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by Bryan A. Wood

One of the most powerful and moving stories you will ever read, this book will completely change the way you look at life. 'Unspoken Abandonment' is the story of one man's struggle to return home from the war in Afghanistan, only to find the person he once was may never be the same. Bryan Wood is a military veteran who served during combat operations in Eastern Afghanistan. After returning from combat, he found that his life was falling apart at every turn, and Bryan faced the greatest battle of his life in finding his own peace. He surprisingly found the answer was hidden within a daily journal kept while at war, and Bryan's path ultimately led him to find redemption in the most unexpected of places: love. In a genre filled with war novels, 'Unspoken Abandonment' stands out as the work is brilliantly written, in a narrative form, which takes the reader on a breathtaking journey into the heart of Afghanistan. The reader is then taken back to America to face "life after combat." This story takes a head-on look at the powerful effects of war and post traumatic stress, but the true focus is on the inspirational triumph over this demon that haunts hundreds of thousands of America's bravest men and women. The story is captivating, the message is inspiring, and this is a "must read" for every American who cares to take an inside look at what our soldiers face on a daily basis. This amazing story will grab your attention immediately, and it is sure to keep you up past your normal bedtime, for more than a few late nights of reading. Note: The journal portion of this work contains portions of dramatized material. This has been done to protect the author's personal privacy while still providing the reader with a riveting account of the issues faced by veterans in a combat zone. However, the author's feelings, emotions, accounts of the life of the Afghan people, and his personal road to happiness are all told with one hundred percent accuracy.
Download Unspoken Abandonment: Sometimes the hardest part of going to war is coming home epub
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Author: Bryan A. Wood
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Based on a true story.

First of all, I want to give a huge "thank you" to Bryan Wood, and every American soldier for the job they do, and the job they have done. I am extremely humbled by all that you do, and endure for my freedom, and the freedom of our great country. To our men and women here at home, police officers, and firefighters who put yourselves in harms way to keep us safe, "thank you" to you as well.

Next, I would like to say thank you to my friend Jillian for pointing me in the direction of this book, I might not have found it otherwise, as this is not my normal genre.

I come from a family that has had its share of veterans, only one of my family members has spent any time in Iraq, my brother-in-law who works for the FBI. After returning home he sent a letter out to all of telling us of his experience there. This was early on in the war in Iraq and I remember how proud I was after reading his letter. He told us of his interactions with the civilians in Iraq, but I'm certain he didn't tell us everything. Just last month in his early 40's, my brother-in-law had to retire because he has Parkinson's disease, and it is has taken over to the point that he can no longer work. My brother was in the Navy during the Gulf War, but has long since been out of the service. I have always had great respect and admiration for our men and women in uniform, but this book left me with a greater sense of pride.

Unspoken Abandonment is beautifully written and incredibly insightful. This is the first hand account of Bryan Wood's tour in Afghanistan, and his very long journey home. I felt a series of emotions while reading this book. I was sad, angry, heartbroken, and hopeful, but the greatest feeling I took away from this book was, inspired. I think there is something that everyone can gain from reading Bryan's story, even though I'm just a woman from Memphis it certainly made me take a look at myself and see things about myself that could be improved upon.

Thank you Bryan for sharing your story, I will always remember.
Out of curiosity and upon a friend's recommendation, I started reading Unspoken Abandonment even though it's not my usual genre. From beginning to end, I was captivated by Mr. Wood's journey while serving in Afghanistan, and then trying to live and cope after returning home. He writes with an incredible flair of compassion and raw honesty as he describes horrific and shocking events in his journal entries, events that will be forever ingrained in my mind.

After reading this, I have a clearer understanding of not only the challenges our soldiers endure during war and after returning home, but also what all the innocent people and children go through to survive a hell on earth!

This poignant memoir reminded me to not take things for granted and to always strive to be a better person. Every once in a while we all need to be reminded of that as we go about our busy lives. This story does just that and more.

I urge anyone to read this, be moved, and then tell a friend about it. Thank you, Mr. Wood, for sharing your inspiring story.
I felt I was in the compound and with Bryan in Afghanistan. I felt his terror and hopelessness. Will I be blown up in my bed, on watch or Out I n the field. He saw local men pull little children into cars for sex, just as he saw a Taliban man gunman shoot little girls going to school. Rules of engagement were he could not shoot a local unless they were firing on him or his men. Even after he was injured a d came back for physical therapy, he was abused by the army. When he finally left the army he was a mess. Bryan shares how his life was how he was challenged to change and what happened to him. I have a new understanding of what our soldiers suffer at war and at home. Well written though I had to ta!e breaks because I became anxious at times.
This book evoked an abundance of emotions from me from beginning to end, making it almost impossible to put down once I started reading it. I loved that it was not a book written about being in combat from an author's perspective but rather is told first hand through the pages of his journal written in each day while in Eastern Afghanistan. This made it so real, so easy to feel what emotion the author was feeling while he was there.

For me, this book put into perspective what really, truly matters in life, and just how insignificant the small stuff that I sweat really is. This is a must read for every American so that they can get a glimpse of what life as a soldier is really like and understand why these men and woman more often than not return home and struggle though life as they have witnessed and have been through things unimaginable to most.....all for the sake of fighting for our freedom.

Captivating and powerful, this book is well written and highly recommended!!!!!!