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by Shannon Drake

Forced to marry for her own protection, Katherine de Montrain agrees to wed but promises never to give in to the sexual desires of her husband, the handsome Lord Damian Montjoy
Download Damsel in Distress epub
ISBN: 0380763524
ISBN13: 978-0380763528
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Shannon Drake
Language: English
Publisher: Avon Books (March 1, 1992)
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 648
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This book looked really promising--I mean, drama and love in the times of Robin Hood? What's not to like? Well, the book, honestly. I kept reading in hopes it would get better, but it never did. This is very much written in the old style of romance novels where the heroine is practically raped by the hero and her stockholm's syndrome makes it okay. The heroine was very unlikeable to me, constantly wavering between a damsel in distress, a brave rebel and an annoyingly smug aristocrat. While I applaud the author for attempting to write the book in the language style of the era it was based in, it often made for confusing and choppy reading. I read a lot, both modern and historical novels including the classics, and I still had to re-read pages to make sure I understood what was going on.
Set in 12th century England (mostly, though there are scenes in the Holy Land), in the reign of King Richard the Lion Heart and his brother, Prince John, this is a romance that will win your heart.

Lord Damien Montjoy, one of Richard's faithful knights who would help the king retake Jerusalem, and one day return to England to be lord of his own castle, is rewarded by Richard for his valor with the adjoining lands of Lady Katherine ("Kat") de Montrain--and with the hand of the lady herself. Richard also wants Montjoy to secure the north of England from the wiles of his brother John. Ah, but there are legends about the forests there...Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Lady Greensleeves and the Silver Sword!

Prince John would give Kat's hand to the evil de la Ville who will pay him richly as John is ever in need of funds. The Silver Sword, a man who once saved her father's life, arrives to save Kat from de la Ville and deliver her to Montjoy, but then the Sword takes her innocence (the way I read it, it's a forced seduction). Kat is a strong and beautiful young fact, the Lady Greensleeves herself! While she weds Montjoy, she is not happy about it as he is a nemesis from her youth. Kat hates all the men in her life: the King, Montjoy and the Silver Sword. Could she ever love such a man? ("Never!") Does she love the Silver Sword after their night of intimacy? ("No!")

But all will come right and the legends will have their day. This is really a dreamy romance with rich characters and great action. Shannon Drake (aka Heather Graham) always delivers a romance you can't put down. I only wish she had written this one as a part of a series as I did not want it to end. I recommend it.
Took a little bit to get into it but I liked once i did.
I love all her historic books!
"Damsel in Distress" is the re-release of a 1992 novel written by Shannon Drake, aka Heather Graham, now in digital. Graham must have a dozen personalities. She can write any genre, any style. She does romance, mystery, paranormal, you name it, she can write it. This e-book is a traditional romance with all of the cliches and passion that that entails. Kat is a countess who is being dealt to the highest bidder. The prince wants to give her to the evil de la Ville. King Richard gives her to Montjoy, a knight. Knight in shining armor if you will. Both Kat and Montjoy are related to Robin Hood, who plays a bit part in the book.
It almost seems there is too much going on. We have 12 Century English politics, Robin Hood, the Crusades, and the love story which is kinda attached to all of the other stories. I thought it was ok. I'm a fan of Graham, but not really of Avon romances. It is well written and well researched. A little heavy on the cliche phrases and heaving bosoms and aching desires. But some people really like heaving bosoms.
It was a nice read. I like a book that doesn't automatically have the characters fall in love. It was a good read. I like Heather Graham novels.
Once again Drake has managed, seemingly effortlessly, to combine historical fact, legend and romance together in a wonderful story. Revolving around the relationship between Katherine de Montrain, cousin to Robin Hood, and her guardian Damian Montjoy. This book also manages to discuss the crusades and there is a good deal about Robin Hood and his band, who are helped by the mysterious stranger 'the silver sword'. All in all a good read, although maybe not up to the standard of some of her other books eg PRINCESS OF FIRE.
I love to read this historical time period of romance mysteries. I particularly like this author.