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by Jay Fiset

This book presents ground breaking work on concept of personal accountability, the fundamental prerequisite for all personal growth and evolution. You will discover a model with specific steps to break your patterns of blame and victimization, and experience the freedom and joy of personal accountability. You will discover: - How to recognize your victim framing and patterns - Your underlying payoffs and protections for your victim framing and patterns - How to forgive yourself and others, to truly release blame - How to become a generator instead of a drainer - Key questions and activities to reframe your experiences in life to be personally accountable - How to reclaim the experience of choice, power and co creation in your life - How your recurring victim experiences are your greatest clue to discovering and living your life mission.
Download Reframe Your Blame, How to Be Personally Accountable epub
ISBN: 1894346009
ISBN13: 978-1894346009
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Personal Transformation
Author: Jay Fiset
Language: English
Publisher: Personal Best Publishers; 1st edition (December 29, 2006)
Pages: 232 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 947
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This is the kind of book that at first glance, may appear as a simple self help book. But it's actually far more useful in my opinion, because the author takes you through several exercises to help you discover how your own negative thinking about Blame leads to a lack of being personally responsible for your life, your actions and your circumstances!
Very helpful for someone who wants to increase their personal power in their life.
Great book to introduce the idea of Personal Accountability. Written with lots of humorous points as well as the occasional reminder to do the exercises, there is a lot of meat to this book. The exercises are where one can really get a lot of value from the book and there are places to write in answers for some of the exercises. The author does share his own struggles here which is quite useful for relating to the reader so that there isn't a sense of judgment or that the writer has any sense of moral superiority. He has had his ups and downs in life though part of this book is about applying this idea rather than just knowing it.

I've read the book a couple of times and done the exercises a few more times than that as some of the exercises are worth repeating a few times, like writing out a victimization story or asking other people where they see me on the scale in the book. While one could summarize part of the book in the cliche of, "Everything happens for a reason," there is something to be said for how this is used in one's life. Does one really spend the time to find the lesson of a recurring pattern to stop it from happening over and over again or does one just think, "If I'm meant to know something, it'll just come to me?" This book is more for those thinking the former rather than the latter. The book has a balance of being a bit like a textbook as well as having more than a few stories to it. However, the exercises are the secret sauce in this book and is where I'd argue 99% of the value of the book can be found is in doing the exercises from a sincere and honest perspective. While the answers may not always be pleasant at the time, there can be something to be said when one has that light bulb moment where suddenly things click and life gets a little better by applying this idea over and over again.
I am a self proclaimed self help book junkie, and this is by far in my top five books by means of most valuable, most read and most cherished. Powerful tool and not just another book. I say this, as this book is more than just a read..its a tool and a powerful guide and my mini bible to support me staying out of Victim mode. I grew up with some deep deep Victim beliefs and with this book I can proudly say that when I feel Victimized I am able to step into a powerful place in order to get the lesson, and I dont remain there very long and can step into a place of accounatbility more easily. The more I use it the easier it is. I have referred to this book many many times..this is why its so valuable as I havent just read it once and said.."ok ya I get it and put it away" I use it to work through situations I have been feeling stuck and can even go so far as to say I have healed some deep victim patterns, that stemmed back to my childood, that have plagued me my entire life up until recently. It really is a mind set and not just a book. I have heard the Author often say, to know and not to do do is to still yet not know.. And this book with the excercises, is a testament, that it truly suports me in applying the knowledge. This is a book I premantly keep on my bedside table. Just looking at it is a reminder that I do have power over any circumstance with the proper midset that I can overcome any situation and change my attitude and my contect of how I am viewing it and step into that powerful space of accountabiliy. And its an easy read.....thats the bonus. So grateful this book was written as I have never come across, in all the material I have read, anything like it. Sincerly.
The concepts in this book are both profound and critical to personal and professional success in life. All personal growth books and courses talk about 'Accountability' but few really explain not only what it is, but how to live it! This book does. Let's face it - there are probably more fun books to read. After all - "Learn How to Be Personally Accountable" is not high on most people's daily 'TO DO' list.
However, I have been facilitating personal development courses for over a decade and every fundamental concept that I teach, every idea that people need to understand to find personal freedom, and every key to creating the life we want is in this book... if, and when, the ideas are applied!

I have to say... at times it's a tough read. Not everyone will agree with all of the concepts--and that's O.K. Try them on and see if they fit and leave the rest.
Some of the book is heavy slogging. I have to admit I've started and stopped reading it a few times. But it's worth it to not only read but also to do the processes or exercises. It's like a whole personal development course for under $30! And every time I pick it up I gain an insight into myself and others.

I applaud Jay for not only taking on such an important topic, but also for making it understandable and applicable for everyone!