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by Robert Mendelson

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz's chase for beauty hasn't merely been in the operating room. It has been in the plastic surgeon's own backyard. As a father, he was confronted with unimaginable ugliness when, on October 27, 1989, he stepped out his backdoor and into what is every loving parent's most horrific nightmare. Heroically, he somehow found beauty again. But a decade later, after he tried to achieve one of his miraculous surgical outcomes for a young deformed patient, he was drawn into another abyss of ugliness. The "Chase for Beauty" is about much more than Dennis Hurwitz, the plastic surgeon. It's about a man who never gave up his personal or professional chase for beauty in a world that could be so ugly.
Download The Chase for Beauty epub
ISBN: 1600372783
ISBN13: 978-1600372780
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Death & Grief
Author: Robert Mendelson
Language: English
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (October 1, 2007)
Pages: 220 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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The book, "The Chase for Beauty" is essentially a slice of the life of Dennis Hurwitz, a renowned plastic surgeon. Essentially the book reads like one long advertisement - Dr. Hurwitz invented the full body lift and has helped literally thousands of ugly people become beautiful. Interspersed with this is how great a man Dr. Hurwitz is as the awestruck author, Robert Mendelson, goes on and on ad nauseum about the qualities of Dr. Hurwitz (I think the author forgot to add in that the saintly doctor has probably walked on water). Some of the book contains information about the doctor's beautiful daughter, Karen, who was murdered by a "friend" in her yard. Karen seemed like a sweet young girl who suffered a horrible death.

I just didn't like this book - I'm not into reading about narcissitic families. But let's get one thing straight. If I need plastic surgery, Dr. Hurwitz would be my plastic surgeon of choice.
excellent price and service
This book is a true story.

I read it because it was recommended to me by a good friend who knows Dr. Hurwitz, the plastic surgeon. I'm not much of a reader, but I was told to read the book because it is a true story about a man who's daughter was brutally murdered in his own backyard. Nearly 20 years later, he and his family have the courage to speak about it.

At first, I found myself reading the book to actually get to the murder scene chapter. I was anxious to read about the actual incident, the reaction, and how on earth the family dealt with such a tragedy. But upon really getting into the book, it made me realize that there was so much more to the story and life of Dr. Hurwitz than just the murder of his daughter. All of his hardships brought me even closer to his pain and chase for Beauty.

The falling out with his brother, the struggles with his wife, the multi- million dollar law suit against him, the mystique of the actual predictions of future tragic events, centered around the brutal murder of his daughter. How could a man overcome all of this? Dr. Hurwitz shows us how.

I read the book in 2 nights. I've never done that before with any book.

The Chase for Beauty made me realize that even though life can bring you extreme hardships, there still is a way to cope, be succesful, and move on with dignity and respect.

This book makes the perfect gift for a loved one whose goal in life is to advance, no matter the obstacle.

Joey Rahimi
I read this book because I'm a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and I heard a lot of buzz about the story of Dr. Hurwitz, The Total Body Lift and the clockwork orange murder in Squirrel Hill.

I finally decided to pick it up after reading an article about it in the post gazette back in September. The article describe the book as having a short beginning, a long middle, and an ending that was going in the right direction. I personally felt like the beginning and the middle were page turners, while the ending didn't have enough closure, probably because these were all true accounts.

I also felt like I wanted to learn a lot more about the murderer of Karen. In the Post Gazette article, it says the author interviewed the murderer for 5 days at Fayette County prison. I'd love to read the transcript of that interview. I was definitely confused as to whether or not the boy was crazy, jealous, or both.

What I loved most about The Chase was that the author recreated Dr. Hurwitz's life and made me feel like I was an actual part of it.

Pick up this book if:
- you're from Pittsburgh because it will without a doubt hit home
- you need to be inspired by someone who has had it a lot worse than you
- you want to learn how to appreciate the joy and beauty in life
I have had 20 years of contact with Dr. Hurwitz, as a grandparent of a child with a cleft lip and palate and also as a patient who had a tumor removed from my nasal cavity. Dennis has always given his all to treating my granddaughter. She had many surgeries in her 18 years as his patient and his innovative work made her look wonderful. The book reflects all of the long hours he put in caring for these children as well as his dedication to his family. He has been knocked down many, many times and gets back up and that to me is amazing. I would have had a hard time dealing with the murder of my child, and he and Linda did, but to go each day and take care of others children so they can live a normal life is truly giving. God, did give this man a special gift, he has always and I mean always, used that to benefit others. He would never knowingly hurt a child, and that is why the portion of the book that deals with his malpractice suit is so upsetting to read. He never experiemented, he did what he felt would be the best for the child, period.
I read this book in one day. Every time I got to the end of a chapter, I found myself unconsciously rolling into the next.

At first, I thought that I was interested in this book because of the setting. Being from Pittsburgh, it was exciting to notice familiar landmarks in the the story. But, upon reflection, I realize that it was the story, itself, and the messages attached to it, that really kept me engaged. Of course, the writing style also helped. Reading this book was effortless, but the reward and experience was incredible.

This book is a must-read for anyone who: doesn't like to read, loves to read, has lost a loved one, has a personal struggle of their own, is looking for motivation, needs help rebuilding, has an interest in religion, likes crime or drama, is interested in the medical community, or wants to be moved.

In truth, this page-turner is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a good read. It explores a range of emotions, from shock and fury, to empowerment and peace.

Not only does the book capture the emotional roller coaster of sorrow and joy, it also looks at everyday situations and challenges in a honest, simple way. This true story is a personal, fresh read with a momentum of its own. Once you pick it up, it's impossible not to get swept away.