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by Johanna Lindsey

Download Marriage Most Scandalous epub
ISBN: 0732282144
ISBN13: 978-0732282141
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Regency
Author: Johanna Lindsey
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd (July 24, 2006)
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 881
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watching to future
I occasionally go on a romance run and binge read romance novels back to back until they start to seem silly and tedious…I think I’m there. It isn’t necessarily that this is a bad Historical Romance….but it isn’t a great one either. I LONG for a really good HR story where both the romance and the plot line up and are both good. For me this had a decent plot that I liked the revelation of at the end and the romance had moments but that was about it. Most of the time it was just blah for me.

First the Plot:

I actually liked this most about the book. Sebastian killed his best friend in a Duel, was disowned by his family and had to leave the country. That all happens in the prologue so not a spoiler. He is working as a type of mercenary when Maggie finds him quite accidentally and convinces him to return to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill his father.

Okay so I really wasn’t impressed at first because I thought I had figured out the mystery really early, in fact I was sure of it. But in the last 30% I found out I totally misjudged the mystery and then the plot became infinitely more interesting to me. A book that had been just ho hum was now, way more interesting and I did very much enjoy how the mystery played out.

Second the Romance:

I wanted desperately to like it but I didn’t. I liked the bad boy persona of ‘The Raven’ but it came and went too easy and one minute Sebastian was a devilish rogue with ambiguous morals and the next a perfect gentleman. I much preferred the rogue, I admit it I sometimes like it when the hero is a bit of a jerk.

Then there is Maggie who is all prim properness. I liked her for the most part, she was headstrong and stubborn and a little bit wild. What I didn’t like is the initial sex scene. Sebastian asks her to say “yes” before going all the way and she says “no”. Okay it is very clear from what is happening that she is into the pre love making but she still said “no”. He says “okay as long as we both know you mean yes.” I am a huge proponent of No means No, no matter what the signals say. So that definitely ruined the initial smexy times for me. I would have enjoyed it better if he left her wanting what she said she didn’t want.

The romance ended up turning out cute in the end but some of it just really left a sour taste in my mouth.

So overall I liked the mystery, but wasn’t sold on the romance (which is really what I read this for).
I have always enjoyed Johanna Lindsey's books and this one did not disappoint. I was enraptured with the story from start to finish and was excited that i was not expecting the ending the way it played out. Usually i can solve a mystery by half way and in this book I was just in shock as the characters. It was a wonderful surprise.
Johanna Lindsey's books are very formulaic. Sometimes that's not a bad thing when I'm just looking for a quick reading escape, but other times it can be dull. I found that this book was more in the latter category. I didn't really care that much about the hero; although, I did find the heroine fun to read. So overall it was okay.
Ever since the day he was disowned by his father by a duel that went horribly wrong, Sebastion has never set foot in England. He has also never worked for a woman before either. But he ends up doing both when a former neighbor hires him into looking at some accidents Sebastion's father has been having. She is convinced that Denton or his wife Juliette is the one responsible. Is this Sebastion's chance to heal the rift with his father or is it already too late? And will a pretend marriage between Sebastion and Maggie become the real thing?
What a wonderful story... fast paced— loving and endearing characters. The villains were over the top. Love and hate the perfect combination for this romantic story. A great read for those who enjoy romance novels set in this time period. I recommend this book.
I have read ALL of Johanna Lindsey's books. For the most part I have LOVED them all. I found this book to be very entertaining. I enjoyed the banter and the characters personality quirks. I have read the other reviews and agree in some aspects but this is a work of FICTION and is suppose to entertain you not educate you on the protocol of Regency England. In every group there is always a self-thinker or rebel... Why is it so hard to suppose that a girl would be strong-willed and take of on her own quest? This is a common thread in Johanna Lindsey's books. I enjoyed the plot twist. It just goes to show the "Cruel irony of life". The characters learned from it and at the end became better for it. A ENJOYABLE read. I will read it again and would recommend it to anyone that wants a bit of escapism and adventure.
This is a great story from a master story-teller. Sebastian kills his best friend in a duel and is disowned by his father. Eleven years later, little Margaret,all grown up now , comes to France to bring him home to investigate strange accidents that have happened to his estranged father. Pretending to be married, they embark on investigations, stir the fires of the old scandals, and solve the problems with an unexpected twist. Excellent story.
Everything you want in a romance novel. Intrigue. Laughter. Teasing. Strong characters. Passion. Redemption. Author has a habit of writing books you want read over and over just to be in world she creates for a little longer.