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by Janet Dailey

After raising her son Tadd for seven years, Valerie Wentworth returns to Maryland for her grandfather's funeral, only to fight a lingering attraction to her son's father, Judd Prescott.
Download Bed of Grass epub
ISBN: 0786226927
ISBN13: 978-0786226924
Category: Romance
Author: Janet Dailey
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Pr (September 1, 2000)
Pages: 237 pages
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FB2 size: 1201 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 404
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As a big Janet Dailey fan, I must say this is one of her sweeter novels. The H and h have a long and complicated history, but the H is never cruel or mean. The h actually has a backbone, the secondary characters are charming, and the tension between the H and h is palpable. I also enjoyed the H's open possessiveness; definitely an alpha man! My only complaint is that the H never seems exceptionally fond of the little boy, but of course the focus of the novel is the love story. 3.5 stars
I received the book in great condition. Being a Janet Dailey fan I was very pleased with the story. I love that the women in her stories are very strong woman and the men are very manly but nice.
Enjoyed! Thank you! ????????
I picked up this book because I thought it might be interesting to read a book that was based in Maryland. This was the version published in 2000. For whatever reason, inside the front cover the statement is written that the black-eyed susan is the state flower of Maryland, but on the cover is a field of white flowers - definitely not the state flower. Black eyed Susans are never mentioned in the book. In fact this story could have taken place anywhere there are horse farms and a tobacco auction. Baltimore is mentioned several times but again nothing that would require the research claimed by Janet and her husband. The word Chicago could have easily been substituted. Books about Maryland do not always have to be about the Bay and crabbers and oystermen, but if you are going to write a book about each state at least put some things in that are unique to that state and show you have done research on it.

The story itself is simplistic. Girl gets pregnant, is thrown out of her home and leaves the area. She returns for a funeral still in love with the well to do man who is her son's father. Can he really love her? Can she find happiness and the love she wants? We read many times about her gazing through her gold tipped eyelashes and his solid chest and hard muscular thighs.
It's the very typical romance novel, but a nice relaxing read.
The back cover says:

Her wild youth was a thing of the past.

Valerie Wentworth had paid dearly for the mistakes she'd made as a passionate girl. Turned out of her grandfather's house, she had raised her son Tadd, all alone. Now after seven years, she had returned home for her grandfather's funeral - even though it meant confronting Judd Prescott again. Judd, who didn't know he was Tadd's father. The man was more compellingly attractive than ever - but if Valerie had learned one
thing it was to stay away from Judd Prescott. If only Judd would stay away from her.

An oldie but goodie!
I bought the reprint of this book, quite excited. I had the original first printing that was falling apart from years of being moved around and was very happy they started to bring the old books back.

However I did not care for the updates and corrections to the stories. Its weird reading a book from the early 80s and see things like Email or digital photographs pop up randomly. Also, one of my favorite scenes between Judd and Val had been changed. I pulled out my old copy and saw the dialogue was changed. Also, the new conversation about birth control.

I am sure an author would like to tweak their works from time to time, but I would have just loved to have an updated version of my falling apart book. Guess which one I will be reading? Lets hope the tape holds.

Where is the spell check?
A very good love story enjoyed reading it very much it was well written easy to read March 18 20 15