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by Ernest Doebelin

Arny's "Explorations: An Introduction to Astronomy, 6th Edition", is built on the foundation of its well known writing style, accuracy, and emphasis on current information. This new edition continues to offer the most complete technology/new media support package available. That technology/new media package includes: Interactives, Animations, and introducing Connect - online homework and course management.
Download Explorations: Introduction to Astronomy epub
ISBN: 0070172757
ISBN13: 978-0070172753
Category: Science
Subcategory: Astronomy & Space Science
Author: Ernest Doebelin
Language: English
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Europe (December 1, 1962)
Pages: 384 pages
ePUB size: 1244 kb
FB2 size: 1555 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 534
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It's so easy
My husband has a B.S. in Physics, and I have 36 units of general education at community college. We were looking for something I could use to teach our middle school children and their co-op astronomy, because the textbook unit in their curriculum is so simplified that it is confusing to any reasonably intelligent person. I can understand about 70% of this book without any help from my husband, and that is a vast amount more comprehension than I could get from any other materials that I looked at. Just the table of contents was enough for me to search topics online to find activities and videos that are age appropriate and can be used in tandem with excerpts from this book, which we will read through together before, during and/or after the activities. This book strikes the perfect balance between hard science and layperson abilities. Some of the physics and math was too much for me, but to my husband it was basic information that cannot be communicated without math. Literally. I can't do the math, so I couldn't understand those parts. But the English part I got just fine. And that's better than I could get anywhere else.
My college mandated this book for my Astronomy class. The book is very nice. Seems through. My instructor supplements it with videos from PBS, the History Channel and other sources. We also have a planetarium at our class location so what we learn in the book we can quickly see in action. I wish my college offered another Astronomy class but it seems I'd need to transfer for that! I've read the book digital cover to digital cover.
I recommend this book, if you like as Astronomy. I have learned so much and I am taking an online class and I literally need someone to explain everything but with this book it just easy, I have a used book and mine was in the good condition for getting a used book. I am serious, it is like new. I would recommend this to any person who want to know a little bit about the world above us. The book didn't take long to get delivered.
No required code came with time I will make sure that it does....i had to spend another $40 to buy the access code
I bought this because I needed a book for my astronomy class and I expected it to show up all bent and marked in and I was pleasantly surprised! This book is in wonderful shape. I have been using it for several weeks and when people ask what I paid for it I can brag because everyone else paid 10 times what I did.
I read this book for a class. It is fairly well written. Some of the topics could have been a little clearer but it gives an overall nice description of the Astronomy.

The book progresses in depth of knowledge. It get more specific as the book goes on. It starts out very general and about half way through it starts to focus on specific topics for each chapter. I preferred the second half of the book. The reading was more interesting the first half was to broad to really get any good information.
Great intro book! Easy to read yet not too childish. It is very informative as well.
what makes this so excellent for me are the basic science explanations. i had an older edition, which was very good, but this one far excels it. this is a pleasure to read science book for the interested lay person as well as a younger student.