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by Jodee Bock

Whatever your role within an organization, "The 100 Percent Factor" will give you fresh perspectives on ordinary concepts and ideas to help create a new attitude about the world of work, and the world outside of work. By supporting employees in bringing 100 percent of themselves to work, employers can expect at least 100 percent return on their investment. By examining and then producing their own 100 percent with each task or project, employees will step into their personal responsibility. This book guarantees no answers, but provides stories, analogies, and new perspectives - and new questions - that will inspire the reader to action in making a difference both inside and outside the workplace.
Download The 100 Percent Factor: Living Your Capacity epub
ISBN: 0978572203
ISBN13: 978-0978572204
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Motivational
Author: Jodee Bock
Language: English
Publisher: Bock's Office Publishing; 1st edition (September 23, 2016)
Pages: 150 pages
ePUB size: 1541 kb
FB2 size: 1779 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 637
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This is a wonderful book and it is written extremely well. If you ever want to understand how to get more out of what you already doing or take on a new challenge with greater ease, this book will help. Besides that the author is from Fargo, ND., how great is that!
The author hits the mark with her genuine approach to living at your full capacity. Jodee is able to relate her own experiences and the writing is like you are talking to a friend. She uses analogies and her personal experiences to explain some concepts that have been around for a long time but that we have somehow forgotten how to apply.

Jodee gathers insightful commentary from a wide variety of sources and weaves them into her themes. I especially liked the story about the "questioning machine." This really made me stop and ask "What do I want?" and "Who am I." Two questions I have asked myself many times but until now never really allowed myself to fully explore and answer.

I read this book twice and the first time it did not hit me the same way, but I wanted to look again and when I did I really saw it in a different way- and good thing I did! They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and I think I was ready for this the second time around!
Jodee Bock has hit a home run with the 100 Percent Factor. If you're already a super achiever, this book can help you achieve EVEN MORE and will challenge your thinking about what giving 100% means. Offering insightful stories and challenging reality checklists, this book is a must have for anyone looking to grow to their own true capacity, and stop living to what others say is good enough.
Jodee Bock is a master at moving people forward and this book clearly shows you why. By synthesizing the simple truths at the core of who you are and how you show up in the world, she demonstrates step by step how to transform the life you're living now into one of YOUR choosing.

I've known Jodee for several years and have found her to be a passionate, dynamic treasure trove of motivation and personal strength. I would tell anyone to pick up a copy of The 100% Factor and connect with this woman. She's going places, and she'll gladly take you with her.
If you are looking for some great insight on how to live your life at full potential - this is a must read. Don't just read it once. If you do, be sure to mark the sections that you are drawn to - as you will find yourself thumbing back through it. For me there were many insights. Jodee is a very wise soul and I look forward to future books written by this author.
The author nails it! How to live your life at 100% of your true potential. Very motivational and great way to get ready to jumpstart the new year. I have required my entire team in Real Estate to read it! Awesome job Jodee Bock.