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Download Speak Strong: Say what you MEAN. MEAN what you say. Don't be MEAN when you say it. epub

by Meryl Runion

“Speak Strong!” It’s a leadership skill, a success strategy and a moral imperative. Research shows 90% of us stay silent in situations that call for strong words. Don’t want to rock the boat? Author Meryl Runion, CSP, explains why some boats NEED to be rocked…for the right reasons…at the right time…in the right way. * Know when it’s time to speak up * Overcome resistance to unwelcome truths * Establish and implement boundaries * Create new communication standards * Supercharge your message * Elevate the quality of your conversations * Overcome destructive communication habits * Put your best foot forward sincerely * One hour audio CD included containing the entire searchable PDF of the bestselling PowerPhrases! book so you can immediately get the words to apply your SpeakStrong skills. The CD also includes a communication style inventory, the flash presentation of "The Legend of Mighty Mouth and of A World of Truth" and more. Meryl Runion’s "PowerPhrases!" book Series has helped over a quarter million readers find the perfect phrases to communicate clearly. “Speak Strong” is the perfect “next step” for those who rely on communication skills to build successful careers and relationships

Download Speak Strong: Say what you MEAN. MEAN what you say. Don't be MEAN when you say it. epub
ISBN: 1600378641
ISBN13: 978-1600378645
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Relationships
Author: Meryl Runion
Language: English
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing; Pap/Com edition (October 11, 2010)
Pages: 308 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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No CD in the book. Wasn't revealed in the description prior to purchasing.
Very Good.
I attended a communication workshop at my workplace. This was a really helpful workshop at which I learned some valuable lessons. The presenter highly recommended Meryl Runion's books. Her philosophy is "Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Don't be mean when you say it. This book explains this and gives many examples of how to accomplish this type of communication. I have found this helpful in both my work life and personal life. I highly recommend this book.
For a book that's supposed to be an everyday communication guide for the layperson, it's cumbersome and comes up ineffective in the end. The layout seems like the author's PowerPoint notes; she doesn't tell you very much.
I edit non-fiction books, and that means I look at books with a different eye than most people. My review of SpeakStrong comes from three perspectives. 1. What Meryl does for her readers, 2. How she does it (writing style) and 3. What readers can learn from her.

1. Meryl does the same thing for the spoken word that I do for the written word. She helps people find their voice and express their strongest message in ways people can understand. She helps them cut out the clutter and express the substance effectively.

2. I wish most of my clients had as developed a structure as Meryl does in her SpeakStrong book. She divides her SpeakStrong Method into five steps with 52 supporting skillsets. Each skill set begins with stories and examples the reader can identify with, and then provides tips with dos and don'ts, what to say and what not to say. That makes the more abstract principles very concrete. The book is very user-friendly and accessible.

3. As an editor, I often have to tell my clients things they don't want to hear. I might have to tell them their pet story doesn't work, or they need to rework something they thought they had mastered. Meryl clearly addresses how to give the right kind of feedback in the right way--an immensely useful tool in how to SpeakStrong.

Meryl says that writer's block is often an authenticity block. I agree with that. Once an author gets to the heart of the message, the words flow more freely. That's precisely what Meryl has done here!

Whether you're a writer or business professional looking for help with the spoken word, you'll get what you're looking for and a lot more in SpeakStrong.

Barbara McNichol
Speak Strong has opened up a new world for me. I was already on board with the values Meryl embraces, but was often left speechless in situations because I didn't know how to say what I was thinking or feeling. Reading Speak Strong is changing that!

I'm discovering new tools that are invaluable in creating new skills - one step at a time. I'm again amazed at Meryl's ability to empower! She presents each tool or "skill" in such a way that you're not left feeling bad about the times you fall short, but you're eager to take the "higher road"!

And she shows you how! Each skill is clear and practical. The next step becomes obvious - and do-able.

Speak Strong is unique! Yes, it's inspirational. Yes, it's practical. But even greater, it's empowering!

My eyes and ears are open in a new way! Wish I had had access to these skills several decades ago! A great gift for the high school graduate - or someone in their sixties, like me!
We all tend to struggle with holding in our thoughts and feelings and not saying what's 'really' on our minds. The result is often times growing resentment, hostile outbursts, or worse yet permanently strained or estranged relationships with our professional...and personal relationships.

We are so afraid of hurting other people's feelings and yet when we hold back, we hurt others even more. Meryl Runion gave you the 'nuts and bolts' of canned responses in Power Phrases. Power Phrases is an excellent first step in beginning to use your voice assertively.

Speak Strong takes you to the next step. Speak Strong teaches you how to instinctively say what you need to say in the moment without using rehearsed lines. The result is better communication, better relationships, more empathy and understanding for others and ultimately higher success. What this all equates to is raising your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Reading Speak Strong is the easiest way to raise your EQ because it teaches you the critical thinking process for responding effectively in the moment rather than struggling and straining your relationships.

If you want to be more successful in your career and your relationships, read Speak Strong!

Wanda McCallum, Licensed Professional Counselor
Great read. If you are looking to sharpen up your vocabulary and know the right time to speak it, this is the book for you. Especially if you're around people you know that speak those classic Corp lingos in meetings.