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by Barbara McMahon

Download The Nanny and the Sheikh (Romance) (Romance) epub
ISBN: 0263854051
ISBN13: 978-0263854053
Category: Romance
Author: Barbara McMahon
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (2007)
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 250
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I love the book and enjoy the story. Strong characters but didn't like the ending. I was looking for more. I would still recommend the book to family and friends
Need more love to much
4 Stars! ~ In this seventh installment of the Bella Lucia series, we meet Melissa the new step-daughter in the family. Surim is a man who was thrust into his role as Sheikh at a very young age, and now when his cousin's children become his wards, all he knows to do is hire strangers to care for them. Melissa soon sets him straight, she's the first woman ever to express her disapproval of him or to ever dare disagree with him. Surim learns what it truly means to have family, but he needs help in realizing what it is to love. This is heartwarming love story with a terrific HEA.

The Nanny and the Sheikh by Barbara McMahon
~ Harlequin Romance #3928 ~ January 2007
Brides of Bella Lucia ~ Book #7

From the book cover...

Needed: a mother for the sheikh's children...

Melissa Fox's trip to the kingdom of Qu'Arim is a perk of her job with the Valentine family. When she arrives, she works for Bella Lucia, but when she expertly calms Sheikh Surim Al-Thani's three little children, the handsome sheikh is determined she will stay on as his nanny.

When Melissa realizes how much the children need her, she agrees to stay--she will teach the gorgeous but guarded sheikh how to love and care for them. Only she finds herself in love with a man she could only ever dream of marrying.

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After not reading a `sheikh' romance for years, this book was a great one to show what I've been missing. A sweet romance, it's a modern version of those Harlequins I used to read as a teen but much better. Very believable.

You could say Melissa Fox is the latest `acquisition' to the Valentine family since her mum has just become Wife #4 (Her father did divorce the others first.). In between jobs as a professional nanny, Melissa has a couple months before her new nanny job starts in Boston, so she accepts a job as assistant to her new step-brother who's in charge of the Bella Lucia restaurant chain. The business is expanding into a French speaking Arabic country on the Persian gulf and Melissa's job entails translating the French documents into English. As a treat for a job well done, her boss/step-brother invites her to accompany him to the small country of Qu'Arim while he checks out the site of the new restaurant.

Melissa is taken by the warm country and its inhabitants. Especially 3 small wards of the Sheikh with whom she's staying since he's the reason they're there. In fact, sheikh or not, the first time she sees the kids, she lets out a blast of indignation for their treatment while in his house. She even says she'll report him which is so western until she realizes he controls the country.

Sheikh Surim Al-Thani doesn't know what to make of this modern woman whom his good friend brought over. He notices her as an efficient and knowledgeable translator but she really makes her mark when she bursts out her threat to report him. Him! The absurdity of the ludicrous remark wakes him to the fact that the children, orphans of his close cousin, fear him. Instead of berating Melissa, he asks for her help caring for the sorrowful children thrust upon him. At least until he could send them to boarding school. Surely there were boarding schools for 2 yrs olds.

An added dimension to this story is Surim's pressure to find a suitable bride. He needs to provide an heir as soon as possible to avoid total anarchy if he dies since he's the last in line. He doesn't believe in love but he's drawn to Melissa. However, Melissa isn't suitable and they both know it. And even if she was, she wouldn't settle for anything less than love. No matter how much oil his country produced.

This is the 7th book in The Brides of Bella Lucia series. For the complete listing, go here: [...]

Heat Level: Romantic

My Rating: Great - 4 stars
From the first, Sheikh Surim was attracted by Melissa's quiet beauty, but she was also very skilled and intelligent. She wasn't afraid to stand up for those in whom she believed, either, even Surim's three newly-acquired children. Their parents were both dead and Surim wanted to be a good guardian; he just didn't know how.

Come along on this lovely journey as the orphans curl themselves around your heart and a sheikh finds the love for whom he's always waited.