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Download Special Children, Challenged Parents: The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child with a Disability, Revised Edition epub

by Robert Naseef Ph.D.,James May

Not just another resource on parenting. More than a book on autism. This important book is a must-have guide for any parent of a child with a disability as well as anyone who works with or cares for those families. Special Children, Challenged Parents shares the unique perspective of a father of a son with autism, with additional reflection from his perspective as a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with families of children with disabilities.

This moving book illustrates the impact that a child's disability has on the entire family. It is a valuable aid to parents dealing with fear, guilt, shame, sibling rivalry, marital strain, and other challenges. Though the author's personal experience is with autism, this book will be a valuable resource for families of children with a wide range of disabilities. Readers learn about resources, such as support groups, for working through complex emotions and about techniques for communicating effectively with professionals.

Special Children, Challenged Parents addresses issues of bonding between parent and child and presents strategies for dealing with challenging behavior. Additional chapters are devoted to special issues for the family of a child with a disability, including the relationship between the parents, the effect on siblings, and the needs of fathers, who the author feels often require special support to express and deal with their emotions in the challenging role of parent to a child with special needs. This book provides a unique and touching look at parenting and disability.

Download Special Children, Challenged Parents: The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child with a Disability, Revised Edition epub
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Author: Robert Naseef Ph.D.,James May
Language: English
Publisher: Brookes Publishing; Revised edition (July 31, 2001)
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When our two sons were diagnosed on the autism spectrum, all the books that were recommended to us by professionals were clinical in nature and related to the disorder itself, which of course is wonderful to learn about the disorder, what to expect and tools to use to help with the behaviors of autism. Eventually, we had the most wonderful fortune of having a developmental ped who specializes in autism take over the care for our small boys, and, as always, during our meeting I asked if there were any reading he recommended for us. He recommended this book, which is not a clinical book about the disorder, but a book about understanding and coping with the emotional challenges associated with a diagnosis of any disability in your child. No one really talks about the negative feelings and difficulty in accepting diagnosis such as these, and this book hits the nail right on the head. This book really should be recommended reading for anyone beginning a journey with a disabled child, to know that you are not alone and your feelings are ok and normal, and that there will be a time you can accept your child just as they are . Easy and quick read, with tons of helpful advice, and touches on many topics involving acceptance, dealing with feelings, marital and family coping and etc. This is the best book of it's kind I have found so far.
Although this was a tough one to get through (at times, pretty depressing), as an inclusion teacher, I really appreciated this book. Naseef provides an excellent balance between stories from his own experience as a father of a child with a disability and advice and suggestions from his career as a psychologist specializing in working with parents of children with disabilities. Definitely a must-read for parents coming to terms with the news that their child has a disability, as well as for educators and other professionals working with these parents, as it is so important for us to understand what they've been through and what they've had to deal with.
This is a must have book for parents with kids with special needs. It's hard enough to raise children, but add special needs and you need a little help with the challenge.
I would recommend this book to anyone with children even those without special needs. Dr. Naseef tells of his experience as a parent as well as a therapist. It's one of those books that when you read it you catch yourself thinking "I thought I was the only one who felt that way". I would also recommend seeing one of Dr. Naseef's lectures or looking up his webpage oneline.
Usually when I review a book, I'm looking for one that's reader-friendly (a quick read, written in understandable language, and offering practical ideas). By that definition, this book may not fit. Is "Special Children, Challenged Parents" written in
understandable language? Yes. Does it offer practical ideas? Definitely. Will it be a quick read? Probably not. You see, Dr. Naseef's book is going to touch your emotions. This is perhaps the most honest book I have ever read on the grieving process of parents struggling to accept and raise a child with special needs. By sharing his own story and those of other parents he has interviewed and worked with, Dr. Naseef discusses why this process is so hard and what parents can do to survive the process and come out on the other side. But perhaps Dr. Naseef's most valuable contribution is his message for fathers. Fathers very rarely fit comfortably into the role of fathering a child with special needs and Dr. Naseef's unique
qualifications as both a father and a psychologist have given him rare insights to help other Dads facing this challenge. This may not be an "easy read", but if you're a parent struggling with your emotional responses to your child -- it is definitely a "must read".
This book is a good, basic book outlining the grief process and other major common emotional issues in raising a child with a disability. However, as the mother of an autistic child who is with her child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I can't help but wonder about the authenticity of the author's personal experience "parenting" an autistic child, as his own autistic child has been institutionalized for a huge segment of his life while the author went on to have more children and a very normal homelife. It feels to me like the man "skipped out" on the real experience of raising his autistic son himself and elected to become a part-time parent to the child, then felt himself capable of writing a book about it. I find it hard to believe that he truly understands the day to day life of a full-time parent of an autistic child, given his own choices, however "right" they may have been for his son.
I am a psychologist who works with children and families, many of whom are grappling with difficult issues related to a medical condition, behavioral problem, or learning disability. This book provides sound advice written in plain English from a psychologist whose son is autistic. I have recommended Dr. Naseef's book to a number of my clients because of how thoughtfully he combines his own story with a practical guide for parents and others who care for a child with special needs. A wide range of issues are covered, and all are essential. A great find on Amazon- thanks!