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by Patricia Grasso

Ten years after she had been branded a child witch, abandoned by her teenage groom Gordon Campbell, and forced to flee Scotland, a grown Miss Rob MacArthur is tracked down in England by her husband, who wants to bring her home. Original.
Download Courting an Angel epub
ISBN: 0440220858
ISBN13: 978-0440220855
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Patricia Grasso
Language: English
Publisher: Dell (November 5, 1995)
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 109
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The prologue's promise of the sassy heroine never materialized, if she was a reluctant bride, then pigs fly. Even though she is supposed to be in love with someone else, the minute she sees the hero she is extremely smitten, and from then on is all about how "tingly" he makes her feel, how devastingly handsome he is, and on and on. By the following morning she cannot seem to remember how the man she loves looks like, because she is too busy remembering how the hero looks and makes her feel. That is another complaint I have, we get very little from the point of view of the hero, especially when he first meets her as a grown woman, other than yes, she is beautiful, there is no insight into him at all. His motivation for not wanting an anulment are vague, at best: his father ordered him to get his bride, no woman can resist him, and the heroine will not be the first. His thoughts are not really about how attracted he is to her, and he rarely (if ever) thinks how lovely she is, or that he at least desires her. She does though, always thinking and yearning about his magnificent physical attributes. This goes on for at least half the story.

The heroine is constantly thinking how handsome he is, how she desires him. The hero no so much, most (like 95%) of lustful musings are coming from the heroine not the hero, at least until where I read. By 39% of the story she is hopelessly in love, he does not realize his love until 76%.

SPOILER ALERT: And finallly, I hated that he had two children, out of wedlock
I immensely enjoyed reading this book. I loved meeting the new characters, as well as revisiting the ones we already knew. Lady Rob was a well developed character that grew before my eyes, in years, bravery and self-esteem. I really liked her. The relationship between Lady Rob and Gordon was fun. An all around great book.
Love how this story continues the stories of the parents and how you go from England to Scotland and learning about golf I highly recommend this story to anyone it'll have you laughing until you cry Patricia Grasso is an amazing author
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I am a big time Patricia Grasso fan..but i just recently received my kindle so alot of her books are not kindle format. But i buy paper products also...I love this author and always recommend her books to my friends. In this particular story i love Roxy and the Duke..the characters are funny and loveable! You must read it!!
Ms. Grasso has an amazing talent for creating characters that you truly end up caring about. Rob and Gordon are wonderfully drawn characters and their romance is just that...a romance.

Rob B. MacArthur is a little girl that has been wed to non other than Gordon Campbell who just so happens to be heir to a Dukedom. The fact that the bride is eight and the groom fifteen matters not. Rob is easily charmed by her new husband as he has already slayed monsters for her. But, when he leaves without a backward glance she thinks that she has all been but forgotten. Rob has no idea how wrong that assumption is.

Gordan returns for his bride. He can't believe how the small girl grew and how beautiful she has become. She is living with her Aunt Keely and he is ready to take her home...back to Scotland where she belongs by his side. He knows that he's hurt her and he wants to make it up to her...he wants to rekindle the feelings that were already present between them ten years earlier. But, there is a bigger problem. Someone wants Rob dead and he will do all that he can in order to see that she remains alive. Problem is...there are too many enemies...and they're all hiding behind masks. Will Gordan be able to tell friend from foe, or will he loose Rob a second time?

The way this story opens is priceless...and very important to the relationship that developes between these two people. Ms. Grasso has brought the time period to vivid life and populated this read with very colorful characters. This is one author and one read that I highly recommend.

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I got the book based on the summary I read off the paperback page. I expected to be reading about the heroine's struggles of being exiled from her homeland. That, it turns out, is not correct. She was not exiled, she chose to leave and not come back. Yes, she had good reasons, but being exiled and choosing to leave are two different things. I felt misled, so, I admit, that my review is based on my anger of that.

I had a hard time getting into this story. I like to put myself in the heroine's shoes and imagine myself going through the same things as she does. In this book, I couldn't do that. The heroine starts off as an intelligent and pretty independent woman, but once the hero comes into the picture, she all of a sudden turns into an incredibly stupid immature girl. But wait, there's more.

The hero also changes once he comes across the heroine. In the beginning, he was more of a rogue-type, enjoying the pleasures of women. He knows he's married and uses it so he doesn't have to get too involved with any of the women he beds. Once he meets up with the heroine again- Presto Chango! He's no longer a playboy but a kind and caring man who will stop at nothing to get his heroine- whom he hasn't seen or communicated with in 10 years- back. One look at each other and they instantly change. Could it be some kind of soul-mate love? No, not enough in the story to support that.

Gordon, her husband, wants to take her back to his home, but she is insisting on an annulment. That would've made for a good plot, but it fell flat in this book. She wanted the annulment so bad, but couldn't bother herself to tell Gordon the reasons why. There was no plausible reason for her not to tell him, since she wanted to end the marriage so bad. In fact, she never really does tell him. He figured it out on his own later on in the book, even though I have no idea why he would've come to that conclusion.

Patricia throws in some minor sub-plots to help her main story along. Some are okay, but some were a waste of time. For example, the ex-mistress. What happened there? We were told that she had her eyes on other men, but for some unknown reason, she decided to help out Mungo, who was out for revenge against Rob and her family. Why would she even bother to help him out at all when she set her sights on some other men?

Was the writing style good? No, it wasn't, in my opinion. This was a bad attempt at a story with a fairy tale angle. This isn't even purple prose. This is over the top fluffiness trying to come across as romantic. Instead, it comes across as annoying. Gordon calls her Angel a lot. And I mean A LOT. I love that endearment, but I don't want to read it 300 times, or so it seemed, in a book.

If you want to purchase this book, don't do what I did and just pick it up because it sounded good. Think long and hard before you make that decision. It was not worth the price to me.