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by Genevieve Jack

Download The Ghost and The Graveyard epub
ISBN: 0985236744
ISBN13: 978-0985236748
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Paranormal
Author: Genevieve Jack
Language: English
Publisher: Carpe Luna, Ltd. (September 8, 2012)
Pages: 306 pages
ePUB size: 1677 kb
FB2 size: 1242 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 938
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Short skirt, broad sword and boots. You would think something exciting was happening and you would be wrong. This book ends on a .... oh wait, there is no ending... and it doesn't leave you wanting more... just an end to the danged story. I had to buy the second book to put a close to hours I wasted due to OCD and my illogical need for closure.
I read all of the reviews on this book before I got it. I was excited to read it because the reviews were so good. I'm not sure I read the same book as everyone else, because this book is awful. It's not well written and the characters lack any substance. Within the first two pages, Grateful was getting it on, if only in a dream. She gets all of her money taken by her boyfriend but doesn't go to the cops? She chooses to pay off the debt herself. Who does that? She has to take the power by having sex with Rick, meanwhile her friend, Michelle, is trapped with a vampire in her body and could die if they don't help in time, yet they have this long drawn out sexual encounter. Then she messes up the spell and the vampire flees...isn't she the most powerful witch in the world, doing these spells for centuries? She can release souls and judge them before they go on, but she can't figure out a simple salt circle? None of it makes any sense. Such a disappointment.
lets go baby
I didn't like this book so thank goodness it was free; I didn't waste any money on it. Within the first few pages the main character, Grateful Knight (no really that is her name), has a sexual fantasy about some guy she sees on the side of the why? I know it gets "explained" later, but it was completely unnecessary. It would have been just as well to say there was a hot guy on the side of the road. This sex kind of stuff continued though, as in the very next chapter Grateful jumps the guy, who is her neighbor named Rick, and makes out with him on her couch, after inviting him in, even though she doesn't know him. That stuff bothers me quite a bit, because no normal woman is going to do that in today's cautious society. It also bugged me because Grateful kept saying that she just got out of a bad relationship, so she shouldn't be doing it, however, then she goes on to say she hadn't been dating for months. How is that "just" getting out of a relationship? Also, she got out of her past relationship because she was gullible enough to give her then boyfriend all of her money. I know that happens a lot to some women, but wow. You would think Grateful would be more intelligent and not just invite some guy into her house, and that was only the beginning of the book. I don't like Rick; I like Grateful's ghost much better. I think Rick is hiding things from Grateful and I don't feel he's genuine. I also feel that Grateful just lets things go when she shouldn't because she doesn't like confrontation or she lets other people "persuade" her into doing things she shouldn't do/doesn't want to do.
Truly what really bugs me about this book is that I cannot relate to Grateful at all. She calls herself slutty, then she doesn't really hold herself accountable for her feelings, she leads others on, she's totally unsure of herself in a lot of situations, she makes excuses for her decisions, and she lets other people dissuade her from doing what she feels she should do/wants to do. How about instead of making excuses, you own up to your mistakes and start working towards fixing the problems you've created? Instead of letting others dissuade you from doing what you feel is right, why don't you explain yourself and do it anyway? I would not recommend this book to anyone and I am very surprised it got so many high reviews. Thank goodness it was free or I would have wasted my money.
To be fair, I didn't read this book. At least not more than a few pages. I hadn't been expecting much from a free paranormal romance book, but I wasn't expecting to instantly be slammed with body shaming and gender stereotypes. Very shortly into the book, the main character begins to complain about her ex, who is a jerk. Using a weird psychology theory that I'm sure the author developed in her Psych 101 class, the protagonist explains how good looking she is, with big boobs and blonde hair, and how all the jerks want her because they have tiny caveman brains. But the friend that the protagonist is complaining to... well, she has all the luck, because even though she's brunette and dumpy and overweight, she's already married with a baby!

So not only is the main character insinuating that her friend isn't pretty because she's *gasp* 160 pounds and BRUNETTE, but she's also insinuating that a woman's self-worth is inseparable from her ability to land a man and procreate.

So, yeah. I was done about six pages in. Maybe the character grows, but I doubt it. I doubt the author even realized how sexist and awful those few paragraphs sound.
Grateful (yeah, that’s her name) has just moved into an old house with a backyard…of tombstones. Her new neighbor lives up the road and happens to be the caretaker. Oh, and he also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous. So, living next to a hottie and dead people? Eh, not so bad.

Strange things keep happening in that house though. Was it haunted?

A call asking Grateful if she’s the sorter. A what? Sorter?

Soon, she starts talking to the ghost of the house and realizes that he seems harmless. Dare I say that she was even falling for the ghost? But who could she trust: the ghost or the caretaker? And what does her birth and mother have to do with any of it? And why was the caretaker feeding her sexual subliminal messages?

This was an interesting mystery, and the reader savors each tantalizing truth. She was the Monk Hills Witch—sorter of the dead and fighter against the unholy. Cool!

I liked how relatable Grateful was and that she wasn’t so quick to believe all this mumbo-jumbo. She was fast and witty.