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Download The Happiness Equation: 100 Factors That Can Add To or Subtract From Your Happiness epub

by Ilona Boniwell,Tina B. Tessina,Bridget Grenville-Cleave

There is a formula for happiness―and now readers can learn it in this unique book. To be happier: have a large family, try new foods, and be courageous. However, being highly educated, envying a friend’s car, and looking inward can cause the happiness level to go down. In this four-color guide, readers will learn how to calculate their happiness factor. They’ll discover what life changes they can make to help it go up and what will happen if it continues to go down. Includes the amount we either add to or subtract from our happiness when we: are married +2; have job insecurity -2; own a pet +5; play a fast-paced sport +2. Delivered in a fun, readable way, this book is perfect for those who want to improve their happiness. After adding and subtracting their way through the book, readers will be inspired to follow the expert advice and take steps to make their lives happier.

Download The Happiness Equation: 100 Factors That Can Add To or Subtract From Your Happiness epub
ISBN: 1605500348
ISBN13: 978-1605500348
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Happiness
Author: Ilona Boniwell,Tina B. Tessina,Bridget Grenville-Cleave
Language: English
Publisher: Adams Media (December 17, 2008)
Pages: 144 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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I found this originally in a friend's bathroom and after one trip read immediately bought myself a copy for my own home lavatory. Gets lots of comments from my guests and it has been a great daily meditation guide for me!
This book is a simple little book with a number of well researched facts presented simply and straight forwardly.
Very Old Chap
An Amazon book search with the keyword "happiness" yields more than 300.000 items nowadays. Many of these publications compete for your attention on the bulging self-help shelves of bookstores. They are generally brightly colored and often contain at least one or preferably several smileys. And most of them have the scientific value of a Spiderman comic book.

"The Happiness Equation" by Bridget Grenville-Cleave and Ilona Boniwell with Tina B. Tessina has the look and feel of just another of these self-help books. In 144 pages, it promises you "100 factors that can add to or substract from your happiness". Just do the math and see how happy you are. Then bring some change in your life by adding some positive factors and getting rid of some of the negative factors. There you are, congratulations, you helped yourself turn into a happier person. All thanks to this wondrous self-help book. Or so it promises.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck, right? Not quite. The smaller the print gets in this booklet, the more scientifically correct the information becomes. If you don't just skim the titles but actually take the effort of reading the well-written one-page descriptions of every factor, you get quite an up-to-date and condensed (so obviously not in-depth) overview of the scientific findings on the topic of happiness and positive psychology.

So are you looking for an easy-to-read self-help book on happiness that you can finish in one or two readings? And you don't want to waste your precious time with unscientific quack literature? Then you might want to take up "The Happiness Equation", think away its flashy superficial shell and enjoy the read.
Excellent, short and easy to read book that tells you exactly what to do and what not to do to add more happiness and well-being into your life. Backed by hard science and real studies from many countries, rather than just the subjective beliefs of an author. The techniques detailed here have proven themselves over time. So get the book, and then smile a lot, find a religion, practice optimism, laugh, exercise, and be grateful ! (to name just a few of the proven happiness boosters). I have already begun my "happiness project".
Wild Python
One of my favorites. Concise and categorized in clear ways. The authors provide quick, research-based nuggets that drive the point home. Who wouldn't want to gain more happiness? Better for health, wealth and more.