw this title and decided to pick it up. What I didn't like about the book is that it seemed almost too optomistic. What I mean by that is the authors never touched on whether the relationship is worth salvaging or how to tell if you're just wasting your time and making a fool of yourself by chasing after someone who just might not want to be with you no matter how much you work on yourself or decide to compromise. I felt like it builds your hopes up into thinking that if you follow the strategies, you WILL get you're partner back someday. Well needless to say I'm trying the strategies and my phone ain't ringin'! So I guess I need to put this book down and find one on how to heal a broken heart. ;-(
Speaking from past personal experience, this was an excellent self-help book for me when I was newly separated. It gives basic but excellent advice on how to deal with your estranged partner, pamper and take care of yourself, etc. The main lesson here is to remain detached but cordial to your ex while working to improve yourself.

I believe that the advice in this book helped me immensely in redefining the relationship with my husband that led to our reconciliation. But even if you don't succeed, you'll walk away from your relationship a better person with your head held high and your dignity intact. Either way, it's a win-win situation.
Your book is quite misleading.

Yes, I agree that some relationships end prematurely.

However, others end because it is time for them to end.

I just lost a really good friend because of your book and books similar to yours. For the past month, my ex-boyfriend read this book and had tried to get back together with me. This book gave him false hope. It was painful watching him struggle with our breakup. However, it was more difficult to see him sincerely believe that we could be romantically involved again.

It took introspection, time and maturity on both our parts to become friends after the breakup. Now he wants us to be lovers again.

Your book doesn't cover whether the relationship was healthy in the first place until chapter 8.

Our friendship was healthier than our romantic relationship. And now it is gone. Now he is in even more distraught and has asked us to stop being friends altogether.
I sat in a Barnes and Noble for half a day. I looked at every book they had on relationships. This book was the only one that seemed to address my desire to have a positive reunion with my spouse. I've purchased a copy for my wife and we are using it as a common source of wisdom to learn to live with ourselves and with each other.
Good book, bought it used and was straightforward enough. My partner and I have now been married for 5 years and are expecting our first child :)
happy light
This book will give you guidance, give you a general plan when you feel directionless. There is no set playbook in getting one's spouse back, but this book will point you towards some things you need to consider. In the end, your particular answers are within yourself, not any book. I highly recommend reading it and visiting relationship resource dot com.
This is a very helpful book. I've read it and given it as a gift to several couples. It has been in print for many years, but the information inside is still just as valuable today as it was years ago. Highly recommend!