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The Way Life Works is the perfect answer for any instructor seeking a more concise, meaningful, and flexible alternative to the standard introductory biology text. Organized around one central idea – the amazing unity that underlies biological diversity – this book presents biology's basic concepts and applications through a brilliant interweaving of incisive explanations, imaginative analogies, and stunning visual graphics. The process of science is strongly emphasized, and specific historical and current research is presented to elucidate the achievements of scientific exploration and the roles of curiosity and observation in initiating the scientific process. Easily adaptable to multiple teaching styles, this irresistably readable, innovative, and engaging new textbook is guaranteed to inspire both teachers and students alike.
Download The Way Life Works epub
ISBN: 0091812690
ISBN13: 978-0091812690
Category: Science
Subcategory: Biological Sciences
Language: English
Publisher: EBURY PRESS (1995)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 678
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Best Introduction I have seen; it is very well thought out. Drawings convey the concepts in a very helpful and memorable way. Easy to understand. The ideas are explained with such excellent organization (and a minimum of text, but quite ample text because so well thought out!) and, for all their cartoon presentation, prepare the reader for reading and studying texts that develop more "technically" topics so that even young (but bright, focused) readers can pursue them. It is surprisingly up to date, presenting for example Lynn Margulis's once radical, now fully accepted, account of how the mitochondria (the power houses of our cells) evolved into becoming parts of our cells by symbiosis with bacteria, or how, e.g., the flagella of sperm derive from the symbiosis of spirochete bacteria with cells requiring a means of motility.... Of course, a lot has been happening since this was published, but this great book prepares the reader really well to appreciate and catch up on more recent research.
Highly recommended!

I am using this as a main text for homeschooling (elementary aged, "advanced") It should provide an excellent foundation, making diving into dense A.P./ college texts (like Campbell Biology (9th Edition)) much easier when/if the time comes. For those looking for something in-between, I've heard from two different sources who have reviewed the available textbooks, to use for high school homeschooling classes, (one of the teachers a Ph.D. in molecular plant biology) a good one is "BIOLOGY EXPLORING LIFE STUDENT EDITION 2009C.

Coming back to this book, it takes a comprehensive look at life from the molecular level on up.

The illustrations are excellent for explaining subjects in memorable ways, fairly in-depth. They are bright, plentiful, and cartoon-y, and have kept the interest of my son.

This is the type of book written not only by someone who knows their subject, but ALSO knows how to TEACH and ENJOY it! (The type that you get excited about if you are a teacher or interested in learning a subject.)

My thanks to the authors!

There is an earlier version of this book, "The Way Life Works: The Science Lover's Illustrated Guide to How Life Grows, Develops, Reproduces, and Gets Along", and from what I understand the main difference is that this newer one added more textbook-like sections at the end of each chapter with questions, etc. to try to make it more useful in the classroom.
This is such a wonderful book. I am trying to get back into learning about science since leaving college decades ago. This book is very well illustrated (which is very important because unless one has an electron microscope in your garage it is very hard to visualize the concepts that are being talked about).

Every page has interesting things to say and reveal to me. For the first time in my life I began to realize that I am just like all the other things in the world. I just have a different shape than they do. There also seems to be what I will call an transcendental aspect to each page or several pages. I suddenly begin to sense the BIG PICTURE OF LIFE.

Also don't miss the last pages in the book which give the answers to the test questions that the author's have posed throughout the book. The answers themselves are so interesting. This book took a LOT OF WORK to create.

This, I think, is a classic.
When I first saw it, I thought it was simply another children's book, designed to interest children in biology. It probably does that too. However, this is probably the best introduction to biology I have ever read (believe me, I've read many). It delves into, for the uninitiated, rather difficult subjects, with ease, grace and completeness and extraordinary depth (for a basics book). After many years into biology, I still go back ti it to refresh the basics. Outstanding read!
This a book that will delight anyone interested in biology, not just beginners or younger readers. I have an advanced degree in biology and find it rewarding and clarifying. It explains and depicts (biology is a very visual subject) key concepts in the organization of living things, getting to the heart of the matter in streamlined fashion, without the (as far as the aim of the book goes, unnecessary) mass of detail you'll find in a standard bio text. This might be called "fundamental biology from an advanced standpoint." It can be read multiple times, perhaps once quickly but again more deliberately, allowing time to ponder what is being conveyed. Love it.
The illustrations and text are so clear at explaining the concepts of biology that I recommend this book to everyone I know with a high school kid. I used this as my basic text for a class for homeschoolers on cell biology. My little geek daughter has read and reread this book from the age of 8 or 9, and at the age of 12 (with some other study) got a 750 on the SAT II Biology test. Hoaglund really knows how to explain life science. I especially recommend the section explaining how life staves off entropy to allow building of complexity. I learned more from this little book than from high school Biology.
Love this book!
I have seen a lot of biology books and they often appear dry and boring. This is great book for refreshing your knowledge of biology (especially if you graduated from school some years ago). It does not go into great detail, but if you want a good general overview, then I think you will enjoy this book.