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by Deborah Hughes-Hallett,Patti Frazer Lock,Andrew M. Gleason,David O. Lomen,William G. McCallum,Brad G. Osgood,Andrew Pasquale,Jeff Tecosky-Feldman,Joseph Thrash,Karen R. Rhea,Thomas W. Tucker,Daniel E. Flath

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Textbook: Achieving a fine balance between the concepts and procedures of calculus, this applied Calculus text provides students with the solid background they need in the subject with a thorough understanding of its applications in a wide range of fields ? from biology to economics.

Key features of this innovative text include:

The text is problem driven and features exceptional exercises based on real-world applications. The authors provide alternative avenues through which students can understand the material. Each topic is presented four ways: geometrically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. Students are encouraged to interpret answers and explain their reasoning throughout the book, which the author considers a unique concept compared to other books. Many of the real-world problems are open-ended, meaning that there may be more than one approach and more than one solution, depending on the student's analysis. Solving a problem often relies on the use of common sense and critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to develop estimating and approximating skills. The book presents the main ideas of calculus in a clear, simple manner to improve students' understanding and encourage them to read the examples. Technology is used as a tool to help students visualize the concepts and learn to think mathematically. Graphics calculators, graphing software, or computer algebra systems perfectly complement this book but the emphasis is on the calculus concepts rather than the technology. (Textbook ISBN: 0471207926)

Student Solutions Manual: Provides complete solutions to every odd exercise in the text. These solutions will help you develop the strong foundation you need to succeed in your Calculus class and allow you to finish the course with the foundation that you need to apply the calculus you learned to subsequent courses. (Solutions Manual ISBN: 0471213624)

Download Applied Calculus epub
ISBN: 0471207926
ISBN13: 978-0471207924
Category: Science
Subcategory: Mathematics
Author: Deborah Hughes-Hallett,Patti Frazer Lock,Andrew M. Gleason,David O. Lomen,William G. McCallum,Brad G. Osgood,Andrew Pasquale,Jeff Tecosky-Feldman,Joseph Thrash,Karen R. Rhea,Thomas W. Tucker,Daniel E. Flath
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley; 2 edition (May 2, 2002)
Pages: 528 pages
ePUB size: 1140 kb
FB2 size: 1472 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 374
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I took calculus years ago in college and couldn't remember any of it, which is why I bought this book. This book is very easy to understand and is well written. Tons of real world examples, with solutions. If anyone has not yet taken calculus and wants to prepare for a college level calculus coarse, regardless if you are going to take applied or engineering calculus, this book is well worth it. .
Wow! For that price, I really can't complain much. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in this product. Thank you again!
Simple fellow
This is a fine textbook. I was pleased that my students and I could still find the older edition (which is also cheaper). The focus on applications and conceptual understanding rather than technical details is appropriate for the audience (business majors).
Example and solution are easy to understand.
exercises are helpful, there's no step by step solution for the problems and not all answers are available on the answer sheet.
Cheap, timely , and in decent shape for being a pretty old book, all you can ask for when your a broke college kid
As a college student, I also have this book available to me online, but it's great having the hard copy, since it's what I am accustomed to.
Overall the book has lots of examples and portrays the material very well.
I was just slightly disappointed because I was told that this product was new but it had clearly had some use before I received it.
This is a magnificant calculus book. It is aimed at students in business, the social sciences, and the life sciences. This is done by first the examples and problems. But perhaps even more important the wording of the text is such that these students will understand what they are trying to convey and to clearly show them how calculus can be used to solve problems in their particular field.

At the beginning of the book, three pages of the Preface, the applications discussed in the text are listed by: Business and Economics, Life Sciences and Ecology, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences. Under these headings are subjects like: Value of a Car, AIDS, Cancer Rates, Abortion Rate and so on. These are subjects that will have some interest and applicability to students rather than the old traditional problems like water flowing into and out of a bucket that used to be the mainstream of teaching calculus.

Finally, calculus marks a transition in the study of mathematics for a student. Up until now he studied arithmetic every year in school, maybe he finally got to a bit of algebra and trig. Now he is exposed to a whole new world of ways to handle problems that go beyond anything he has seen before. This book eases the student into an understanding of how to approach these problems better than any I've seen.